Friday, October 31, 2014

Technology Expresso: Ups and Downs of Technology Investments (Derrick Brown)

Derrick Brown has been an active volunteer with BDPA Atlanta chapter for a number of years. Currently, he is the BDPA Atlanta chapter president.  Derrick has a number of interest ... including investing in the stock market.

Derrick was the featured guest on Technology Expresso Cafe' podcast where he was interviewed by David Blackman and Jacqueline Sanders. You can follow Derrick on Twitter: @MeetDSBrown.

Check Out Finance Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Tech Expresso Cafe on BlogTalkRadio

I wonder if there is any interest from our blog readers in creating a BDPA investment club that focuses on technology stock purchases?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Invasion of the Data Snatchers: The Net Draws Tighter

Thaddeus Howze
Guest Blogger: Thaddeus Howze
Crossposted from 'The Good Men Project'

If you started with the video, you might have had the impression you’d heard (or read) this somewhere before. You have. It was part of a famous 1930 radio broadcast that began like this:
"No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite complacency men went to and fro over this globe about their little affairs, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter. It is possible that the infusoria under the microscope do the same. No one gave a thought to the older worlds of space as sources of human danger, or thought of them only to dismiss the idea of life upon them as impossible or improbable. It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days. At most terrestrial men fancied there might be other men upon Mars, perhaps inferior to themselves and ready to welcome a missionary enterprise. Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. And early in the twentieth century came the great disillusionment."
This is the introduction to H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds. In his book, he theorized about a vast and cool intelligence that watched Mankind’s every move before making the decision to come to Earth to conquer and destroy Humanity. Sounds grim. This radio broadcast actually put fear in the hearts of people everywhere. It is one of the 20th century’s greatest hoaxes. How prophetic a hoax Wells would never know.

Why begin a video about the loss of privacy to future technology using language very similar to that broadcast? Mostly because today’s skeptical mindset dismisses the loss of privacy as little more than a hoax, something to be talked about on the news and then forgotten.

But before you decide to forget, let me enlighten you on a few things:

Click here to read the rest of this Good Men Project article.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BDPA iRadio Show: October 28, 2014 (Wayne Hicks, Tonji Zimmerman)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is very proud to be the creator of the BDPA iRadio Show. You can listen to the archive version of the show using the widget shown in the right-hand sidebar of this blog. FREE download from the iTunes Store is also available for our listeners!

Check Out Technology Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with BDPA on BlogTalkRadio

The guest on the October 28th show:

Tonji Zimmerman - program manager, BDPA Mobile Application Showcase - Tonji Zimmerman is a senior technology consultant focused on e-learning solutions. For many years she served as the High School Computer Competition coordinator for BDPA Detroit chapter. She trained a number of high school students that earned both college scholarships and experiences that propelled them into colleges across the country. Tonji has taken on a new challenge for 2014-2015 ... she is the program manager for the National BDPA Mobile Application Showcase. This event allows both high school and college students an opportunity to develop a functional Mobile Application. The applications showcased will represent three different application categories (i.e. business, personal productivity, and gaming). The Showcase was piloted at the 2014 National BDPA Technology Conference with $19,000 in college scholarships being awarded by State Farm. Next year the goal is to have 40 students participating in the event. Tonji will have a lot to share with our iRadio Show audience!

Wayne Hicks - executive director, BDPA Education and Technology Foundation - Wayne provided an update on a number of initiatives taking place within the foundation.  He announced the names of the four students who won the 2014 Monsanto Scholarship for BDPA Students.  He also shared updates on successful grant proposals won by BETF from Creating IT Futures Foundation ($5,000) and GE Volunteers Foundation ($20,000).   BETF plans to participate in the #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign taking place on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (December 2, 2014).   The idea is to follow-up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as events to galvanize the start of the holiday shopping season.   Finally, Wayne shared information about the BDPA Chapter Building Workshop series that is taking place in the BDPA Google+ Community.  Wayne can be found on Twitter - @BDPA

We hope you enjoy the insights and commentary on the show from each of these guests. Please take a moment to post a comment to let us know that you care!

