Sunday, September 30, 2007

iPass' Ken Denman Presented With Beacon Award by Information Technology Senior Management Forum

iPass, a global provider of services that unify management of enterprise mobility, announced that CEO Ken Denman, was honored with a Beacon Award by the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) earlier this year in San Jose, California. ITSMF is a non-profit organization whose mission is to fill the executive pipeline with the next generation of African American IT professionals.

The Beacon Award, which recognizes an entrepreneur of an Information Technology firm which has demonstrated significant growth in the industry.

"We at ITSMF draw our strength from two major sources: our members, who include senior IT executives or owners of well-established technology businesses, and our corporate partners," says Curvie Burton, ITSMF Chairperson. "This awards ceremony is our way of thanking those who have helped make our organization what it is today, as well as acknowledging leaders who represent significant achievement and contribution to the advancement of African Americans in the IT industry."

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Microsoft Windows Vista (Cincinnati)

BDPA Cincinnati chapter invites anyone in the tri-state area to join them on October 18 for a look at Windows Vista. Kevin Robinson, Technical Account Manager, MCP, MCSA, MCSE and Certified ITIL Service Manager with the Microsoft Corporation at their Charlotte, North Carolina office will be in Cincinnati to serve as the presenter.

You are encouraged to come gain an understanding by viewing a demo of the concepts, features, benefits and criticisms of this newest windows operating system for yourself!

Logistics for this event are as follows:

Date: Thursday October 18, 2007
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Place: Compuware - 4555 Lake Forrest Drive
5th Floor Conference room; Blue Ash, OH 45242

This event should interest anyone that owns or operates a personal computer. There is no cost to attend, however you are encouraged to make an online reservation. Refreshments will be served. Also, there will be IT recruiters in the audience. You should bring business cards and resumes with you to this meetings.

For more information you can reach BDPA Cincinnati chapter by phone (513.956-0636) or email (

Friday, September 28, 2007

Can BDPA Grow in Second Life?

Second Life seems to be a growing point of interest. One of our presenters at recent national conference focused on virtualization and Second Life. A chapter recently shared information on the subject on their blog. Another chapter touted the educational uses of Second Life.

Personally, I created a Second Life character named Villager Barbosa. More importantly, I've asked one of the young brothers from the IT Showcase to provide me with a proposal that would create a presence for BDPA ... perhaps an island ... on Second Life.

Do you know anyone that is on Second Life?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

IBM World Wide Ph.D. Fellowship Program

IBM is pleased to announce the Ph.D. Fellowship Program for the 2008-2009 academic year. IBM is a Silver-level corporate sponsor of BDPA. The company has received many outstanding and exceptional candidates from universities all over the world in the past. I would love to see one of our BETF-Blog readers participate in the process this year.

IBM Ph.D. Fellowship nominations may be made by faculty members from September 17 to October 26, 2007. The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Program honors exceptional Ph.D. students in an array of focus areas of interest to IBM and fundamental to innovation. The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Program also supports our long-standing commitment to workforce diversity. IBM values diversity in the workplace and encourages nominations of women, minorities and all who contribute to that diversity.

Are there any current or former IBMers out here that can share an insider perspective on this program (specific) or the company (general) with us?

The New Science of Success Shared with BDPA Members

Frank Shines is a former pilot, Ernst & Young consultant and IBM executive just released his book, The New Science of Success: How to Outsource-Proof Your Job and Prosper in the D.I.Y. Web 2.0 Economy.

Although Frank Shines was born into the poverty of the inner city, he beat all odds and earned a Presidential Appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy where he studied management and engineering, learned to fly and trained and competed with Olympic athletes. Frank now provides business technology and personal development consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations, associations and individuals.

His latest book, "The New Science of Success" provides insights and real-life examples on how to succeed in the competitive world of the new DIY Web 2.0 economy that is changing the future of work.

He is providing electronic copies of the book at no cost to all BETF-Blog readers until October 1st. Simply go to the Skill of Success website and enter your email address. The site also provides details on the book, which is a must-read for all technology professionals.

Those of you that prefer a hard copy can click here to order through

Do we have any other BDPA members with published books out there in cyberspace?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Annual Recruiters Roundtable (Philadelphia)

Today's job market is an extremely dynamic environment. Many factors that drove last year's market have changed; developing in some cases an increased momentum while in others increased inertia. For these and other reasons, it is important to stay knowledgeable of the current employment market.

BDPA Philadelphia chapter is hosting their Annual Recruiter Roundtable on Wednesday, October 17. This roundtable will provide knowledge of today's job market. Blog readers have a wonderful opportunity to network with several recruiters as a guest of our defending BDPA Chapter of the Year. You can pose your questions directly from the floor or leave a comment to this blog post down below. The roundtable panel is on the front line of the employment process so that plan to help you:
  1. learn how the recruitment process works
  2. learn what's going on in the Philadelphia area job market
  3. identify market trends and skill sets needed for the future
  4. learn strategies for getting that all important interview
  5. identify employment opportunities

Bring multiple copies of your resume. If you are not in Philadelphia then you should upload your current resume to the BDPA Talent Management System. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the talent specialists at CIGNA, Comcast Corporation, Deloitte, Merck & Company, Rohm and Haas, Wachovia Bank and Wyeth. The logistics of the event are as follows:

Date: Wednesday, October 17
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: CIGNA Insurance Building; 2 Liberty Place
16th St. between Market and Chestnut St., Philadephia, PA US

For more information you can RSVP online.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lights ... Camera ... Atlanta!

