Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grant Proposal: Omnicare Foundation (Cincinnati)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) worked with BDPA Cincinnati chapter on a joint grant proposal to Omnicare Foundation. We are asking them for $5,000 funding support of the 2011 Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Grant Proposal: Ohio National Foundation (Cincinnati)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) joined BDPA Cincinnati chapter to submit a $5,000 grant proposal to a senior vice president at Ohio National Foundation. We asked for $5,000 funding to support the youth education programs hosted by the BDPA chapter in southern Ohio.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Week in BDPA (Aug 29-Sep 4)

BDPA has 45 chapters around the nation. You can always find programs, services or networking activity here or here. BDPA supports your efforts for career advancement in the IT industry. Our hope is that you will continue to support Our Cause!

Are you taking advantage of these programs? Here is a weekly preview of upcoming events gathered from the centralized BDPA calendar :

We encourage all BDPA leaders to take advantage of the centralized BDPA Groupsite Calendar to post your upcoming events! Please let us know of other BDPA events that we may have missed. Most importantly, let us know if you plan to attend any BDPA events this week.

African Americans Discouraged From Pursuing STEM Careers

Some people continue to question the relevance of groups like BDPA. The harsh reality is that we will never get enough African Americans in high-paying and fulfilling information technology careers unless BDPA is proactive in delivering on its mandate.

Did any of you read the Bayer Corporation survey that said significant numbers of today’s women and underrepresented minority chemists and chemical engineers (40 percent) say they were discouraged from pursuing a STEM career (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) at some point in their lives.

If the future faces of technology are being discouraged by others ... it is important that BDPA do some powerful encouraging with our programs and services.

"We want to knock down barriers. If we can do that, we’ll be able to develop the attitudes, behaviors, opportunities and resources that lead to success."

U.S. colleges are cited by them as the leading place in the American education system where discouragement happens (60 percent) and college professors as the individuals most likely responsible for the discouragement (44 percent).

The U.S. K-12 education system falls short, too. On average, the survey respondents give it a “D” for the job it does to encourage minorities to study STEM subjects and a “D+” for girls.

The Bayer Facts of Science Education XIV survey polled 1,226 female, African American, Hispanic and American Indian chemists and chemical engineers about their childhood, academic and workplace experiences that play a role in attracting and retaining women and underrepresented minorities in STEM fields.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

WellPoint Foundation

The WellPoint Foundation is a private, non-profit organization wholly funded by WellPoint, Inc. Through charitable contributions and programs, the Foundation promotes WellPoint’s inherent commitment to enhance the health and well-being of individuals and families in communities that WellPoint serves.

The WellPoint Foundation supports not-for-profit organizations whose projects and programs align with their mission and key initiatives.

The WellPoint Foundation supports the efforts of WellPoint’s 43,000 associates across the country who, through their generosity of time, money and energy, live our mission each and every day by working to improve the lives of the people we serve and the health of our communities.
  • Community Service Day -- On April 25, 2009, WellPoint associates and their guests across the country spent their Saturday showing the community that they care. More than 4,000 associates and guests registered to participate in 200 projects across 32 states and the District of Columbia. "It was an extraordinary day, and we really made a difference in the health of the communities we call home," said Caz Matthews, president, WellPoint Foundation. Projects were developed by working in collaboration with the United Way, March of Dimes, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Keep America Beautiful, and Feeding America. All projects were aligned with WellPoint's and the WellPoint Foundation's giving mission.
  • Associate Giving Campaign -- Each year, the WellPoint Foundation supports their Associate Giving Campaign by providing a generous 50 percent match for associate contributions up to $25,000, per campaign year. In 2008, WellPoint’s Associate Giving Campaign, chaired by company Executive VP Dijuana Lewis, raised over $24 million for non-profit organizations through associate pledges and WellPoint Foundation matching gifts. WellPoint’s Associate Giving Campaign is truly “open,” allowing associates to contribute dollars to any qualifying non-profit organization. That means a wide variety of groups, including schools and other community organizations, benefit from their generosity.
I encourage BDPA chapters with WellPoint associates to reach out to them about Community Service Day and the Associate Giving Campaign. Contact BETF if you need our support. However, it begins with looking closely at your membership. Do you have any WellPoint associates in your membership?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Where is BDPA When It Comes to Innovation? Todd Q. Adams (Cleveland)

