Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Nation Online

Jordan Berg is the outreach coordinator for Free Press. Free Press is a national, nonpartisan organization working to reform the media through education, organizing and advocacy. They promote diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, and universal access to communications.

Anyhow, Free Press was a co-sponsor of Blogging While Brown conference. Jordan flew in from Massachusetts to share information about net neutrality. He wants us to reach out to our congressional representatives in support of net neutrality.

BDPA leaders and chapters should consider taking a formal position on net neutrality. Our community needs to ensure that we don't become second-class citizens in this area.

My hope is that BDPA leaders and chapters learn more about this One Nation Online concept. In other words, we need to say loud & proud that we want every American to be connected to a fast, affordable, and open Internet to prosper in today's economy and to serve as an active citizen in a 21st century democracy.

This is serious stuff. BDPA needs to get serious about it. What say u?

Monday, July 28, 2008

WellPoint Executive Reception

WellPoint is a proud sponsor of the 30th annual BDPA Technology Conference and will be hosting an exclusive reception on Thursday, August 7th @ 7pm.

BDPA Foundation blog readers are invited to attend! Click here to view your invitation and to RSVP.

We look forward to seeing you!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Election Results: Reggie Hillery (Columbus)

BDPA Columbus chapter is the 9th largest chapter in the country. On July 23, the chapter elected a new president-elect, Reggie Hillery. Reggie ascends to the chapter presidency in 2008-2009.

At the same meeting, Jim Locke was given an Outstanding Service Award for his dedication to the High School Computer Competition program this year.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grant Recipient: BDPA Cleveland ($8,500)

The BDPA Foundation approved $ 8,500 grant funding to BDPA Cleveland chapter. The funds were needed to cover expenses for chapter participation in the Midwest Regional HSCC (Cincinnati OH).
Remaining funds will support participation for chapter HSCC students, chaperones and coordinator at the national competition in Atlanta, GA on August 8-9, 2008.

David Moore, BDPA Cleveland VP-Finance wrote, "We did receive the check today. I would like to thank you for getting us these critical funds well ahead of your regular schedule. Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated by the BDPA-Cleveland chapter. I am looking forward to meeting you at the National Conference in a couple of weeks."

This funding request was supported by a recent Key Foundation grant. Right now we need others to step-up and make tax-deductible donations to the BDPA Foundation so that we might continue to fund these programs in the future.

It is important for us to have funds necessary to advance the careers of African Americans in the IT industry from the 'classroom to the boardroom'. Please make a small donation right now!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Grant Proposal: Sony USA Foundation

BDPA Foundation collaborated with BDPA Richmond chapter on a grant proposal to Sony USA Foundation. The proposal requests $2,500 in support of their youth education programs. This funding source identified by a BDPA member who works for Sony Electronics.

Sony's company-wide philanthropic efforts reflect the diverse interests of our core businesses and focus on several distinct areas: arts education, arts and culture, health and human services, civic and community outreach, education, and volunteerism. Each operating company has its own philanthropic priorities and unique resources. While positive consideration is given to efforts that promote literacy and basic educational competency, the company also seeks to apply its financial, technological, and human resources to the encouragement of the creative, artistic, technical, and scientific skills required of tomorrow's workforce.

We should hear about the results of this funding request before the end of the month.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wal-Mart Foundation

The Community Grant Program is the largest program funded by the Wal-Mart and SAM'S CLUB Foundation and includes both matching and direct grants. The Matching Grant program allows local nonprofit organizations to hold fundraisers outside their local Wal-Mart or SAM'S CLUB. Wal-Mart and SAM'S can elect to match a portion of the funds raised up to $1,000.

Events held off the premises of a Wal-Mart store or SAM'S CLUB are also eligible for funding when a Wal-Mart or SAM'S CLUB associate is actively involved in the event.

Additionally, once the Wal-Mart or SAM'S CLUB has met certain criteria in the Matching Grant Program each year, a second source of funding, direct grants, is awarded to the store / club to use in the community. These funds do not require a fundraiser to be held; instead the funds can be awarded directly to a deserving organization.