BDPA Atlanta is the 6th largest chapter in the nation. However, they have one of the best photo albums that I've seen on any BDPA website. I encourage BETF-Blog readers to enjoy the photos.

Those of you in the greater Atlanta area this week can learn how to deal with the so-called 'glass ceiling' from some dynamic IT executives at the chapter program meeting.

If there are any BDPA Atlanta chapter members online ... share some of your thoughts about the recent conference or the performance of your HSCC students.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Powerful Persistence - How To Turn a NO Into a YES (New York)

BDPA New York is the fourth largest chapter in the country. One reason for their success is the outstanding program meetings that they host each month. The October 2007 program meeting in New York is no exception.

Have you had managers tell you NO at some point in your career? People are frequently turned down for project participation, educational, training or advancement opportunities. Whether you are told NO for budgetary constraints, to enable opportunities for more seasoned associates, or because someone else feels it is not the right time in your career ... it is time for you to attend Rashia Mason's seminar 'Powerful Persistence- How to Turn a No into a Yes'.

Attendees at this seminar will understand that NO actually means 'not now' or 'I need more information' or 'how will this benefit the company'. Ms. Mason will share key skills to:

  1. Understand the root of the NO
  2. Negotiate on their behalf
  3. Offer alternatives for a win-win situation
Rashia Mason is the Supplier Diversity Specialist at PSEG Services Corporation where she also serves on the Diversity Council and Mentoring Program. Her presentation in New York comes on the heels of excellent reviews received from our BDPA New Jersey chapter brothers and sisters where she made same presentation in June 2007.

The logistics for the event are:

Date: Thursday, October 18, 2007
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Con Edison HQ on 4 Irving Place (off 14th St);
One block east of Union Square

We encourage all BETF-Blog readers in the New York City area to make plans now to attend this professional development seminar. Refreshments will be served. Also, you should bring copies of your resume as there will be IT recruiters in attendance as well.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grant Recipient: BDPA Dallas Chapter ($4,250)

BETF approved $4,250 grant to BDPA Dallas Chapter on September 23, 2007. The funding supports the Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program. BDPA Dallas chapter plans to bring a team of five students to compete in the national high school computer competition taking place in Atlanta GA next year.

It is worth noting that the primary source for these funds is Allstate Insurance! BETF works with corporations around the country who believe in our vision and mission. Allstate Insurance is a Platinum level corporate sponsor providing substantial financial support for the programs and services located in Chicago, Cleveland and Dallas.

Friday, September 21, 2007

HSCC Testimonial: Stephanie Lampkin (2000)

Hat-Tip to Gerald Peppers for providing us with an update on Stephanie Lampkin (HSCC Alumni, Class of 2000). Stephanie recently graduated from Stanford University. She is now working as a Technical Account Manager in Microsoft's Essential Support Division. This is one of the intangible benefits experienced by Microsoft as a Platinum-level corporate sponsor of BDPA.

Sometimes the members and leaders of BDPA get tired. Being a volunteer can be tiring at times, especially when we think that our work is unappreciated. I imagine that the volunteer leaders of the HSCC program in Washington DC during 2000 may have been disappointed in the poor performance of their team at the national competition.

However, their volunteer hours were like seeds being planted in the wilderness. One of those seeds ... Stephanie Lampkin ... is growing strong now. BDPA Washington DC chapter leaders are to be commended for their tireless work on behalf of our young people.

In fact, the efforts of Stephanie and her teammates back in 2000 were the legacy of the 2007 HSCC team from Washington DC (see photo). These young people took home Silver Medal in this year's national competition. Each of the students from the 2007 team won $2,000 Bemley Scholarships and they are eligible for $3,000 Eli Lilly Scholarships.

Stephanie's work as a high school senior back in 2000 was not in vain. In fact, a few years ago, Stephanie shared her HSCC testimonial with us. She wrote,

"As my junior year in college steadily approaches, my experiences involved in BDPA’s HSCC-DC as a junior in high school seem more like fond childhood memories. I’m sure most think I can still be considered a 'child' and wonder how much could have possibly changed in less than four years. Well, contrary to what most think, a lot has changed and in the next four years even more will change because I’m on the fast track.

However, I can’t nearly take all the credit for what I’ve accomplished because there have been organizations such as BDPA and the amazingly altruistic people involved who have helped me stay on the right track and focus my energies in areas most beneficial to my future. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that BDPA was the first organization to reach out to me and provide me with the tools necessary to lay down the foundation of which I will continually build upon to reach my goals in life.

My passion for computers and technology are what initially drew me into the HSCC program and what I took away from the experience was more than I expected. Though our team did not perform well during the competitions, it did not take away from the empowerment and encouragement I felt when I saw hundreds of African American professional women and men representing success, leadership, and cultural responsibility. People who were committed to ensuring that kids like me, who did not come from the most uplifting environments, would still have the opportunity to explore a vastly growing field with endless possibilities.

From that point on I knew I wanted to be one of those sharp professional Black women who didn’t let the obstacles of their race or gender hinder their path towards success in an industry where they are disproportionately underrepresented."

Click here for the rest of her testimonial

I hope that Stephanie or others from Microsoft, Stanford, BDPA Washington DC chapter or elsewhere that are moved by this testimonial will POST COMMENTS and share their thoughts with us here on the BETF-Blog!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Betty Hutchins is a Class Act

I shared information with many of you on my other blog about the recent 3-way election for national president-elect. One of the candidates was Betty Hutchins. Betty is currently the national VP-Member Services and she has been nominated to serve on the national board of directors again in 2008 as our Outside Director.