Monday, October 27, 2014

2015 Blacks Gone Geek IT Job Outlook

Did you know that the current employment in the IT sector can be best described as a tale of two markets? In general there is high demand for professionals with specialized skills and then there is the rest of the market with unemployment still in the pre-recession double digits. The trend tells a story of a market in sharp demand for Knowledge workers but a dismal performance for those continuing to seek employment in low skill jobs.

The only way to get ahead and stay ahead in this challenging job market is to constantly distinguish yourself from the competition by demonstrating great performance and maintaining highly marketable skills.

But what are the highly marketable skills for IT professionals today? Every year National BDPA past president Milt Haynes conducts a Blacks Gone Geek Readers Poll to tap into the "Wisdom of the Crowd" because we want you to know what's happening in the "real world".

Please take this short 5-minute survey. Your valuable input will provide insight into where IT jobs are growing and highlight the current and future trends in the industry. Please take action today!

Survey results will be published on Blacks Gone Geek website ( in December.

Click here to take survey -

Sunday, October 26, 2014

CNA Insurance Renews Bronze Level Sponsorship with BDPA

BDPA Chicago chapter is pleased to announce that CNA Insurance renewed its Bronze Level corporate sponsorship earlier this month. This is the sixth time in the past seven years that this major insurance firm has expressed its support of BDPA through our corporate sponsorship program.

More than one million businesses and professionals count on CNA for thoughtful solutions, solid products and dedicated services. From main street enterprises to multinational Fortune 500 companies, CNA has built partnerships with agents and brokers to meet the insurance needs of businesses of any size. For over 100 years, companies of all sizes have depended on CNA.

The company sponsorship includes five corporate memberships and substantial financial support of the following programs within the BDPA Chicago chapter: Awards Banquet, Education Banquet, High School Computer Competition team and Student Empowerment Retreat.

Contact us by email ( or by phone (301.584-3135 x108) if you would like to learn more about the benefits of the BDPA corporate sales program!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

BDPA Brotha Shares Two Most Important Things to Remember About Media Publicity

BDPA Brotha
I have been in BDPA since 1988. Some of y'all refer to me as the BDPA Brotha! One of the constant concerns that I hear expressed by most local chapters is that they are the 'best-kept secret' in their community and industry. Perhaps it it time to remember that you don't need to know everything about media publicity to take advantage of opportunities. If you simply keep a few key ideas in mind, you can get your local BDPA chapter (or other non-profit entity) media coverage on a regular basis.

Here are the two most important things to remember about media publicity:
  1. Opportunities are EVERYWHERE - How many radio stations, televisions stations, newspapers and magazines do you think there are in existence? In the U.S. alone there are not just thousands, but hundreds of thousands. And each of these media stations and publications need content. They are always waiting for people to drop the next story in their lap. You can be the one to do it! All you have to do is try.

  2. The Media Doesn't Look For You - Even if you are a famous person, the media won't necessarily come looking for you. They wait for someone to tell them about a story idea, and then they come running. If you don't pitch your idea to the media, they won't know who you are and they won't come looking for you. You have to take the first step.
I hope that these chapter marketing tips are helpful to you. Feel free to contact me by email if you would like to discuss additional ways to market your nonprofit business.

In the meantime, You I will continue to share these 'BDPA Brotha' tips on a semi-regular basis!

Friday, October 24, 2014

ITW Foundation

The ITW Foundation is a U.S.-based, nonprofit 501c3 organization that serves as the charitable arm of the ITW corporation. Since its founding more than 100 years ago, ITW has become one of the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of specialized industrial equipment, consumables, and related service businesses.

ITW created the foundation in 1954 as a way to formalize the company’s philanthropic efforts. Today, the ITW Foundation provides generous pledges and grants each year to qualified health, human service, cultural, educational and environmental organizations. Combined with direct donations from the ITW Corporation, matching gifts, scholarships and United Way donations, beneficiaries receive in excess of $20 million annually.

The ITW Foundation has given special attention to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Scientific knowledge is critical for innovation, one of ITW’s core capabilities and values.

This would appear to be an outstanding funding source for BDPA chapters that are co-located with ITW ... such as BDPA Central Illinois or BDPA Chicago.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

BDPA Information Technology Minority Executive Forum

BDPA Atlanta chapter and the Next Level Technology Foundation recently held its annual event featuring Minority IT Executives. The forum this year featured National BDPA founder Earl Pace as its keynote speaker with Next Level Technology Foundation executive director Felicia Jones serving as the moderator of the panel discussion.