More than 80,000 grants, totaling $61 million, were awarded through the Community Grant program last year. Additional funds were also raised by participating community organizations who received matching funds.

To learn more about receiving a grant from your local Wal-Mart or SAM'S CLUB, please see the Community Involvement Coordinator at the location closest to you.

Please let BETF know if you are interested in working with the Wal-Mart or SAM'S CLUB in your chapter city on some fundraising effort in 2008-2009. This is a grant opportunity available to all 50 chapters simultaneously since the decision-makers are at the local level.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grant Declination: AirTran Airways

We learned today that our $4,500 funding request to AirTran Airways on behalf of BDPA Philadelphia chapter has been denied.

AirTran Airways wrote, "Thank you for affording AirTran Airways the opportunity to review your request for your event. As you may well imagine, AirTran Airways receives several hundred requests for support each week -- all of which, while for a worthy cause, cannot be granted. With the airline facing exceptionally high fuel costs and an increasingly competitive landscape, we are not able to participate in all of the opportunities presented to us at this time. We regret that we are not able to participate this year. Thank you for your interest in AirTran Airways."

Fortunately, BDPA Philadelphia chapter received corporate sponsorship funds large enough to cover the air fare for their HSCC team participation at the 30th annual BDPA Technology Conference in Atlanta GA.

Have you made donation or pledge to BDPA Foundation yet? Just reply to this message if you want to do so today!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BDPA Conference At a Glance

Click here for some critical information on the upcoming 30th annual BDPA Technology Conference.
Do you have any questions about the upcoming conference that you want answered?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Message from New York Chapter President

BDPA New York is the 3rd largest chapter in the nation. The chapter continues to provide programs and services that advance the careers of African Americans in the IT industry from 'classroom to boardroom'.

Here is how BDPA New York chapter president Judaea Lane put it:

"This has been an exciting year for the New York Chapter of BDPA. If you will allow me to boast for a moment.

Thanks to our sponsors, the New York SITES (Student IT Education & Scholarship) students have had the wonderful experience to network with BDPA Leaders in the IT field and the opportunity to visit Corporate Headquarters and Technical data centers. Additionally, they had the opportunity to attend and compete in BDPA's Eastern (New Jersey) and Mid-Atlantic Regional Conferences (Maryland). They placed 2nd in the Eastern Conference and 3rd in the Mid-Atlantic Region Conference. Now they are heading on to compete at the National BDPA Technology Conference (Atlanta). After their strong showing in the two regional conferences, we have high hopes that they will place in the top five at the national competition.

We've built collaborative partnerships with our sister organizations, Urban Financial, NSBE and NAAAHR. Also we've had exciting and informative Program Meetings with each of the organizations and some with our sponsors.

Thanks to our Communication Team, we have an informative website and an exciting newsletter. (HUMANWARE is back!! - To get your copy, please download from our website).

The excitement doesn't stop there as there is more to come. You are cordially invited to network with us on July 24th with the Executive Leadership Team of Wachovia.

The presenter for the evening is Director Jason Sydney, who will discuss the cutting edge in trading and how algorithms allow firms like Wachovia to get ahead with the advent of the NYSE hybrid market and continuing consolidation and expansion of electronic exchanges. These algorithms allow traders to use their expertise in the field to build computerize trading models that allow them to react quickly and methodically to changes in the market and alleviates potential of trading outside the company model and targets.

Event Logistics
Wachovia HQ
375 Park Avenue
between East 52nd & East 53rd
July 24, 2008 * 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Refreshments will be served!

Our SITES students, who are competing in the High School Computer Competition or attending the Youth Technology Camp (YTC) will also be in attendance . Not only is this an opportunity for them to meet Wachovia's Executive Team, it also gives them a chance to thank you for giving them the opportunity to come this far. Furthermore, they want New York members to see what they have submitted for the T-Shirt competition.

So members please come out and show some BDPA love and let them know that you are cheering for them. Remember RSVP is extremely important for all our events therefore to confirm your attendance you can respond by e-mail or leave a message on the BDPA Voicemail at (212) 802-5341.