Anyhow, Betty sent a message out today to BDPA members that we are sharing with BETF-Blog readers. Betty wrote,

"If you are a part of the BDPA organization, then you should stop by my home thank you page. Kudos to David Tines for his creativity and time in creating my website for the national presidency campaign.

I was insane for trying to vacation, go to Ghana, run for president and prepare for a national conference all at the same time, while serving as Vice President of the Member Services area. Thanks to all of you who supported me in the effort. We fought the good fight and the organization will not soon forget us. Also, kudos to Annette Yates, my campaign manager.

Thanks everyone and enjoy the pictures. Betty"

Betty Hutchins is a class act. Feel free to share your thoughts on Betty here if you have time or inclination.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

EDS' African American Affinity Group Partners with BDPA

For the third year in a row, EDS is a bronze sponsor of BDPA. Unity In Action (UIA) is the African American affinity group within EDS. Several UIA members attended the annual BDPA technology conference held in Washington DC last month. The focus of the conference was 'Global Strategy for the IT Professional'.
The conference provided an opportunity for UIA to attend technical and business oriented workshops; represent EDS as a leading global technology services company in workshop and networking opportunities; support the development of youth participating in the High School Computer Competition (HSCC), IT Showcase and Youth Technology Camp.

Members of the UIA team were actively engaged in the preparation, participation and performance of the HSCC team from Detroit, MI which took 4th place in the national competition. The 4th place finish earned each student a $1,000 Bemley Scholarship. Detroit chapter has much love for UIA members (Regina Mitchell, Ev Patterson, Anthony Smith, Roy Christmon) and other EDS volunteers (Sonita Matthews and Anu Somari).

UIA looks forward to expanding EDS' involvement in future BDPA conferences as well as with local BDPA Chapters and the BDPA Education & Technology Foundation.

The photo in this post was taken at the annual Gala in Washington DC. The fine brothers and sisters in first row of the photo are Pam Johnson, Ericka Floyd, Morris Biggers, Denise Holland, Susan Stuart, Robert Gavin and Glynis Anderson. The second row includes Stan Tate, Forest Vaughn, Thurston Dixon, Jambey Clinkscales, Rita Swan and Curvie Burton.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Top Ten Black Blogs (September 2007)

While floating through the blogosphere I came across a listing of the 50 most influential bloggers. I noted that there were no bloggers of African descent on the list. Of course, there are millions of bloggers out there so I understand why Black bloggers might be overlooked. But, the point of creating The AfroSpear was so that we can learn from one another. As such, I propose to publish a monthly list of the Top Ten Black Blogs.

The only qualification is that the blogger needs to be of African descent. The blog does not have to be a member of The AfroSpear or the Afrosphere Bloggers Association. Of course, we invite all Black bloggers to join either (or both) of those fledging organizations. These Top Ten Black Bloggers are influential role models for the rest of us out here in the afrosphere.

The Technorati authority and rank numbers are shown in parenthesis. The authority indicates the number of blogs that are linked to this blogger over the past six months. The rank number indicates how many blogs are between the person listed and the #1 ranked blog in the world.

Here are the Top Ten Black Blogs for September 2007:

  1. Paula Mooney: Paula Mooney’s Tips (Authority: 897 / Rank: 2,717) - Paula is a powerful source of ideas for any blogger looking to increase their visitor traffic. She is very enthusiastic about the power of blogging. Recently, she introduced a new blog on fantasy football along with her husband. I guess it's true what they say, 'the family that blogs together stays together'!

  2. Sokari Ekine: Black Looks (607/ 5,007) - This blog began in June 2004. It is primarily about issues that impact our brothers and sisters in Africa. Sokari is currently in South Africa. Her posts cover a range of issues such as gender violence, racism, sexuality, HIV/AIDS and cancer. Black Looks is not for lightweights!

  3. Terrance Heath: Republic of T (528 / 6,604) - Terrance lays it out for you. His blog reflects his life experiences as a Black, gay, liberal, buddhist, vegetarian dad.

  4. Expat Jane: Where The Hell Am I? (348 / 11,575) - Jane provides the views of an American from sunny California who is a confirmed sapiosexual and now an expatriate in Seoul, South Korea. There is social and political commentary, music and entertainment that she loves or loathes and general silliness.

  5. Angry Black Woman: The Angry Black Woman (292 / 14,383) - Politics, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Anger - As the name suggests, she is a Black woman who occassionally gets angry. This blog allows her to call out all the foolishness on the Internet.

  6. Shark-Fu: Angry Black Bitch (279 / 15,151) - This blog began in February 2005. Shark-Fu uses this blog as an outlet for numerous rants about things that frustrate or infuriate her. I imagine that it must feel like therapy but cheaper.

  7. Wayne Bennett: The Field Negro (241 / 18,571) - Wayne is a practicing attorney in Philadelphia. He was born in Jamaica West Indies, however, he considers himself a citizen of the world. His blog is revolutionary in nature with no-holds barred commentary on the worlds of entertainment, sports, and politics. Don't tell anyone, but, this is my favorite blog in the world. Field is my role model as a blogger!

  8. Earl Dunovant: Prometheus 6 (234 / 19,269) - This website's tagline is All Respect, No Restraint. It is obvious that Bro. Dunovant is very respected in the blogosphere. He was a panelist on a Blogger Roundtable hosted by NPR a few weeks ago.

  9. Booker Rising: Booker Rising (208 / 22,081) - This blog was created in May 2004. It proclaims itself to be a media watchdog for Black moderates and conservatives, regardless of party affiliation. The blog works to counteract negativity, victimology, and defeatism, which are often thrust upon Black Americans by schools, the media, and so-called leaders.