Todd Q. Adams is a longtime member of BDPA Cleveland chapter. He shared his thoughts on the open-ended query, Where is BDPA When It Comes to Innovation?:

Ironically, I have engaged a few long standing BDPA members on this very subject. There is this undercurrent of members that believe that BDPA is entrenched in a paradigm that has come and gone. I tend to agree. The discussion of innovation usually takes place within a "technology vacuum"

First of all, the business and technology landscape is forever changed. It is no longer just about innovation. Public policy is changing the technology landscape forever. The Smart Grid, meaningful use of electronic health records, and interoperable public safety communications networks are being driven home by the Obama administration. Billions of stimulus dollars being allocated for technology, and I am astounded by the lack of awareness among black IT professionals. Yet, we can't get past discussions about resume writing and the next release of some vendor software.

Policy determines where broadband infrastructure is deployed, how funding is allocated, and public-private partnerships. The next generation of applications and services are going to empower the consumer in ways that we cannot imagine. BDPA can impact the quality of life for consumers of color for decades to come. The truth is that we are missing the boat.

As a business owner providing consulting services on a fiber-to-the-home initiative in Cleveland, I am the lone brother as usual. I am finding that among BDPA members in general that we are unable to "connect the dots". Verizon and Google are pushing fiber-to-the-home, Cisco is emphasizing home energy management, and IBM is constantly advertising about its Smart Cities initiative. There is a common thread to all of this stuff. Technology is these cases only serve as an enabler to finding more ways to get into your pockets. I am witnessing 20 something year olds of every other persuasion establish some entrepreneurial niche in these spaces. BDPA should also seek to foster such innovation.

I have a case of selective amnesia. All the traditional teachings of job search, climbing the corporate ladder, resume preparation, etc. - I have forgotten them all. If we are innovative, then we will begin to define the landscape. That means out of the box thinking, strategic alliance development, and truly embracing global opportunities.

Bro. Adams shared his candid thoughts on the issue of Innovation and BDPA. Can we have an online dialogue? What say u?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fact Sheet: 4Q-2010 National BDPA Board of Directors Meeting

HSCC Testimonial * D Ephraim (Twin Cities, 2008-2009)

No chapter has improved more over the last four years in the national High School Computer Competition (HSCC) championships than BDPA Twin Cities. One reason for their success is the powerful training offered by Michael Wulf and others. Another reason is the powerful intelligence and drive of its students ... such as D Ephraim.

He shared his thoughts with us:

My name is D Ephraim. I am a graduate of Edina High School and currently attending Normandale Community College with plans to transfer to the University of Minnesota in winter 2010. I plan to double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I have been interested in computers and programming all my life and BDPA has given me the chance to display what I've learned.

The High School Computer Competition (HSCC) was one of the most exciting things I've ever been a part of. It gave me and my team a chance to reap the fruits of our labor. We worked for months and months to advance our craft and be the best programmers we could be. I really enjoyed the whole weekend and meeting people like me from across the country was interesting. My team came in 9th in my first year (2008) and 4th in my second year (2009). I am very thankful for being a part of such a phenomenal program.

D earned a Jesse Bemley Scholarship for the high performance of his team at the 2009 HSCC championships in Raleigh NC. He is using that scholarship to continue his education at community college.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grant Proposal: Sovereign Bank Foundation (Philadelphia)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) and BDPA Philadelphia joined forces to submit a $5,000 grant proposal to the Sovereign Bank Foundation. We asked for the funding to support the 2011 Student IT Education and Scholarship (SITES) program in Philadelphia.   We want to be menots and enablers of talented young people like 2006-2007 SITES alumni student Marcellus Sims.

Please let us know if you know of any funding sources that we should be approaching to help finance the youth education programs hosted by our local BDPA chapter in Philadelphia.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter of Inquiry: William E. Simon Foundation

National BDPA vice president Paulette Johnson-Davis worked with BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) on a letter of inquiry to the William E. Simon Foundation. We are asking them for permission to submit a $25,000 grant proposal in support of BDPA's High School Computer Competition (HSCC).