Do we have any New York chapter members out there?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Letter of Inquiry * The Lehman Brothers Foundation

The Lehman Brothers Foundation seeks to support innovative not-for-profit organizations that work to advance quality healthcare, promote excellence in the arts and culture, and educate and help meet the needs of underprivileged children and youth.

Click here for copy of the foundation annual report.

The Lehman Brothers Foundation accepted our letter of inquiry requesting permission to submit a $5,000 grant proposal on behalf of our BDPA New York chapter. We should know before the end of the month if The Lehman Brothers Foundation will invite us to submit the grant proposal.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Corning Incorporated Foundation

Does your chapter operate in a community with a major presence of Corning Inc.? If so, then the Corning Incorporated Foundation may be a possible source of funding.

Over the years, the Corning Incorporated Foundation has contributed more than $100 million through its programs of giving. Resources are directed almost exclusively toward initiatives which improve the quality of life in and near communities where Corning Incorporated is an active corporate citizen. Currently, the Foundation annually fulfills approximately 175 grants totaling some $3.0 million.

BETF would be interested in partnering with a qualified local chapter interested in obtaining funding for their 2009 youth education programming. Please let us know if you/your chapter want to engage in a joint effort to obtain funding from the Corning Incorporated Foundation.

Friday, July 18, 2008

ITSMF Provides Career Coach Scholarships

Are you seeking innovative ways to advance your career in the IT industry?

If so, then we encourage you to take advantage of executive coaching scholarships offered by the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) for any eligible BDPA member. You have to be in attendance at 30th annual BDPA Technology Conference in Atlanta on August 6-9, 2008. Each participant will receive an hour of laser coaching designed to enhance their professional development.

Complete and return the goals assessment application if you are interested in applying for this $250 coaching scholarship experience. At a minimum, all applicants must be deemed as a "high potential" by their management in order to qualify for this scholarship program.

Please return your completed assessment on or before July 31, 2008 to Deborah Chima.

Candidates successfully completing the coaching may be considered for participation in the ITSMF Executive Protégé Program.

Charles Wallace (Rohm and Haas) * 2008 Epsilon Award for Professional Achievement

We are pleased to recognize Charles Wallace for being honored as the 2008 Epsilon Award for Professional Achievement. He formally receives his award at the 2008 BDPA Awards Gala on August 9, 2008 in Atlanta GA.

Charles Wallace’s work has had an enormous impact on Rohm and Haas. With 24 years of IT experience, Charles has led the IT organization with strategic thought leadership to deliver innovative IT solutions. With an organization of over 300 employees in 37 countries, Charles has recently delivered two major projects resulting in over $1MM in annual operation costs.

Charles has also pioneered the use of online video technology within Rohm and Haas, which was recognized in CIO and Computerworld magazines. Charles was recently awarded CIO Magazines “Ones to Watch” in 2008 and Diversity Magazines “Top 50 under 50 MBA.”

Charles has strong community and philanthropy ties through various board appointments including United Way, NPower and BDPA Philadelphia. To sum up Charles’ achievements, he was promoted to Executive Director.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

African American Women in Computer Science

The Florida A&M University (FAMU) Computer Information Sciences (CIS) Program is the recipient of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant valued at $552,000 dedicated to recruiting women of color to computer science and information technology disciplines.

The numbers are staggering,” said Jason T. Black, Ph. D., assistant professor in CIS. “The latest data shows that out of all U.S. entering freshmen declaring a major in computer science, African-American women made up only 3.3 percent. The fact is that women are not choosing technology, and this is a dangerous predicament. When you couple that with the fact that it is estimated that 75 percent of all jobs by the year 2020 will require a technology background, it becomes a crisis call.

The program, entitled African American Women in Computer Science (AAWCS), is a four-year program that provides scholarships and other assistance to women who express a financial need and an interest in computer science or information technology.

AAWCS will directly address the dismal number of minority women, particularly African American women that pursue degrees in computer science or information technology.