  10. Malena Amusa: RaceWire (202 / 22,799) - Malena is a journalist who co-edits, the blog of ColorLines Magazine that offers incisive opinion, stories, and news about the policies, trends, and events that impact racial justice and communities of color.

HONORABLE MENTION (11-25): Black In Business, Afro-Netizen, Too Sense, Slant Truth 2.0, Jack and Jill Politics, Young Black Professional Guide, Electronic Village, AfroSpear Think Tank, Having Read The Fine Print, Black Woman in Europe, African American Opinion and Social Networking Blog, Mirror on America, Africabeat, Why Black Women Are Angry and African American Political Pundit

Our rankings lean heavily on the Technorati Authority and Rank score for each blog. We figure that if your content is strong enough for others to link to ... that is a strong indicator of your influence. I am very open to hearing from you on other factors that should be considered in future monthly Top Ten Black Blogs listings.

I was surprised to learn that I have not actively read well over half of the bloggers on this list. I look forward to learning more about them over time. I eagerly anticipate your comments on this list. For example, I went back and forth about whether the list should be of the blog or the blogger.

Well, what do you think of this month's list?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Reflections on Innovation Message from Cincinnati Banquet Keynoter

Frank Hill is past president of the BDPA Cincinnati chapter. He attended the 13th Annual Education & Scholarship Luncheon for the Cincinnati Chapter. The title of the keynote address was 'Global Strategy for the IT Professional'. The keynote speaker was Brett Bonner, Director of Research and Development at the Kroger Co.

Anyhow, Frank attended the banquet and shared his reflections on the keynoter's speech,
"The talk really focused on innovation. The word innovation conjures up many different visions, however a definition that I like is 'A creative idea that is realized'. Brett spoke about the process and economic yields of innovation. As you can imagine, major businesses would cease to exist in a few years without continuous innovation.

This is a lengthy topic; however, one that I believe can lead to great gains from both a business and personal perspective. It's also one that can't be handled adequately in an email message. The speaker gave us a web link that contains podcasts on the topic of innovation. I listened to one of them this morning and found it quite enlightening. I recommend that you check-out Killer Innovations.

I think you will find enlightenment from the material on the website. I think it's best to listen to the August 19th podcast before trying to deal with the prose on the website. I also think it's best to take the information in small doses."
We are very grateful to Frank for sharing his thoughts with us. Do any of you have thoughts on innovation? or the podcast links listed in the posting above?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Scholarship for Low-Income High School Seniors

Hat tip to Pat Drumming for sharing this scholarship information with us. QuestBridge is seeking outstanding low-income high school seniors for its National CollegeMatch program. The program provides qualified students with the full cost of tuition, room and board -- a total of $55 million is available -- at some of the nation's most prestigious colleges, including Stanford, Columbia, Yale and Princeton.

Call (650) 566-8391 for more information. Click here to get an application. Deadline for applications is Sep 30.

Oracle Overview and Introduction (Austin, TX)

BDPA is a global member-focused technology organization that delivers programs and services for the professional well-being of its stakeholders. As such, we feel it is important for our members to have a clear understanding of Oracle. We invite those of you in central Texas to join us on Tuesday, September 18th to hear our presenter, Melvin Jackson, provide an 'Overview and Introduction to Oracle'.

Melvin is an IT professional with several years experience in toolset encompassing Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, Java, Documentation, Oracle, Sysbase, and Coldfusion and a host of other programmatic utilities sources. It is worth noting that Melvin was also instrumental in tutoring the high school students from Austin, TX as they prepared for national computer competition held last month in Washington DC.

The logistics for this Austin, TX program meeting are as follows:
  • Location: Mitchie's Fine Black Art; 6406 N IH 35
  • Date: Tuesday, September 18
  • Time: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Refreshments will be provided and there will be IT recruiters in attendance. You are encouraged to bring business cards, resumes and a friend. The program meeting is open to the public. It is free of charge. You can RSVP for this meeting by sending email to BDPA Austin chapter

Do we have any BETF-Blog readers from Texas reading this post?

IT Certifications - What's Hot? (Columbus, OH)

Certification is a proven way to benefit IT professionals through increased competence, opportunity and compensation. BDPA provides certification for IT associates, IT professionals and IT masters through our BDPA IT Institute. There are in-demand certifications for networking, internetworking, application development and information security. There are so many choices that it is often difficult to decide what to do.

BDPA Columbus chapter wants you to understand what IT certifications are hot and what IT certifications are now obsolete. They bring together an award-winning panel that includes Twyla Southhall (PMP), Christian Rodriguez (CCIE) and Scott Savage (CISSP) to talk candidly about IT certifications. Regardless of your personal discipline within the technology industry ... you will find information that you can use from this presentation.

Here are the logistics for the September 2007 program meeting being held in Columbus, OH:

Location: JPMorgan Chase Building, 1111 Polaris Parkway, Room 1B-3086
City, ST: Columbus, OH
When: Thursday, September 27 @ 6:00 pm

Refreshments will be provided and there will be IT recruiters in attendance. You are encouraged to bring business cards, resumes and a friend. The program meeting is open to the public. It is free of charge. You can RSVP for this meeting by sending email to BDPA Columbus chapter.

Do any BETF-Blog readers have IT certifications that they find valuable in their career advancement?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

We Will Miss You Lesley Menor

Lesley Menor, BDPA Administrator, served her last day on Friday, September 14. Lesley is a quiet person with a tremendous customer service mindset. She solidified our headquarters operation when she came on board last year. She was responsive to those that called our headquarters office as well as to BDPA leaders who she dealt with around the country.