Please take a moment to support BDPA Atlanta chapter programs, scholarships and services!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Carrington & Carrington Supports BDPA Technology Conference

National BDPA is pleased to announce that Carrington & Carrington will be in attendance for the 37th Annual BDPA Technology Conference on August 19-22, 2015 in Washington DC.

Willie Carrington began the search practice in 1979 and was joined by Marian Carrington in 1991 as a Principal and Co-Owner. Since then, they have together guided Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. through challenging economic periods to remain one of the leading African American owned executive search firms in the country. Headquartered in Chicago, with a strong presence in Washington, DC and Memphis, TN, the firm’s impressive national client list consists primarily of Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized not-for-profits.

The firm places candidates in middle management and senior-level executive positions across various industries and all functional areas. Throughout its history, Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. has stayed true to its original mission of knowing and sourcing diverse talent for major companies and has become strong specialists in this area.

Strength through Diversity and Inclusion,” reflects the belief at Carrington & Carrington that in order to remain competitive, companies must attract top diverse talent for the management pipeline and executive-level positions.

Contact BDPA on (301) 584-3135, x108 if you have questions about our corporate sales program!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nissan Foundation

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is willing to work with any eligible chapter to request funding from the Nissan Foundation. In the United States, Nissan Neighbors is a community-focused initiative dedicated to improving communities through charitable contributions and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations working in three focus areas: education, the environment and humanitarian aid.

All organizations applying for funding through Nissan Neighbors must meet the following requirements:
  1. Have 501 (c)(3) non-profit status;
  2. Support projects compatible with one of the Nissan Neighbors focus areas; and
  3. Serve communities surrounding Nissan's affiliate locations:
    • Southern California (location of Nissan Design America and Nissan Research Center);
    • Middle Tennessee (location of Nissan Americas corporate headquarters and manufacturing assembly plants in Smyrna and Decherd);
    • Central Mississippi (location of manufacturing assembly plant in Canton);
    • Dallas/Ft. Worth (location of Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation); and
    • Metro Detroit (location of Nissan Technical Center North America).
Nissan Neighbors accepts grant applications throughout the year. In support of a greener environment, the Nissan Neighbors application process is administered online. Hardcopy and paper applications are not accepted.

It appears that this is a funding opportunity for our BDPA chapters in Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and Middle Tennessee. BETF is willing to work with any of those chapters to seek funding for its 2015 SITES program. We operate on a first-come; first-served basis. Don’t procrastinate!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

This Week in BDPA (October 19-25, 2014)

BDPA offers strong programs in 46 cities around the nation. Are you taking advantage of these programs? Here is a weekly preview of upcoming events gathered from the centralized BDPA calendar:
Please let us know of other BDPA events 
that we may have missed! 
You can always find BDPA programs, services or networking activity online at places such as:
BDPA supports your efforts for career advancement in the IT industry. Our hope is that you find reasons to provide tax-deductible support to our Causes, our HSCC Scholarship Funds or Your Causes! We encourage all BDPA leaders to take advantage of the centralized BDPA Groupsite Calendar to post your upcoming events.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Message from Midwest Region Vice President

Michael & Elizabeth Wulf
Greetings Midwest Presidents!

Many of you know my wife, Elizabeth, and I raised money by doing We created a unique way to raise awareness and enough money towards establishing a BDPA learning management platform that is dedicated to broadening the reach of BDPA tech education out to the kids in the community. Initially to impact our youth ... then adults, veterans and so forth. This promise to you was also part of my campaign speech as Regional VP so our collaborative need to make delivery of BDPA services in education easier for you as a chapter leader.

We (a lot of people) have been very successful in establishing a Moodle LMS hosting environmentl  Now we are implementing a 10 week (20 module) set of courses.  For example, HTML, CSS and JavaScript modules make up one course.

We have branded this effort "BDPA Academy". The new website name is http://BDPA.Academy

BDPA Academy is NOT THE HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER COMPETITION (HSCC) in any way, shape or form. It is a set of courses that can be used as a feeder to HSCC over time by harvesting excited students interested in deepening their options, education, and career in programming. It is a great way to engage new learners and give them options in IT.