The HSCC program celebrates its 25th year anniversary in 2010. Throughout the year, local chapters conduct SITES training programs for the youth in their communities. These programs are designed to expose our youth to the concepts of computers and give them the expertise to develop web applications. The program introduces our youth to the field of Information Technology. Our volunteers around the nation encourage these young people to seek higher levels of education, and groom many of them to become our next generation of IT professionals.

Wish us luck in the funding process!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Grant Declination: Prudential Foundation (Philadelphia)

BDPA Philadelphia chapter and BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) sent a letter of inquiry to the Prudential Foundation recently. We hoped that they would allow us to submit a comprehensive grant proposal seeking funds for the BDPA youth education programs in Philadelphia.

Our hopes were dashed when we received the following message:

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your recent inquiry for support (Grant Request # 25190) from The Prudential Foundation. Please know that your request was given careful consideration as it relates to the Foundation's guidelines and funding priorities. Unfortunately, at this time, it has been determined that we are unable to provide the support requested.

While we appreciate the value of your organization and its work, the large number of inquires received annually, coupled with the Foundation's on-going obligations and long-term commitments, necessitate that we decline many worthy requests. Our decision is not in any way a reflection on the quality or value of your program.

We are grateful for the time and effort that has been invested in preparing this request, and we appreciate your dedication to addressing the issues that impact the lives of those we care deeply about.

We wish you every success and hope you are able to secure the funding you need to advance the work of your organization.

Dayna Layton Claxton

I knew we were in bad shape when she addressed her message with "Dear Applicant"!

Anyhow, BETF will continue to seek funding for BDPA Philadelphia chapter. If you think that you want to help us provide scholarships for our young people then please consider making a secure online donation right now. Doable?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

BDPA IT Institute: PMP Exam Preparation Enrollment

The Fall 2010 enrollment period is still open for the BDPA IT Institute. The course scheduled for the Fall term (September 6th through December 10th) is the PMP Exam Prep taught by Gregory Brown, PMP. The course has been updated to align with the 4th edition of the PMBOK Guide and awards all 35 PDUs required to sit for the PMP Certification Exam.

Key Benefits of Certification:
  • Career advancement, progression and promotion from sponsoring corporations/employers
  • Increased technology business acumen and leadership skills
  • Respect and prestige of being "certified"
  • Publication opportunities in field
  • Leadership, management and project management skill development
Now is the time to take control of your future in the IT industry.  Apply now for Fall 2010 courses! For more information, you can contact the BDPA IT Institute leadership by phone (800.727-2372) or email.

This Week in BDPA (Aug 22-28)

BDPA has 45 chapters around the nation. You can always find programs, services or networking activity here or here. BDPA supports your efforts for career advancement in the IT industry. Our hope is that you will continue to support Our Cause!

Are you taking advantage of these programs? Here is a weekly preview of upcoming events gathered from the centralized BDPA calendar :

We encourage all BDPA leaders to take advantage of the centralized BDPA Groupsite Calendar to post your upcoming events! Please let us know of other BDPA events that we may have missed. Most importantly, let us know if you plan to attend any BDPA events this week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five Reasons Why China Will Rule Tech

China's focus on science and technology is relentless, and it's occurring at all levels of its society. Its labor pool is becoming increasingly sophisticated, its leadership is focused on innovation, and the country is adopting policies designed to pressure U.S. firms to transfer their technology.

The trend is causing increasing worry in Washington, but there are five reasons why China may yet succeed in its goal to achieve world dominance in technology.
  1. China's leadership understands engineering
  2. China's leadership wants to out-innovate the U.S.
  3. China's science and technical talent pool is vast
  4. The U.S. is failing at science and math education
  5. China is getting U.S. technology, all of it
Read the full Computerworld article with more details on each of the five reasons.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Effect of the Economy on the Nonprofit Sector: A June 2010 Survey

BETF is a valued partner of Guidestar. We participated earlier this year in a survey measuring the impact of the economy on the nonprofit sector.