Personally, she was a godsend for the corporate sales efforts that I led over the past few months. I will miss the approach that Lesley took when dealing with controvery. Her approach was to figure out 'what is right, not who is right' and she sought to find a way to 'fix the process, not punish the person'. At the end of the day, Lesley simply got the job done.

As such, I was pleased to receive a farewell message from Lesley. She wrote,
'I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have enjoyed my tenure here and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with National BDPA. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided me during my time at the National Office. Especially when I needed answers and results on such occasions. Please keep in touch, I can be reached at my personal email address. Thanks again for everything. I am hoping to hear from everyone. Cheers and God Bless, Lesley'
BETF-Blog tip of the hat to Lesley Menor. We wish her well in her future endeavors!

Selling BDPA - Multiple Streams of Chapter Revenue: Membership Corporate Sales and BETF Support

One of the chapter-building workshops provided at the BDPA Technology Conference last month in Washington DC was entitled Selling BDPA - Multiple Streams of Chapter Revenue: Membership, Corporate Sales and BETF Support.

Cliff Samuels is a board member of our BDPA Detroit chapter. He requested a copy of the handout material from that workshop to share with his chapter leadership. Just click here to download a copy of the 16-page handout package from the Selling BDPA workshop.

Let me know if you have questions about any of the information provided in this handout package!

Friday, September 14, 2007

End-to-End Application Monitoring (Charlotte)

BDPA strives to keep its members at the cutting edge of technology. BDPA Charlotte chapter positions itself as the premiere professional group for people of African descent working in the information technology industry. Evidence of these two factoids can be found in the upcoming September 2007 program meeting hosted by the Charlotte chapter. One of the highest-rated technical workshops given last month at the national BDPA technology conference is being reprised for a Carolina audience.

John Hoffler is a technology genius currently working in Wachovia's retail technology group. He is a business owner and served as past president of our BDPA chapters in St. Louis MO and Greenville SC. John plans to share state-of-the art information on End-to-End Application Monitoring. If you attend this month's program meeting you will learn about:
  1. The 3 Tiers of a typical Multi-Tiered Web Architecture
  2. The components of an effective end-to-end monitoring solution
  3. How to obtain real value from the monitoring data

Regardless of your personal discipline within the technology industry ... you will find information that you can use from John's presentation.

Location: Charlotte Chamber of Commerce (Corner of S. Tryon & 2nd street)
When: Tuesday, September 18 @ 6:00 pm

You can RSVP for this meeting by sending email to BDPA Charlotte chapter Do we have any BETF-Blog readers from North Carolina reading this post?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ohio Provides $11M to Grow Technology in Cincinnati

BDPA Cincinnati chapter has won more awards in this decade than any other chapter in the nation. They were the 1st runner-up for Chapter of the Year behind BDPA Philadelphia chapter this year. The chapter is engaged in the technology efforts within their city. One such effort is known as CincyTechUSA. We encourage all BETF-Blog readers in the greater Cincinnati area to join us for an update on the progress being made by Cincy TechUSA presented by Robert Scott and Mike Venerable.

CincyTechUSA is a non-profit venture development corporation working to increase the number of Cincinnati-based technology companies. The state of Ohio awarded CincyTechUSA with an $11 million grant as part of effort to stimulate growth of technology companies in this area. Robert is a Vice President Executive on loan to CincyTechUSA from Procter & Gamble. Robert is also a member of both BDPA and ITSMF. In fact, for many years Robert served as a chair of the BDPA Cincinnati corporate advisory council.

Mike is an Executive-in-Residence at CincyTechUSA, where he is leveraging his extensive background as an executive and entrepreneur to coach new business ventures. Robert and Mike are anxious to encourage participation by more IT businesses owned by African Americans as part of the CincyTechUSA portfolio.

If you or someone you know has a technology based business or business idea or you're just curious, you should plan to attend this meeting to learn more about this opportunity and share what you learn with others! There is no cost to attend the September 2007 program meeting and refreshments will be served. Here are the logistics for the event:

When: - Thursday September 20, 2007
Networking: 6 pm - 6:30 pm (bring your business cards!); Presentation begins at 6:30 pm
Where: Compuware - 4555 Lake Forrest Drive, 5th Floor
Pfeiffer Roard and Reed-Hartman Hwy across from the Embassy Suites
Blue Ash, OH 45242

I am a proud member of the BDPA Cincinnati chapter. As such, I hope that many of our BETF-Blog readers will take advantage of the opportunity to network and learn some very unique insights about our technology community. Can Cincinnati become the Silicon Valley of the midwest?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Science and Scholarships for Our Youth (Los Angeles)

Our BDPA chapter in Los Angeles is reaching out to parents or professionals looking for Science Programs and Scholarships to support our youth. It is time for us to build our own communities. Do you know of a young man or woman who wants to be a future Doctor, Pharmacist, Programmer or Scientist? If so, we encourage you to attend the upcoming September 2007 program meeting hosted by BDPA Los Angeles Chapter.

The guest speaker is Lorraine Grey (Charles Drew University). She will discuss how to get your youth (ages 7 & up) involved in the Charles Drew Saturday Science Academy II and the 22nd Annual Symposium on Biomedical Sciences (New Orleans). In addition, you will learn about available Programs and Scholarships.

The logistics for this month's program meeting:

  • Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2007
  • Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Location: Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center; 5213 W. Pico Blvd; Los Angeles, CA 90019

For more information you are invited to reach out to the chapter leadership by email ( or phone (213.595-0949).

