Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where Are They Now: 1991 BDPA Technology Conference Team

Our 13th annual BDPA Technology Conference was held August 14-18, 1991 in New York City. The conference theme was 'Getting to the Core of Technology'. It's been over 20 years since that major conference.

Here is a list of the folks who helped make the 1991 conference such a success:
  1. National President - Vivian Wilson (Ohio Bell Telephone Company)
  2. BDPA New York Chapter President - Antonio Codrington (Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company)
  3. Honorary Chairman - J. Bruce Llewellyn (The Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company)
  4. Keynote Speaker - William Brown, Jr. (Mutual of New York Company)
  5. Conference Chairperson - Thelma Gattis (New York Telephone Company)
  6. Conference Team Leaders
    • George Baker
    • Roxanne Burrus
    • Kelvin Diamond
    • Roger Dunn
    • Deborah English
    • Sandra Gallier-Philpotts
    • Carol Jennings
    • Ena Malone
    • Mitchel Messer
    • David Miller
    • Julia Seymore
    • Stanley Seymore
    • Janice Todman
    • Nathalie Vargos
  7. Conference Workshop Speakers
    • Joe Arrington (UNISYS), 'OSI Overview'
    • Dr. Alan Beckels, 'AI Medical Applications'
    • Clayton Bell (International System Strategies), 'ISDN' and 'Seamless Computing'
    • Dr. Jesse Bemley (US Army), 'Community Computing'
    • Joe Brooks (University of South Carolina), 'Integrating DSS and ES Technology'
    • Patricia Cleveland (Dun & Bradstreet Software), 'Understanding and Managing Male/Female Relationships in the Workplace'
    • Yvonne Craycroft (Apple Computer), 'MacIntosh Connectivity'
    • Deborah Finley, 'Intelligent Tutoring with Multimedia Systems'
    • Henry Ford, 'Surviving Corporate America'
    • Leroy George, 'Future of Data Processing'
    • Midge Jennings (Booz Allen & Hamilton), 'Understanding and Managing Male/Female Relationships in the Workplace'
    • Conrad Brian Law (US Department of Labor), 'Downsizing and Client/Server Technology'
    • Keith Mantle (IMAGETEK), 'The Image Processing Frontier'
    • Greta Nashed (The Travelers), SAS'
    • Keitra Osborne (International System Strategies), 'CASE Tools'
    • Robert Ralls (CIGNA), 'DB2 Distributed Database Facility'
    • Dr. H.R. Silverstein, 'Stress Avoidance'
    • Alusani Simpson (ATS Systems), 'Bulletin Board Systems Using Novell LANs'
    • Bonnie Taylor, 'DB2: Concepts and Facilities'
    • Stan White, 'IBM RS/6000 - AIX and AIX Windows Technology'
    • Pam Williamson, 'Easing the Proposal Production Process'
    • Daisy Yarbrough (Newark Board of Education), 'Learning Styles'
Do you know if these folks are still active with BDPA? Any feedback you can share would be very much appreciated!

Asante sana to long-time BDPA member Sandra Talley for sharing her copy of the 1991 BDPA Conference Guide with us.  This information came from that document.  I have great memories from the 1991 BDPA Technology Conference. How about you?

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