It is also intended to help chapters establish a consistent & sustainable SITES program without losing intellectual training property every time a volunteer turns over. It is also a way to provide membership value and add to the many BDPA opportunities to donate and join.

Here is our roll-out schedule:
  • Spring 2015: we introduce Level 1-HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Fall 2015:  we build out a Level 2-JavaScript, algorithm, database - type course and release it for Spring 2016. Yet another HSCC prep course for you to leverage.
  • Spring 2016: we offer a Level 3 set of language and application integration courses that you could use to identify your future participants for either the comprehensive SITES program or the more specific HSCC program.  Level 3 focus would be on C#, PhP and Java.
  • Fall 2016: we will seek certification either from the IT industry or self-certification. The curriculum will leverage resources that provide certificates (such as W3Schools).  Chapters or students may initially select to subsidize these certificates but we hope current efforts by some chapters will help refine and deliver this collaboratively in time.
The beauty of BDPA Academy is we'll also expand offerings beyond just programming to facilitate other areas of IT ...  such as cyber security, infrastructure, hardware, OS, mobile tech, Google, office productivity and more.

This is your personal invitation to join the February 2015 launch.

What we need to deploy the BDPA Academy in your chapter is as simple as 1-2-3:
  1. A physical location with 5-10 computers
  2. A truly dependable and dedicated teacher with HTML/CSS experience *and* an assistant.
  3. A willingness to "facilitate learning" of the curriculum and provide feedback along the way to BDPA Academy so we can refine and create a rock solid platform for national release in 2016.
If your SITES program is already solid then please keep up the awesome work! If you think there is value for your SITES program, this could be part of a two-year strategy to build a great program and feed HSCC team.

If your SITES program is solid ... but you struggle with a pipeline of students each year or have a willing volunteer teacher but no course structure then consider taking this out to a community center like a Boys & Girls club and use it to impact even more youth. This will deepen their membership passion and value as BDPA.

We hope to enroll 100 new students in the 2015 BDPA Academy.   We want to double that number to 1,000 in the 2016 BDPA Academy.

This invite is sent to Midwest presidents for the launch year. As your regional officers, it is extremely important Eric and I provide you with options and opportunities to grow and strengthen your chapter. Many of you as well as other leaders in BDPA have shared this vision. Eric and I are proud to be in our roles to see this through as your regional team.

Please contact me directly ( if you have questions or wish to discuss further.  I'm very interested to know if you think this is of interest within your chapter!

Michael Wulf, vice president
BDPA Midwest Region
Twitter: @MichaelGWulf

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 1986 National BDPA Technology Conference

This picture taken during the 8th Annual National BDPA Technology Conference held in 1986 at the Atlanta Peachtree Plaza hotel.

L-R: Earl Pace (founder), Larry Calloway (1986 BDPA Atlanta chapter president), Juanita Goss (1986 BDPA conference director), Joshua Smith (Keynote Speaker), Sheryl Gipson Franklin (1991-1992 BDPA Atlanta chapter president) and Norman Mays (past national president).

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hewlett-Packard Sponsors Plenary Session at 2015 BDPA Technology Conference

BDPA Platinum sponsor Hewlett-Packard agreed to sponsor the lunchtime plenary session on Thursday, August 20, 2015 at the 37th Annual BDPA Technology Conference in Washington DC. HP has a long and glorious history with BDPA that include being named BDPA Corporation of the Year in 2011.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Humana Foundation

The Humana Foundation funds and nurtures projects and nonprofit organizations in communities where the company has a meaningful presence, including locations in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico.

Support is provided in three fields:
  1. domestic and international health
  2. education, and civic
  3. cultural development
Proposals are reviewed from January 1 to October 15, annually in Louisville, KY and until November 15, annually in other geographic areas. Visit the website for a list of eligible communities and online application information.

BETF is interested in partnering with a local chapter on a joint grant proposal to Humana Foundation. Please review their website and let me know if your chapter is interested in applying for funding from this foundation.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

BDPA Cincinnati Launches 2015 Technology Initiative for High School Students

BDPA Cincinnati chapter announces the opening of the 2015 Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (SITES) program. The SITES program offers cutting edge technology training to areas High School and College Students. 2015 is the 19th year for SITES program in Cincinnati. The program will begin on January 10, 2015 at Cincinnati State Technical College. Students can preview the program content and complete the application for training sessions on the web site.