Please POST A COMMENT if you are a BETF-Blog reader currently living or working in the Southern California. We want this to be an interactive Internet experience!

Bemley Scholars Heading to John Hopkins University and University of Minnesota

We are pleased to note that two of our HSCC alumni have applied for Bemley Scholarships this month. We are processing scholarship payments for Elise Jefferson (Southern Minnesota, HSCC Class of 2006) and Nicholas Akogyeram II (Southern Minnesota, HSCC Class of 2005).

Elise (back row, 2nd from the left in the team photo) was on team that took home the silver medal from the 2006 national high school competition held in Los Angeles, CA. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). We are processing her $1,500 Bemley Scholarship application.

Nicholas (far right in the team photo) was on team that took home the gold medal from the 2005 national high school competition held in Detroit, MI. He is pursuing a degree in Biomolecular Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. We are processing his $2,500 Bemley Scholarship application.

Our hope is that Elise and Nicholas will learn about this posting and share a testimonial on their experience that we can use to grow the Bemley Scholarship fund. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Bemley Scholarship Fund in recognition of the work put in by these remarkable young people.

We are very proud of both of these remarkable students. Please take a moment to POST A COMMENT to either or both of these young people. Let's make the BETF-Blog an interactive experience!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mark Dean: Computer Inventor

As a child, Mark Dean excelled in math. In elementary school, he took advanced level math courses and, in high school, Dean even built his own computer, radio, and amplifier. Dean continued his interests and went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee, a masters degree in electrical engineering from Florida Atlantic University and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford. He is one of the most prominent Black inventors in the field of computers.

Currently, Dean is an IBM Fellow and vice president of the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California. He oversees more than 400 scientists and engineers doing exploratory and applied research in various hardware, software and services areas, including nanotechnology, materials science, storage systems, data management, Web technologies, workplace practices and user interfaces. An engineer by training, Dean has more than 25 years experience in the IT industry -- all with IBM -- where he has been central to the design of a wide range of IBM computers.

Click here for full bio of this remarkable BDPA hero! Who are your BDPA heroes?

Monday, September 10, 2007

HSCC Testimonial: Kelly Hill (2001-2003)

Kelly Hill represented BDPA Los Angeles chapter in the national high school computer competitions held in Chicago (2001), Orlando (2002) and Philadelphia (2003). She is a positive example of the power of our student information technology education & scholarship (SITES) program. Kelly was kind enough to provide us with a testimonial on her experience. She wrote,
My name is Kelly Hill and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I am currently a junior at Clark Atlanta University where I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. I currently work for the IRS as a Data Transcriber. After graduating from Clark Atlanta, I intend on working in corporate for no longer than five years and then pursue my dream as an entrepreneur. I want to collaborate with my brother, Clyde Hill, to start a computer company. Those are my long term goals that I will achieve.

BDPA has helped me learn how to work with others in a team based setting. They’ve also taught me how to problem solve because I am able to take what I’ve learned from the computer aspect and apply it to problem solving issues in the business world. So, BDPA has been a useful resource that I still communicate with and rely on for support and knowledge.
We want to increase the amount of scholarship funding available to Kelly and others like her. BETF-Blog readers can make an instant donation to the Bemley Scholarship Fund right now if you so desire. Click here or use the options available to you in the right-hand navigation bar of this blog.

In the meantime, why not POST A COMMENT to Kelly Hill. Let her know what you think of her testimonial!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Can Culminis Help IT Professionals?

Culminis is an international not-for-profit organization devoted to the development and growth of the IT community. Culminis works closely with professional user groups and associations, student organizations, and solution providers. Click here to find a Culminis member organization located near you.

Culminis publishes THE VOICE, a monthly publication dedicated to monitoring and reporting on the health of the IT ecosystem. We invite BETF-Blog readers to read or download the September issue of The VOICE.

Please share your thoughts or experiences with Culminis using the POST A COMMENT feature that you see below.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Emerging Entrepreneurial Development (Memphis)

Our BDPA chapter in Memphis has a powerful legacy within BDPA. First, they are 4-time champions of the national high school computer competition from 2001-2004. Also, the chapter has a long tradition of supporting entrepreneurs that desire to become business owners within the IT industry. In fact, the topic of the September 2007 program meeting in Memphis will focus on Emerging Entrepreneurial Development.

The presenter for the meeting will be Sylvester Tate, owner of Tate Computers & Copiers. Mr. Tate has been in business for 15 years and is one of the leading Black-owned businesses in sales and repair of computer equipment. Mr. Tate, a Navy veteran, gained his experience in electronics, while serving aboard some of the Navy's finest aircraft carriers. Tate Computers & Copiers has successfully held computer contracts with Time-Warner Cable (now Comcast), the University of Memphis, Memphis Light Gas & Water, FedEx and a host of other corporations. Currently, Tate Computers has the contract with the Tennessee State Lottery to repair or replace all lottery ticket machines in the state.

The logistics of the event are as follows.

Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Location: Center for Emerging Entrepreneurial Development
158 Madison Avenue, Suite 300
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

We hope you will plan to attend (and bring business cards for the door prize giveaway)! You can RSVP with chapter president Nancy Ford by email ( or phone (901.508-3003).