Public charities and private foundations continued to take a beating during the first five months of 2010. Some 40 percent of participants in GuideStar's first nonprofit economic survey for 2010 reported that contributions to their organizations dropped between January 1 and May 31, 2010, compared to the same period a year earlier. Another 28 percent said that contributions had stayed about the same, and 30 percent stated contributions had increased.

"The Effect of the Economy on the Nonprofit Sector: A June 2010 Survey" presents these results and more. Among the other findings:
  • Eight percent of respondents indicated that their organizations was were in imminent danger of closing.
  • In order to balance budgets, 17 percent of respondents reduced program services, and 11 percent laid off employees.
  • More than 60 percent of participants reporting decreased contributions attributed the drop to a decline in both the number of individual donors and the size of their donations.
  • Among organizations that use volunteers, 17 percent used one or more in what had formerly been paid positions.
  • About a third (32 percent) of organizations increased their reliance on volunteers, whereas 9 percent experienced a decline.
Chuck McLean, GuideStar's vice president for research, and research assistant Carol Brouwer conducted the survey, analyzed the results, and prepared the survey report.

Download your free copy of the report.

After you read the 11-page report ... please return and share your COMMENTS and insights with us.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Letter of Inquiry: PepsiCo Foundation (New York)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) and BDPA New York joined together to submit a letter of inquiry to the PepsiCo Foundation.

We are asking for permission to provide a full-fledged $10,000 grant proposal to PepsiCo Foundation in support of the chapter's Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (SITES) program.

PepsiCo Foundation evaluates requests on a rolling basis. Consideration regularly takes several months during peak times. We look forward to a positive response!

This Week in BDPA (Aug 15-21)

BDPA has 45 chapters around the nation. You can always find programs, services or networking activity here or here. BDPA supports your efforts for career advancement in the IT industry. Our hope is that you will continue to support Our Cause!

Are you taking advantage of these programs? Here is a weekly preview of upcoming events gathered from the centralized BDPA calendar :

We encourage all BDPA leaders to take advantage of the centralized BDPA Groupsite Calendar to post your upcoming events! Please let us know of other BDPA events that we may have missed. Most importantly, let us know if you plan to attend any BDPA events this week.

Foundation’s Grant Gives a Push to Science and Math

By Tiffany Lankes
For years, betting on real estate and tourism to carry the local economy was not much of a gamble. But with a housing market decline and now an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, community and business leaders are pushing more math and science in schools to bolster a technically skilled work force that can prepare for jobs in industry and health care. About 9,000 students in Charlotte and Sarasota counties will have a chance to do internships, earn college scholarships and take more in-depth science classes thanks to a $2.5 million grant to area schools from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

Read full Herald-Tribune article.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 10 BDPA Twitter Users

Twitter is a microblogging service is gaining popularity as a real-time communication platform. There are at least a dozen local BDPA chapters with Twitter accounts.