Women who apply to AAWCS will be accepted based on financial need, and will be awarded a scholarship of between $3,000 and $5,000 per semester. In addition to the funding, the women will participate in CIS departmental organizations and they will also be involved in other STEM programs, such as the Florida/Georgia Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (FGLSAMP) scholarship program, and the Students and Technology in Academia, Research and Service (STARS) Alliance, both NSF-funded programs.

An added benefit to the students is the conference participation, where selected AAWCS scholars will be chosen to attend two national conferences, paid for by the grant, each year, such as the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing and the National Conference of Women in Information Technology (NCWIT).

The AAWCS program begins operation on July 1 and will run until June 30, 2012. Applications for the program can be requested by contacting Black at or (850) 412-7354.

Grant Award: Key Foundation ($10,000)

We are happy to report that the Key Foundation board of directors approved $10,000 grant funding for BDPA Cleveland chapter. The funds will allow participation by Cleveland-area students in the Midwest Regional High School Computer Competition (HSCC), Youth Technology Camp and the national BDPA HSCC in Atlanta, GA on August 8-9, 2008.

A joint press release between the BDPA Foundation and Key Foundation will be issued in the next few days to announce this funding, however, we wanted our blog readers to know about it right away.

BDPA Foundation worked closely with BDPA Cleveland chapter president Ken Wilson on this joint proposal. Ken and Cleveland chapter founder Norman Mays met in person with KeyBank and Key Foundation executives last month. That meeting led to a request for a formal grant proposal.

Our grant proposal for $21,145 funding was submitted to the Key Foundation executive director. She successfully shared our story with the Key Foundation board of directors and we received $10,000 funding!

BDPA Cleveland chapter will reach out to other corporations to make up the difference. In the meantime, I encourage all BDPA Foundation blog readers to consider making a small donation right now to support them. What say u?

Upcoming Speaking Engagements * Wayne Hicks

One day I need to sit down and make a list of the BDPA chapters that I have visited as a guest speaker over the past few years. Anyhow, it appears that I will be making a couple more visits in the coming weeks:
  • July 21, BDPA St. Louis Chapter - The chapter is holding first-ever Corporate Advisory Council meeting. I will share with them my vision of the ideal relationship between BDPA chapters and Corporate America.

  • July 25-27, Blogging While Brown Conference - This is the first-ever national conference for bloggers of color. I'm honored to be a presenter on the topic, "Umoja From a Black Blogger's Perspective"

  • August 6-8, National BDPA Technology Conference - I serve as a member of this organization's national board of directors... so there are a number of meetings I have to attend. However, I plan to meet and greet each of the competitors in the national high school computer competition and IT showcase. I'm a presenter for a major 'Chapter Building Workshop'. Finally, the BDPA Foundation should be awarding 31 scholarships worth over $50,000 during this conference week. I just hope that I can still fit in my tuxedo (sigh)!

  • October 11, BDPA Richmond Chapter - The chapter is the second largest chapter in BDPA nation ... however, they have their eyes on #1. As such, they asked me to come by and be their keynote speaker for this membership drive.

Do you plan to be at one or more of these events over the coming days and weeks?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Message from Austin Chapter President

BDPA Austin is the 24th largest chapter in the nation. The chapter, founded in November 2004, is at a crossroads. The situation is discussed in detail by chapter president Lorna Stewart-Booker in her letter to members and other stakeholders. I encourage you to reach out to Lorna to express your support once you read her message below:

BDPA has become the premier information technology organization committed to promoting technology literacy. As an all-volunteer organization, our members have developed and maintained first-rate programs and activities.
BDPA is committed to providing IT professionals with the latest technological information and opportunities for professional growth and advancement. Ultimately, you control your professional destiny. BDPA can help you advance your career in the IT profession. BDPA gives professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and students an IT career pathway from the classroom to the boardroom. Through education, mentoring, business networking and services, BDPA promotes innovation, technical skills, business savvy and personal growth.
Join BDPA Austin and thousands in BDPA who are making a difference for themselves and for others.