Are there any readers from the state of Tennessee online? If so, please POST A COMMENT about your BDPA experiences for our BETF-Blog readers to see. Can you tell that we are BEGGING for some of y'all to leave comments here on the BETF-Blog (smile)!?!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Project Management: Universal Skill for IT Professionals (New York)

Our BDPA chapter in New York strives to stay abreast of, and contribute to the development and trends in the Information Technology industry. In fact, the chapter president, Judaea Lane, recently said, "My goal as President is to ensure that all members, from the Classroom to Boardroom, have the tools to compete globally". We encourage any BETF-Blog readers in the New York area who wish to learn more about the chapter's 2008 initiatives to call (212) 802-5341 or send an email to

BDPA New York chapter also invites you to attend their September program meeting. The topic of the meeting is Project Management: Universal Skill for IT Professionals.

The presenter is Dr Chiji Ohayia, CEO of SmartSolutions Enterprise, a consulting and training organization. Dr. Ohayia served as our conference director last year. He delivered one of most oustanding annual conferences in BDPA's history. Now you have a chance to hear him talk about why it is important to link project management initiatives to business results and what are some ways to make the linkage. This seminar will engage and challenge you to think of the many dimensions that project management can relate to the success that you can achieve in your career.

The logistics for the event are:

Date: Thursday, September 20, 2007
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Con Edison HQ on 4 Irving Place (off 14th St)
One block east of Union Square

Remember you are welcome to come out and share an evening of networking and building relationships with other IT Leaders. You can RSVP by phone (212.802-5341) or email (

Are there any New York area readers online? If so, please POST A COMMENT about your BDPA experiences for our BETF-Blog readers to see. Doable?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (Detroit)

Hat tip to Clifford Samuels for letting us know about the September 2007 program meeting hosted by BDPA Detroit chapter. Detroit is one of the largest chapters in the country and I'm proud to note that I first joined BDPA while living in Detroit many moons ago. Anyhow, this month the topic of the program meeting focuses on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

ITIL consists of a series of books giving guidance on the provision of quality IT services, and on the accommodation and environmental facilities needed to support IT. ITIL has been developed in recognition of our growing dependency on IT and embodies best practices for IT Service Management.

Date: September, 13th 2007
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: BDPA-Detroit Headquarters, TechOne Building
440 Burroughs (Located N. or WSU between Cass and 2nd Ave)
Detroit, MI 48202

Another feature of this program meeting will be information provided by Kelly Services. Diane Mabry (Senior Corporate Talent Acquisition Consultant) plans to share information on some exciting career opportunities available at Kelly world headquarters. Pass this information to friends and coworkers you feel may be interested. Resumes will be accepted during this meeting.

I might drive to Detroit to attend this meeting myself. I look forward to seeing you, and make sure to bring a friend! I encourage anyone that has experience in ITIL to POST A COMMENT about it here for our BETF-Blog readers to see. Doable?

BDPA Los Angeles Chapter Newsletter (Sep 2007)

We invite all BETF-Blog readers to download the September 2007 newsletter issued by our BDPA Los Angeles Chapter.

There are some great articles in this month's newsletter on subjects such as the upcoming Black Business Expo held in Los Angeles on September 21-23. You can also find previews of the upcoming chapter program meeting as well as a recap of strategic alliance with WITI.

However, the article that I found the most enticing was the recap of the progress made by the LA chapter students that participated in last month's national HSCC. The team placed in 8th place. The photos and the words show both the pride and accomplishment of the chapter students.

Hopefully, we can entice members of the Los Angeles chapter to POST A COMMENT a testimonial on their experiences that we can share for posterity.

Anyone care to share their thoughts on the LA chapter or their newsletter?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Marketing with Cutting Edge Technology (Chicago)

BDPA Chicago Chapter was chartered on March 15, 1986 as the 14th Chapter nationwide. The first monthly program meeting was held April 18, 1986. Since that time, the Chicago Chapter has consecutively sponsored a monthly program meeting, designed to assist membership in meeting their professional and personal goals. Since its inception, the Chicago Chapter has continued to deliver programs that are innovative, relevant and informative to its membership.

The chapter invites all BETF-Blog readers in the metro Chicago area to their September 2007 program meeting on the topic of Marketing with Cutting Edge Technology. The presenter is Brad VonBank (Sr. Group Manager of Marketing Technologies) for Target. Target does not just sell clothes and sports gear ... they also take advantage of technology like nobody else in the retail industry.

The logistics of the meeeting are:

BDPA Chicago Chapter
September Program Meeting
September 21, 2007 - 6:30 PM
IBM * 71 S. Wacker Drive 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

BDPA Chicago chapter program meetings highlight job opportunities for those that are looking for a new job or career. Attendees routinely have the opportunity to network with representatives from several companies looking for people to work for them. Do not miss your chance to connect with corporate HR that can help make a difference in your life!

Give the chapter a call on (312) 575-8503 if you have questions or wish to discuss further.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Maintaining Independence and Peace of Mind with Technology (Philadelphia)

BDPA Philadelphia chapter, with over 150 members, won the 'Chapter of the Year' and 'Chapter Membership' awards at our annual conference last month. The Membership Award is an award bestowed upon an individual chapter and its members for their outstanding achievements in increasing the National organization's mission of being "a member-focused organization" and ensuring that each member of BDPA feels valued as a member of the association.

Philadelphia's successes are a direct result of their programs and services initiatives led by Chapter President Curtis Jenkins and President-Elect Monique Berry. The chapter serves the community by providing weekly computer training for the Philadelphia metropolitan-area high school students. The chapter's monthly program meetings sponsored by CIGNA Corporation serve to keep their membership informed of current trends in the IT industry.