However, Twitter is driven by individuals. As such, I thought it would be interesting to share with you our pick of the top 10 BDPA-nation Twitter users (in alpha order) that you should be following:
  1. Billy Cunningham - Billy Cunningham is one of the unsung heroes of BDPA Chicago chapter. He is at every national conference and is very supportive of BDPA on a local level.  Most recent tweet: I'm at CompUSA. http://4sq.com/cKA7yw
  2. Milt Haynes - Haynes is past national BDPA president and a long-time BDPA leader. His focus on Twitter is to promote social networking to help African Americans in IT stay connected.  Most recent tweet: The BDPA Insider – August 15, 2010 #BDPA http://ow.ly/2pRn0
  3. Callie Herd - Callie is a member of BDPA Memphis chapter. She wants to be part of the future growth and expansion of the BDPA vision in Tennessee. Her passion is getting scholarship information to young African Americans.  Most recent tweet: The Hickory Hill Community Redevelopment Corporation Youth Reformation Initiative’s FREE after-school ... http://tinyurl.com/2678flf
  4. Wayne Hicks - Hicks is executive director of BDPA Education & Technology Foundation (BETF) and a long-time BDPA leader. He uses Twitter to share information about fundraising, nonprofit finances, BETF grants and such.   Most recent tweet: Re: The role of Black inventors in the Computer and Data Processing.: Wayne said: "Keith - I've not read your book... http://bit.ly/d3W0qv
  5. Reginald Hillery - Reggie is president of BDPA Columbus chapter.  I have watched Reggie quietly and effectively building the strength of his Ohio chapter.  His tweets are primarily focused on BDPA.  This is an African American IT professional who should be followed on Twitter by others in BDPA.  Most recent tweet: I'm attending BDPA Columbus August I/E Meeting - Embracing Technology: Virtual Reality -- http://august2010exchange.eventbrite.com/  
  6. Michael Holman, Sr. - Holman is a long-time member of BDPA New York chapter. Michael was one of the SysOps that created BDPANet back in the early 1990s. He was a visionary when it came to taking BDPA into cyberspace.  Most recent tweet: Your next move in God, like a Surfer and that next Wave. Do not try to MAKE it happen! Be alert and when you RECOGNIZE it, you just RIDE!
  7. Kevin Minus - Kevin is an HSCC alumni. He competed in the 2004 national HSCC championships as a member of the team trained by BDPA Dayton chapter. He now lives and works in the greater Cincinnati area and is very active within the Blacks In Technology network.  Most recent tweet: Man I slept to long. Time to read a little, map out my plan for the week and go to bed. See you later all.
  8. John Malonson - John was one of the first BDPA leaders that I saw on Twitter. He is president of BDPA Los Angeles chapter.  Most recent tweet: I'm going to use the "smurf" equivalent for all of my future expletives
  9. Pablo More - Pablo is the president of BDPA Orlando chapter. He is a business analyst for major bank with an interest in politics, technology, economic development, law, green technology, Black studies and Latin America.  Most recent tweet: WSJ: Brands Are Friending Social Gaming. http://tinyurl.com/22re2et    
  10. Keith Warrick - Keith is a member of BDPA Atlanta chapter. He is a master networker, especially on the LinkedIn Network. His conference workshops have been heavily attended over the past two years.   Most recent tweet: recommends reading The Skinny on LinkedIn Recommendations...a good primer for writing the perfect LI recommendation! http://lnkd.in/hDkGn3
Are you on Twitter? What BDPA Twitterer do you follow that should be in the Top 10?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grant Award: American Honda Foundation ($25,000)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is proud to acknowledge receipt of the largest single grant award in our 19-year history from the American Honda Foundation (AHF). AHF agreed to provide $25,000 funding to support our national Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program.

Our grant proposal was written in conjunction with the National BDPA Member Services business area. The grant proposal was good enough to earn us a site visit.  The visit was conducted by AHF's Donna Hammond-Cotton.  She traveled to Rochester, Minnesota to see an example of our SITES program. Past chapter president Betty Hutchins organized the visit. Mrs. Hammond-Cotton was able to meet with chapter students, alumni, corporate sponsors and the local school board. Mrs. Hammond-Cotton wrote,

"Your Southern Minnesota chapter really impressed me, they displayed such professionalism, dedication and possibilities for our next generation of leaders."
The contents of our grant proposal along with the evaluation by Mrs. Hammond-Cotton were provided to the AHF Board of Directors in late July. Mrs. Hammond gave us the informal results when she wrote,

"Congratulations! I'm hopeful by now that Betty has informed your organization that the American Honda Foundations' Board of Directors has decided to partner with the BDPA in its efforts of making a difference in the lives of our youth. In fact, the SITES program ranked number one out of the top 15 finalist! Not to mention that there were over 500 other proposals that we had to review for consideration this quarter."
About a week later we received the formal notification from the president of the American Honda Foundation:

Dear Mr. Hicks,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, it is my pleasure to acknowledge to you our check in the amount of $25,000. It is our understanding that thsi grant will be used towards our partnership with the 'SITES: Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship' program.

We are pleased to contribute to the meaningful endeavor that the BDPA (Education and Technology) Foundation is making in the field of education. We wish you continued success.

Gary Kessler, President
American Honda Foundation

BETF is very excited about this successful grant effort. The grant funds will be used for the SITES program. It will assist in supporting the administrative operation of the National BDPA efforts to support its 45 chapters in preparing and bringing students to the National High School Computer Competition held at the national BDPA Technology Conference each year. A portion of the funding will go to BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter to support the exceptional work they are doing with the youth in Minnesota.