On Tuesday, June 24, 2008 BDPA Austin Chapter Board Members held a conference call to discuss the "State of the Chapter". We considered the idea of discontinuing the Chapter due to low meeting attendance and inactivity from our members.

Instead, we decided to focus on the future – our Youth. We decided to continue building momentum in our High School Computer Competition (HSCC) training program. For the past three
years, we have successfully fielded teams to compete nationally for scholarships as well as instill the gift of computer programming into these student's lives.

We invite you to attend our July Town Hall program meeting on July 15, 2008 @ 6:30 at Mitchie's (6406 N Interstate 35 Ste. 2800 Austin, Texas) to discuss ideas on membership, recruiting, fund raising, sponsorship mentoring and HSCC. Please attend our Town Hall meeting, to discuss our new direction.

For more information call (512) 326-6350.

Lorna Stewart-Booker, President
BDPA Austin Chapter
P.O. Box 270255
Austin TX 78727

Take a moment to POST A COMMENT below if you have any thoughts you want to share with BDPA Austin chapter leadership.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Curtis Jenkins (Rohm and Haas Company) * BDPA Epsilon Award for Community Service

I was pleased to learn that Curtis Jenkins is the 2008 BDPA Epsilon Award for Community Service winner.

Curtis joined Rohm and Haas Company in September of 2006. It was clear soon thereafter that Curtis was as committed to the core value of serving the community that he works in as Rohm and Haas has been during its almost 100 years of existence. The Greater Philadelphia Area community has felt the direct impact of Curtis’ broad, philanthropic interests as he guided the Rohm and Haas Company into taking another step to close the “digital divide” by providing families with much needed computers and software. He also gives of himself personally through corporate and community mentoring and development programs. Curtis has been recognized specifically by Rohm and Haas and the BDPA as a leader for change, a champion for our community and an example of how we all want to positively impact individuals and the organizations we work with.

Feel free to use the COMMENTS option below to congratulate Curtis on this remarkable Epsilon Award for Community Service!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This Week in BDPA (July 13-19)

Our foundation seeks to support BDPA programs and services. As such, it is important that our blog readers know about the plethora of BDPA activity all around the country. Here is a weekly preview of upcoming events gathered from the BDPA CollectiveX Calendar and elsewhere:
We encourage all BDPA leaders to take advantage of the BDPA CollectiveX Groupsite Calendar to post your upcoming events! Please let us know of other BDPA events that we may have missed. Most importantly, let us know if you plan to attend any BDPA events this week.

If you like what you are seeing on this blog ... please consider making an online donation to the BDPA Foundation so that we can continue to fund these events in the future.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lee Reed Jr. (Chicago) * Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students

Lee Reed Jr. won the Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students last year. This graduate of Walter Payton High School in Chicago IL will use his scholarship funding to attend the University of Michigan in a few months.

Lee is spending his summer as an intern at JPMorgan Chase. He is also working with the HSCC national team trained by BDPA Chicago chapter for the fifth year in a row! Lee distinguished himself as a phenomenal engineer and student.

It is no coincidence that BDPA Chicago HSCC team won three gold medals at the Midwest Regional (2004-2006). BDPA Foundation is proud to know that Lee is a Bemley Scholar as a result of his National HSCC championship (2006) and National HSCC bronze medal (2007).

Lee is the team captain for the BDPA Chicago HSCC team that will compete in Atlanta GA next month. I encourage you to use the COMMENTS section below to share some love with this winner of the 2007 Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students!

NOTE: The 2008 Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students is accepting applications through July 25.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation

In 1933, Frank Stanley Beveridge founded Stanley Home Products, Inc. in Westfield, Massachusetts (The Enesco Group, Inc.) In 1947, he founded the Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation, a trust. In 1949, he established the Stanley Park of Westfield, Inc. on twenty-five acres of land in Westfield, Massachusetts. Today, Stanley Park consists of nearly 300 acres of formal gardens, a carillon tower, trails, sports fields and a substantial nature area. The Park was the principal recipient of funds from the Foundation through the year 2000. The Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on June 22, 1956 (the year of Mr. Beveridge's death).