The SITES program contains four (4) opportunities for students to win college scholarships:

Computer Camp - a disciplined 13 week program for students in 8th thru 12th grades. The computer camp covers Visual Basic Applications, Mobile Phone Applications, Web Development, Programming Automation Controllers, Robotics, 3D Printing, Internet Of Things, Information Technology Theory, Computer History, and Professional Development. This training provides students with IT theory and hands-on activities as well as exposure to leading technical professionals in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas.

High School Computer Competition (HSCC) - National BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) was founded in 1986. It's designed to introduce our youth to the field of Information Technology, challenge their learnings, encourage them to seek higher levels of education, and groom many of them to become our next generation of IT professionals. HSCC is a 28-week program that prepares students to compete in a 3-part competition (oral, written and programming) that demonstrates IT prowess. Students are taught to master ASP.NET Programming, JavaScript Programming, Structured Query Language (SQL), MySQL Database and Microsoft Visual Studio in a succinct and efficient manner. Students are coached on working effectively in teams, team building, leadership, and academic discipline. The top performers in this competition are awarded college scholarships at the National BDPA Conference in addition to any local chapter recognition or awards.

IT Showcase - The BDPA Information Technology (IT) Showcase allows high school (and college) students to present and demonstrate their research. The presentations represent advanced computing and technical topics presented to an audience of African American PhDs. Top students are awarded college scholarships at the National BDPA Conference.

Mobile Application Showcase - The National BDPA Mobile Application Showcase allows students to test their talents developing a working Mobile Application that can run on an Android platform. The applications being showcased represent business, personal productivity or gaming. Each category will have stringent requirements to be met in advance to the showcase. The top winners of this showcase are awarded college scholarships at the National BDPA Conference.

BDPA Cincinnati students earned $16,525 in college scholarships during 2014. BDPA seeks new high school students in each of these programs in 2015. Contact the chapter by email (, phone (513.549-6991) or the web ( for more details.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cognizant Making the Future After-School and Summer Program

Cognizant awards grants to child-serving U.S. non-profit organizations wishing to run after-school, in-school and summer Maker programs. Programs must support our mission to inspire young learners in the STEM disciplines by providing fun, hands-on learning opportunities.

Developed in partnership with the Maker Education Initiative and the New York Hall of Science, the program provides grants to community organizations to run hands-on, Maker-Movement inspired programs in an after-school or summer-camp setting. Cognizant believes that Maker activities not only engage and excite kids but can spark interest in STEM and the arts, as well as develop their creative capabilities. Maker programs include a diverse range of STEM topics, including electronics, robotics, computer programming, digital fabrication, 3-D printing and wearable technology.

Making the Future grants can cover costs for tools, materials, instructor fees, and other expenses essential to meeting the needs of the children participating in the program. Download grant application and guidelines.

Deadline: November 15

Friday, October 10, 2014

BDPA Foundation Announces 2014 Eli Lilly Scholarship Winners

The BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF), in coordination with Eli Lilly and Company, is pleased to announce the winner of the 8th annual Eli Lilly and Company Scholarship for BDPA Students. The two winners this year are Pooja Chebolu, incoming freshman at University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) and Dylan  Gunn, junior at North Carolina A&T (Cincinnati, OH).

The purpose of the Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students is to recognize outstanding minority students, with an interest in information technology, who make significant contributions to society. Applicants must excel academically, show exceptional leadership potential, and make an impact on their communities through service to others.
We are committed to supporting programs that provide opportunities for young people to explore and enhance their careers in science and technology. Education is so vital in creating the professionals who will contribute to the discovery of innovative medicines of the future,” said Janice Chavers, Director, HR and Diversity Communications, Eli Lilly and Company.
Pooja is a long-term member of our BDPA Los Angeles chapter.  She competed for a number of years as part of the chapter's High School Computer Competition ... winning two Dr. Jesse Bemley Scholarships.  This is her first time winning the Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students!  Part of the application process is an essay that answers the question 'Why is Information Technology Important'.  Pooja's essay focused on the various facets of the web.  As she says, the "web connects more than machines, it connects people".  Click here for the full text of her winning essay.
"I am beyond thrilled to be named a recipient of the Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students! BDPA has certainly enabled me to appreciate the sheer depth of IT through its programming courses, but in alleviating the financial burden of paying for college with its scholarship programs, this organization has forged unparalleled opportunities and truly inspired me to use computing to benefit contemporary society. I couldn't be more thankful!"
Dylan is a long-time member of our BDPA Cincinnati chapter. His essay focused on the impact of technology on the lives of his generation, Generation Y.  Click here for the full text of his winning essay.
"These past two years have been full of ups & downs, but a roller coaster wouldn't be fun if it were just a straight line going full speed. It's true what they say, the absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence. I received a phone call that made me cry because I thought the evidence to receive such a scholarship wasn't there. They chose me for me, not a GPA alone. Talk about breaking chains!"
Previous Eli Lilly scholars were:

  1. 2007, Daniel Puente (University of Texas)
  2. 2007, Christian West (Northwestern University)
  3. 2008, Khalia Braswell (North Carolina State University)
  4. 2008, Lee Reed (University of Michigan)
  5. 2009, Hung Vo (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  6. 2009, Carrine Johnson (Palos Verdes Peninsula High School)
  7. 2010, Leslie Vasquez (Pike High School)
  8. 2010, Gerardo Dominguez (Chicago State University)
  9. 2011, Jala Cruz (North Central High School)
  10. 2011, Adwait Walimbe (John Marshall High School)
  11. 2012, Allen Warner (Valdosta State University)
  12. 2013, Risa Christopher (Indiana University)
  13. 2013, Cameron Hughes (University of California, San Diego)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Legend in Technology: Rodney Adkins (IBM)

Rod Adkins will retire from IBM at the end of 2014 after more than 33 years of service for the company. During this transition, he will continue to focus on several strategic corporate projects and client relationships. Mr. Adkins had been senior vice president of Corporate Strategy since 2013, and previously was senior vice president of Systems and Technology Group, a position he held since 2009.

Inducted into the National Academy of Engineering in 2005, Mr. Adkins is also a member of the Executive Leadership Council, and the National Society of Black Engineers, which in 2001 awarded him the Golden Torch Award for Lifetime Achievement in Industry.
"43% of school-age children today are of African American, Latino, or Native American descent. Yet of all the engineering bachelor's degrees in the U.S., less than 15% are awarded to underrepresented minorities. We need to reconcile these opposing trends so that the composition of our STEM education pipeline reflects America's shifting demographics. National nonprofit organizations, like the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, also play an important role, by supplying Congress with research and policy analysis, in addition to providing scholarships directly to students."

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Grant Proposal: Raytheon CyberGrant

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) worked with BDPA West Region vice president John Malonson to complete a $750 grant proposal to the Raytheon Charitable Foundation. Our proposal focused on the Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program hosted by BDPA Los Angeles chapter (president, David Malonson).

BETF remains committed to aggressively seeking out funding to support BDPA programs, scholarships and services all over the nation. Has your chapter been in touch with the BETF executive director yet?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Grant Proposal: Regions Bank Community Foundation (BDPA Greater Birmingham)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) partnered with BDPA Greater Birmingham chapter (president, LaDonna Crum) to submit a $5,000 grant proposal to the Regions Bank Community Foundation. BDPA Greater Birmingham was named 2014 Developing Chapter of the Year at our 36th Annual BDPA Technology Conference held earlier this year in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our proposal focused on growing the Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program in Birmingham, Alabama. The objective of our SITES program is to effectively use technology to stimulate and sustain the interest of young people in science and technology. SITES works with children from disadvantaged backgrounds to provide them with science, technology, engineering and math skills development needed to be productive, engaged members of our future workforce.

Our understanding is that proposals are considered throughout the year with decisions made in about 45 days. Please wish us well in this funding effort! It is worth noting that BETF seeks to obtain funding for BDPA programs, scholarships and services across the nation. Contact the BETF executive director if you have questions or wish to discuss further.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Grant Proposal: FIS Charitable Foundation (BDPA Atlanta)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) collaborated with BDPA Atlanta chapter (president, Derrick Brown) on a $5,000 grant proposal submitted to the FIS Charitable Foundation. The proposal was submitted to the Atlanta-based chair of the 'Charitable Contributions Committee' in accordance with the FIS Charitable Giving Guidelines. It is worth noting that the local charitable contributions committees co-located with our BDPA chapters in Birmingham, Milwaukee, Orlando, Philadelphia or Tampa Bay might be open to funding proposals as well.