BETF will provide quarterly progress reports on the expenditure of these funds. Our quarterly progress report will include a financial summary and a narrative comment on development of the SITES program.

We want to give thanks to National BDPA VP-Member Services Paulette Johnson-Davis, BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter president Charlie Perkins, BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter past president Betty Hutchins and other members of the BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter for their support in processing this grant proposal.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grant Award: IBM Community Grant ($1,000)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) received a $1,000 check as a result of the IBM Community Grant program. Our efforts to secure this funding was made possible by BDPA Chicago chapter member Curtis Cade.

BETF submitted a letter of inquiry to the IBM community affairs leadership in Chicago under the company's IBM Community Grant program.   We would love to work with other IBM employees to seek funding from the IBM Community Grant program in support of their local BDPA chapter.

Asante sana Curtis!   Who's next?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Matching Gift * BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) received our second gift from the matching gift program donation to support the BDPA Baton Rouge chapter from BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana (BCBSLA).    Glenda Chappell is the BCBSLA associate who made the donation that was matched by her employer.  Glenda truly leveraged her donation with this 100% matching gift program.

Does your employer have a matching gift program?   Have you leveraged it to support your BDPA chapter?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Message from BDPA Cincinnati Chapter President

Hello Team,

I am here at the airport preparing to leave Philadelphia after attending the 32nd Annual National BDPA Technology Conference.

The event and workshops I was able to attend were great and extremely informative. However, the best part of attending the convention was being able to spend some time with Deborah Prince and the kids here representing the BDPA Cincinnati High School Computer Competition (HSCC).  Deborah Prince, Frank Hill and others did a wonderful job of getting the kids prepared to compete in the HSCC. The competition was fierce. Although Cincinnati did not win the top award, our kids worked very hard and did an excellent job in the work they presented here at the conference.

I'd like to thank the kids and their parents for being so dedicated. Also, a heartfelt thanks to the Procter & Gamble folks who donated frequent flyer miles and funding so that our HSCC team could attend this event.

ALSO...the BDPA Cincinnati won two awards -- the Community Service Chapter Award AND we took home recognition as the 1st Runner-Up as Chapter of the Year!!!

I'd like to thank everyone involved with the BDPA Cincinnati; especially, the chapter's Board of Directors (BOD) and our Corporate Advisory Council (CAC).  We certainly would not have been able to win without the effort our BOD, CAC, BETF and volunteers.

Special, special thanks to Janice Lee and Patrick Nelson for all of the work you do and continue to do to support the BDPA Cincinnati Chapter.

Also, another note... HP (formerly known as 'Hewlett Packard) was named Corporation of the Year by National BDPA!  HP was the national corporate sponsor for the 2010 National BDPA HSCC Championships.  The company provided all of the technology for the HSCC and they also gave each and every member of the winning team (BDPA Southern Minnesota) a laptop computer.

Wayne Stein is the HP representative on our chapter's CAC.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Last, but not least, I'd like to give a personal THANKS to Kevin Murray and Jack Cassidy of Cincinnati Bell for sponsoring my attendance at the annual BDPA Technology Conference.

Thanks again team... I appreciate the support you give me in leading the BDPA Cincinnati Chapter.

Wanda Gray, President
BDPA Cincinnati Chapter
P.O. Box 429215
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-9215
(513) 956-0636

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NCWIT 'Aspirations in Computing' Applications for High School Women (Due Date: 10/15/2010)

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) is a coalition of more than 200 corporations, academic institutions, government agencies and nonprofits working to increase women’s participation in IT. Each year NCWIT’s “aspirations in computing” awards honor high school women for their computing-related achievements and interests.

Awardees are selected for computing and IT aptitude, leadership ability, academic history and plans for post-secondary education. Sponsors include Bank of America, the Motorola Foundation, Microsoft and Google.

Students can apply for the awards between September 6 and October 15, 2010. The 2011 national awards ceremony will take place next March 1 at Bank of America HQ in Charlotte, NC. More information, applications and a listing of competitions are available at http://www.ncit.org/.