The logistics for the chapter's program meeting in September are as follows:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
6:00 pm until 8:30 pm
CIGNA Insurance Building
2 Liberty Place - 16th St. between Market and Chestnut St.
(Refreshments will be served)

The topic of the meeting is Maintaining Independence and Peace of Mind with Technology. Our presenter is Gerald Green (Vanguard Group) has held positions with increasing responsibility in driving decisions as to the technical directions for major SI initiatives in Vanguard. At our program meeting, he will discuss ways that seniors and caregivers can benefit from advances in technology. The United States population aged 65 and over is expected to double in size within the next 25 years. By 2030, almost 1 out of every 5 Americans -- some 72 million people -- will be 65 years or older. The age group 85 and older is now the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population.

As the county's population grows, and ages, there are likely to be more and more older people living alone. The situation is exacerbated by loosening family and neighborhood bonds, with children often living far from aging parents and unable to keep tabs on them. "Many value their privacy and their independence," yet there is a difference between living alone and being isolated.

As long as single householders keep in contact with family, friends, neighbors or service agencies, they lessen the chances of slipping through the social safety net. Advances in telecommunication, internet, speech, and mobile technologies have opened many avenues that enable seniors to stay connected to family and friends.

BDPA Philadelphia chapter encourages you to come hear how an innovative company has developed solutions that combine the power of the Internet with the standard telephone to permit seniors to keep a level of independence yet provide peace of mind for their family and friends. The discussion will focus on:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • SMS based mobile applications
  • Web Service integration
We expect a number of other Philadelphia area leaders to be in attendance at the September program meeting, including:

  • President of Caryl Technologies (a new Voice Portal Company that intends to become the premiere voice portal for the mobile consumer)
  • Chairman of the Business Advisory Board for the School of Business at Howard University.
  • Managing Director of Arpeggio Management (a real estate investment company)
We encourage anyone that will be in the greater Philadelphia area on September 19 to join us for this informative event and don't forget to bring a friend!

Out of curiousity, have you had any experience with elders using technology? If so, would you care to POST A COMMENT on your experience with us?

Monday, September 3, 2007

HSCC Testimonial: Marvin Street (BDPA Detroit, 2001)

2001 was quite a few years ago, however, I do remember the competition being very intense - much more intense than the real world is. However, I also remember enjoying myself at the social and enjoying being around so many other people who were into the same things I was. It was an excellent opportunity to travel to a new city. I had never been to Chicago before the competition. Coincidentally, I fell in love with the city and I currently live in the south suburbs of Chicago.

I'm still best friends with two of my teammates, although we were already beginning to become friends just before I was introduced to the program. I'm sure that our shared experience as teammates helped push us that much closer and lead us to rely on each other.

My coaches were fantastic. Danielle (Templeton) and Dwight (Hugget) are both still heavily involved in my life. They still offer advice and assistance when I need it, and I feel like I can rely on either of them in any time of need. The entire BDPA experience, at least for me, was a life-changer. It helped me focus my interests. It also introduced me to some people and experiences that have helped shape my life since.

BETF seeks testimonials from any alumni of the high school computer competition (HSCC). Please contact us if you know of any HSCC alumni from 1986 to 2007 that could inspire others with their testimonial. In the meantime, do any of y'all remember the 2001 BDPA Technology Conference in Chicago, IL?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Emerging Technologies (Web 2.0) Applications

Kai' Dupe was kind enough to share with us the 10-page slideshow that he used for his presentation to the BDPA Dallas chapter last month. I thought that it would be a good precedent to share it with those of you that visit our BETF-Blog.
Let us know if you have questions about what you see on any of these slides. We will try to get the author/presenter, Kai' Dupe to join us to respond personally.

BDPA Dallas chapter program meeting held on Tuesday, August 28 @ 6:00 pm at the Allstate Insurance Company; 8711 Freeport Parkway, Building A; Irving, TX. At this stage of our life, we know that learning is messy, however, it does not appear that more powerful pedagogies are possible given our current infrastructure. What tools can we use to support authentic and engaging learning experiences? Emerging Technologies (Web 2.0) Applications may be the answer.

BDPA members, supporters and sponsors attended this presentation about futuristic web technologies that will combine discussion and demonstrations via the Internet.

The presenter was Kai' Dupe. Mr. Dupe is a professional speaker and educational consultant. He earned his Masters in Education in 2005. He's an online instructor for Kaplan University and is working on his doctorate degree at Pepperdine University. Mr. Dupe is the founder and president of UpSouth Consulting.

For more information you can click here to contact BDPA Dallas chapter.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

2007 BDPA Cincinnati Chapter Award Winners

BDPA Cincinnati is the 4th largest chapter in the nation. Part of their success comes from the dedication of their stakeholders. As such, it is great to see that the chapter holds an annual awards luncheon to recognize chapter achievements due to the efforts of its corporate sponsors and members. The 2007 BDPA Cincinnati Annual Awards winners were recently announced. Drum Roll Please...

  • Community Service Award: Justin Buckner (Procter & Gamble)
  • Director of the Year: Jeffrey Jenkins (The Kroger Co.)
  • Executive Officer of the Year: Steve Gutter (The Kroger Co.)
  • Member of the Year: Deborah Prince (Self-Employed)
  • Volunteer Spirit Award: Michael Fallings (Self-Employed)
  • Corporate Supporter of the Year: Kelly IT Resource
  • Corporate Sponsor of the Year: The Kroger Company
  • Appreciation Award: Robert Saalfeld (The Kroger Co.)
  • Founder’s Award: Robert Scott (University of Michigan)
The BDPA Foundation joins BDPA Cincinnati chapter's board of directors and members as they congratulate these talented brothers and sisters for sharing time, talent and energy with us. Reach out to BDPA Cincinnati chapter president Janice Lee if you have questions or wish to learn more about these award winners.