In any case, this is a private foundation that is accepting grant applications for those organizations in their geographic area of interest.

BETF is willing to work with any chapter that feels that they are eligible for funding from this foundation. Just reply to this post if you/your chapter are interested in moving forward to the next step.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eli Lilly Offers $3k Scholarship for BDPA High School Graduates

BDPA Foundation is proud to announce the 2008 Eli Lilly and Company Scholarship for BDPA Students. This scholarship seeks to identify African American students with an interest in Information Technology that will make significant contributions to society. Applicants must excel academically, show exceptional leadership potential and make an impact on their communities through service to others.

Students will be designated Lilly/BDPA Scholars and awarded a one-time award of $3,000. The recipients may use their merit-based scholarship to attend an accredited four-year college or university of their choice. Lilly/BDPA Scholarships are limited to students pursuing degrees related to Information Technology.

Lilly/BDPA Scholarships may be used to supplement benefits from the college or university a student plans to attend and fellowships from other foundations or organizations. Students may use the scholarship to cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, room and board, and other college-related expenses.

Click here to get your copy of the scholarship application. Deadline is July 25, 2008!

Eli Lilly and Company
Attn: Joneé Drake
Lilly Corporate Center DC 1811
Indianapolis, IN 46285

For questions:
Joneé Drake (317) 277-3015

Scholarship winners will be selected based on the application, essay, and letters of recommendation.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Juan Gilbert, Ph.D (Auburn University) * BDPA Epsilon Award for Outstanding Technical Contribution

Dr. Juan Gilbert is one of my favorite people in BDPA. I met the young brother when he was working on his advanced degree at the University of Cincinnati. He joined BDPA Cincinnati chapter and was a guest speaker at one of our program meetings. He moved down to Georgia after getting his degree to work for Auburn University. However, he renews his BDPA membership in the Cincinnati chapter year-after-year!

Dr. Gilbert is receiving the 2008 BDPA Epsilon Award for his work in electronic voting and affirmative action. Dr. Gilbert and his research team are the creators of Prime III, a secure, multimodal electronic voting system. This system allows people to vote by touch and our voice. This system enables more people to independently vote regardless of their ability. People that can’t hear, see, read or use their hands can vote using Prime III.

Recently, Everyone Counts, Inc. (an internet electronic voting company) incorporated the Prime III interface into their system. Dr. Gilbert also created Applications Quest, a data mining and analysis tool used to address recent attacks on the use of race for affirmative action. This tool allows admissions and human resources to use race in the admissions or hiring process without violating any judicial decisions on affirmative action. Applications Quest is now a for-profit company.

I invite all BETF-Blog readers to take a moment to share some love with Dr. Gilbert in the COMMENTS section!

Monday, July 7, 2008

James Peterson III (Keno Kozie Associates) * BDPA Epsilon Award as Most Promising Technologist

Please join us in honoring James A. Peterson III as winner of the 2008 BDPA Epsilon Award for Most Promising Technologist.

The March 2008 issue of Black Enterprise Magazine featured a recent college graduate making his mark in corporate America. The full-page article showed a determined young man who appeared more akin to a CEO than a former college student.

James Peterson was honored to be recognized as a pioneer and ardent member of the young African American professional world. He frequently finds opportunities to mentor other young adults and volunteer the story of his growth from a young freelance consultant to a bourgeoning IT leader. During his first two months at Keno Kozie Associates he had a significant role in landing a large contract by streamlining their IT EUS program.

James’ accomplishments determination and will make him unique. He sets his goals high and exceeds them, and consistently reflects his passion to increase awareness of the success a young African American can achieve with enough perseverance and determination.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lisa Libraries Foundation

The Lisa Libraries Foundation donates books to nonprofit organizations that serve teens, such as after-school programs, mentoring programs, youth detention centers, foster homes, and transitional housing services. To request books; write to the Foundation explaining how your organization would use the books to help children.