Mike Williams
Our case in Atlanta is stronger because of the fact we have great employee involvement. A senior member of the FIS executive team, Mike Williams, has been involved in BDPA for many years and became active with the BDPA Atlanta chapter in 2007. Mike has regularly served as an adviser to local chapter board members and as a panelist or speaker at BDPA events. In addition to donating his time and talent to BDPA, Mike has been a frequent donor to BDPA initiatives and programs because of his belief in the organization’s mission.

Our grant proposal focused on the Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program in Atlanta. The objective of our SITES program in Atlanta is to effectively use technology to stimulate and sustain the interest of young people in science and technology.

One of the focus areas for the FIS Charitable Foundation is Education:
"Preparing the children of our communities for the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s workplace is a key area of focus."
Our SITES program is perfectly in synch with this focus area. SITES works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to provide them with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills development needed to be productive, engaged members of our future workforce.

BETF will continue to aggressively seek out funding to support BDPA programs, scholarships and services hosted by our 46 local chapters. Contact the BETF executive director if you have questions or wish to discuss further.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Message from BDPA Midwest Region Officers

BDPA Midwest Region officers Michael Wulf (vice president) and Eric Dortch (director) provide a welcoming message for the guests at the 18th Annual BDPA Cincinnati Education Banquet held on October 4, 2014.

Even if you can't be with at the banquet in person ... you can still help by making a secure online donation in support of the chapter's Brandon Berry Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Rest in Peace: Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) joins with the rest of the technology world in mourning the death of 56-year old Steve Jobs. Jobs, who passed away on this date in 2011, was the mastermind behind Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes.
"We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today," read a statement by Apple’s board of directors. "Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve. His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts."
In 2004, he beat back an unusual form of pancreatic cancer, and in 2009 he was forced to get a liver transplant. After several years of failing health, Jobs announced on Aug. 24, 2011 that he was stepping down as Apple’s chief executive.
"I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know," Jobs wrote in his letter of resignation. "Unfortunately, that day has come."
One of the great minds of this time. Jobs truly revolutionized consumer technology as we know it. He will be missed.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Message from the BDPA Cincinnati President

Dalric Webb
Fall is in the Air! As the weather starts to drift towards cooler temperatures, rest assured, your BDPA Cincinnati chapter is still keeping the fires of community engagement burning brightly as we continue building bridges for professionals and our underserved students to advance their information technology opportunities “from the classroom to the boardroom”.

This month I invite each and every member, along with their families and friends to join us at the 18th Annual Education Awards banquet on October 4, 2014. This banquet acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the 2014 students and volunteers that supported our SITES program, ultimately, allowing our HSCC and IT Mobile Showcase students to bring home over $15K in scholarships from the 36th Annual BDPA Technology Conference held earlier this year in Indianapolis. This is a wonderful opportunity to see “the fruits of our labors” in action and to meet these future leaders in information technology. Here is a video welcome from the BDPA Midwest Region officers:

Our chapter continues to grow and build strong lasting partnerships within our community and we need strong leaders to help sustain these professional networks and organizational connections. Can you use a few CIOs on your personal board of directors? Would being in touch with top recruiters in the area be of benefit to you? Join our team of leaders and broaden your professional acumen and exposure. Giving back is the greatest gift of all.

As the 2nd largest chapter in the nation, we endeavor to make long and lasting changes to the underserved students in our local communities. To that aim, we will be holding our 2015 Strategy and Planning meeting this month. NOW is the time to get engaged with the chapter as we look towards how we will execute in 2015. At this strategy meeting, we will lay out our detailed approach to what we will do, how we will do it, and where we will draw resources from to be successful It is a fine time to be a part of a FANTASTIC and powerful team. Contact me if you’d like to be a part of the strategy and planning session. New ideas are always welcomed!

If I don’t see you at the Education Awards banquet, I do hope you will be able to attend our October 15th program meeting at our new Brown Mackie location on Glendale Road. The Brown Mackie team has been EXCEPTIONAL in supporting the BDPA organization and you will really enjoy the new meeting room we are in.

