Friday, January 14, 2011

Message from New York Chapter President

Dear BDPA Members and Supporters,

BDPA New York is officially inviting high school and college students to participate in our 2011 Information Technology (IT Showcase) program.

The Information Technology (IT) Showcase allows student presenters to showcase their talents by presenting technology based research projects. The presentations represent advanced STEM based topics delivered by highly motivated high school and undergraduate college students. Each student researches a technology based topic and drafts a college level research paper. The students also prepare a poster or information board presenting the results of their research. The papers are submitted for presentation to corporate, educational and industry leaders. Student papers are sometimes published and the students may be invited to present at professional Technology workshops such as the TeraGrid and the National BDPA Annual Technology Conference.

BDPA Members we need you to volunteer to be mentors for our students to assist them in a variety of areas from January 2011 - August 2011.

Please view the solicitation letter from Carol Anthony, BDPA New York Director IT Showcase. All students interested in participating in the program and members that would like to be mentors should contact Carol Anthony at or via phone on (212) 802-5341.

Renetta English, President
BDPA New York Chapter
Phone: (212) 802-5341

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