This might be a unique way to purchase the books you need for your 2009 computer camps. BETF is willing to give it a try with any interested chapter. We'll need the specific information on the book that you/your chapter would like to order for the 2009 SITES program.

The next step is yours. What say u?

Friday, July 4, 2008

IT Certifications Declining in Value

IT leaders, analysts and in-the-trenches professionals say certifications mean little in the candidate selection process. Though not all were created equally, IT certifications once had an almost-guaranteed value. In the years after the dot-com bust, many IT pros stocked up certifications namely in an effort to improve their job security. Their managers, in turn, used these accreditations to assure their value to the organization's penny-pinchers.

But when speaking to CIOs, IT managers and analysts about what counts and what doesn't on an IT professional's resume nowadays, one thing that stands out is an almost universal agreement that IT certifications don't matter the way they used to.

Read the rest of the story here.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Knight Center of Digital Excellence

The Knight Center of Digital Excellence is dedicated to facilitating development of sustainable technology strategies to benefit communities and enable citizens to connect with each other and the world. The Knight Center of Digital Excellence will collect and share research and best practices, nurture collaboration and provide on-the-ground support for the Knight communities.
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation's funding of the Knight Center of Digital Excellence creates the first national, nonprofit resource center, initially dedicated to addressing the needs of Knight's 26 communities across the country and then expanding to help advance the vision of creating universal access across the United States. Knight has pledged up to $25 million over the next five years to accelerate digital access projects in the 26 U.S. communities where the Knight Brothers owned newspapers.
The Knight Foundation has partnered with OneCommunity, an internationally recognized leader in creating connected communities, to bring the Knight Center of Digital Excellence to life and make universal access an obtainable reality. The Knight Foundation and OneCommunity announced the creation of the Knight Center of Digital Excellence in April 2008. Watch the announcement here.
The Knight Center of Digital Excellence is headquartered in the original Knight community of Akron, Ohio.

The Knight communities are: Aberdeen SD, Akron OH, Biloxi MS, Boulder CO; Bradenton FL, Charlotte NC, Columbia SC, Columbus GA, Detroit MI, Duluth MN, Fort Wayne IN, Gary IN, Grand Forks ND, Lexington KY, Long Beach CA, Macon GA, Miami-Dade/Broward FL, Milledgeville GA, Myrtle Beach SC, Palm Beach County FL, Philadelphia PA, San Jose CA, St. Paul MN, State College PA, Tallahassee FL and Wichita KN.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lincoln Forum Essay Contest

The Lincoln Forum is an assembly of people who share a deep interest in the life and times of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era. Through a roster of activities and projects including symposia, tours, student essay competitions, a newsletter and an annual award to recognize special contributions to the field of Lincoln studies, the Forum endeavors to enhance the understanding and preserve the memory of Abraham Lincoln.

The scholarship essay contest is designed for students who are full time students in an American college or university during the Spring 2008 semester. The July 31 deadline is designed to give these students time to finish their essays, if need be, after final exams.

You do not have to be an American citizen, but you do need to be attending an American college or university during the eligibility period.

It is NOT open to high school students. Key question to consider; when we contact your college or university registrar will they be able to confirm that you were enrolled as a full-time college student during the spring 2008 semester? If the answer is no, you are not eligible.

You can win from $250 - $1,000 in this essay contest. [SOURCE]

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Business Compute-N-Show: BDPA Initiatives and Benefits (video)

National BDPA president Denise Holland is interviewed on the Business Compute-N-Show by host Nancy Ford in Memphis, TN. This show originally aired in July 2008.

What benefits or initiatives of BDPA interest you the most?

Grant Proposal: The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia

BDPA Richmond and BETF submitted a $20,000 grant proposal to The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia today. It is worth noting that BDPA Richmond successfully worked with this funding source in both 2006 ($17k) and 2007 ($18k).

We hope that the other 49 BDPA chapters take a close look at similar community foundations co-located with them. We are willing to work with any other chapter interested in funding from a Community Foundation.

For now, let's all think prayerful thoughts on the current $20k request for Richmond's 2009 SITES program!