Let me offer one final ask seeking your engagement if you are not already engaged. There is so much more we can do but for the lack of willing members who can see the value of giving a few hours a week of their time to a greater cause. Won’t you consider being a part of this dynamic and focused team of technology professionals? Consider joining the BDPA Cincinnati Chapter Board of Directors. We have a very strong team which works VERY well together to accomplish our mutual goals and objectives. You will be in the company of some really good (and SMART) people with a passion for not only YOUR success, but the success of our youth and our communities. It is a positive team to be a part of and we want you to be a part too. Please consider taking one of the open positions within the chapter. No role is too small and the need is great. You can do this. We need you. Our communities need you. Our students need you. Visit our chapter landing page to see which positions are open and are of interest to you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Let’s talk. Give me a call (513.549-6991) or send me an email and let’s chat about how you can give just a little and get so much in return.

As always, your feedback is earnestly solicited. How is your BDPA membership working out for you? How can we improve the value of your membership? This is YOUR chapter. Are you feeling engaged?

Dalric Webb, president
BDPA Cincinnati Chapter
Twitter: @DalricWebb

Friday, October 3, 2014

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest

Are you and your students innovative? Do you think you can use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to help solve an environmental challenge in your local community? Apply for Samsung's Solve for Tomorrow contest and become eligible for the Environmental Sustainability Innovation Award, in which your school can win an additional $25,000 in Samsung technology!

By filling out the application, you will be entered in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. Up to 255 teachers will be chosen to submit a lesson plan outlining how they will address the challenge, "Show how STEM can be applied to help your local community", and then 51 teachers will be chosen to have their classes create a video showcasing their solution to the challenge. All 51 chosen teachers will receive a video creation kit to help complete the task. These 51 teachers' schools will win a minimum of $20,000 in technology grants and be eligible to win the Environmental Sustainability Innovation Award which is valued at $25,000.

Deadline: October 31.
Apply at:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grant Award: GE Volunteers Foundation (Cincinnati)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is excited to report that the GE Volunteers Foundation pledged $20,000 in support of BDPA Cincinnati programs, scholarships and services. This major grant award is due in large part to the employee involvement of Dalric Webb. Dalric serves as both a project manager for GE Aviation and president for BDPA Cincinnati chapter.

The message announcing the special grant contribution read as follows:

Dear Mr. Hicks,

The BDPA Education and Technology Foundation has been recommended by the Greater Cincinnati Elfuns to receive a special grant from the GE Volunteers Foundation to assist with the community service activities that you provide locally.

The amount of this special grant contribution is $20,000. You should expect to receive a check for this amount during the month of October. Congratulations on all of the effort that your organization invests in the community. We hope that this contribution will help you to make an even greater impact for your community.

Janine Rouson, president
GE Volunteers Foundation

The chapter will announce this major grant award to the public at its 18th Annual Education Banquet. The funding will provide a jump start to plans that the chapter has in place for its 2015 Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship program and the Brandon Berry Memorial Scholarship Fund. BDPA Cincinnati is the second largest chapter (out of 46) in the nation. This funding provides a boost of confidence as the chapter strives to advance the careers of African Americans in the information technology industry from the classroom to the boardroom.

BETF will continue to seek out funding for any interested BDPA chapter. Reach out to the BETF executive director if you have questions or wish to discuss strategies for increased grant revenue to support other BDPA programs, scholarships or services!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Message from BDPA Atlanta President

Derrick Brown
The last week in September was a tremendously busy and very progressive week for BDPA Atlanta. I have to say as I have said all year, for those of you that have not been in attendance, where have you been?

You are sincerely missing out on networking opportunities, good food, libations, and discussions that change the direction and trajectory of thought, and thereby action. We are putting in motion ideas that uplift our communities, and let me put it in plain terms so you’ll better understand...

These opportunities will lead to cash money in your pocket.

There, I said it. Can I reasonably say that when it comes to voluntary engagement with an organization designed to support IT professionals from the classroom to the boardroom? Well, in case it isn’t clearly implicit to you in the national motto let me make it clear by describing just what kind of week this was, and why you may have missed an opportunity to put money in your pocket.

One of my personal quotes is "Build a network, leverage a network, create an opportunity".

Read the rest of 'The Push for Minority Excellence' by BDPA Atlanta chapter president Derrick Brown.