In addition to the national awards program, a growing series of affiliate awards with regional and local partners is planned. For information on hosting an affiliate event contact Ruthe Farmer, ruthe.farmer@colorado.edu.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HSCC Champion Kunle Roberts Congratulates Young 'Uns from BDPA Southern Minnesota

Kunle Roberts was a member of the High School Computer Competition (HSCC) teams trained by BDPA Southern Minnesota in 2006-2008. He was part of two national HSCC championship teams (2007-2008) and the other team took home a silver medal (2006).

Kunle earned many scholarships for his efforts within BDPA including the Jesse Bemley Scholarship issued by the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF).

In this video, he congratulates the 2010 National BDPA HSCC Champions from Southern Minnesota.

Kunle is currently attending Rice University along with other HSCC alumni such as Lauren Pemberton and Dr. Mackale Joyner.

Soulclap to BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter president Charlie Perkins for providing us with this video clip. I encourage other BDPA leaders to take some time to capture testimonials on video ... and share them with us when you have 'em!

Monday, August 9, 2010

LexisNexis Employee Fund

LexisNexis employees pool their contributions to fund grants in their local communities. Employees who contribute to this fund also determine the focus areas for grant-making. One hundred percent (100%) of collected funds are distributed with any administrative cost being absorbed by LexisNexis.

Employee Funds are available in four locations: Albany, Charlottesville, Colorado Springs and Dayton

The LexisNexis Employee Fund does not support the following:
  • Organizations without 501(c)(3) or IRS recognized tax-exempt organizations
  • Grants to individuals (including scholarships)
  • Fraternal, religious, school extra-curricular activities, other athletic, social or veterans' organizations
  • Political or labor parties, candidates or lobbying activities
  • Capital campaigns or annual and drives, and deficits
  • Events (golf outings, walk-a-thons, tables at annual events)

Proposals may be submitted any time during the year. Proposals will be reviewed in June and November. In order to be considered at an upcoming quarterly meeting, we need to submit our completed grant proposal by May 30 or October 31.

For questions, contact:

LexisNexis Cares/Community Relations
9443 Springboro Pike
Miamisburg, OH 45342
(937) 865-6800

It appears that we only have one viable opportunty for this funding source ... BDPA Dayton chapter.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 BDPA Chapter Award Winners

National BDPA announced the winners of chapter awards at the Opening Ceremonies of the 32nd Annual BDPA Technology Conference.   We are proud to share the good news on these four chapter awards:

The Community Service Award is bestowed upon an individual chapter and its members for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the mission and objectives of maintaining/establishing Technology Learning Centers in their chapter city and influence and augment their educational system.

2010 Community Service Award Winner
BDPA Cincinnati (Wanda Gray, chapter president)

The Management Award is bestowed upon an individual chapter and its members for their outstanding achievements in the operational and organizational management of their chapter.

2010 Management Award Winner
BDPA Northern Delaware (Karen Smith, chapter president)

The Membership Award is an award bestowed upon an individual chapter and its members for their outstanding achievements in increasing the National organization, being “a member-focused organization” and ensuring that each member of BDPA feels valued as a member of the association.

2010 Membership Award Winner

The Professional Service Award is an award bestowed upon an individual chapter and its members for their outstanding achievements in providing professional development programs and services to position its members at the forefront of the information technology industry.

2010 Professional Service Award Winner
BDPA Philadelphia (Hayward West, chapter president)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) joins with all of BDPA-nation to congratulate these four chapters on their outstanding performance over the past year!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

BDPA Hampton Roads: Taking Science, Technology, Engineering and Math To New Heights

Our Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program includes any youth education program that promotes science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) for young people in the Kindergarten thru 12th grade. One subset of the SITES program is our High School Computer Competition (HSCC) which is holding its 25th annual national championships in Philadelphia later this month.

BDPA Hampton Roads made a decision this year to take the SITES program to the next level with their Zenith Challenge Project. The Zenith Challenge provides students with a chance to create and compete with unmanned aircraft. BDPA Hampton Roads chapter, co-founded by Joe McMahon and Wayne Cross, worked with 15 high school students ... known as the Zenith Challengers.

The fifteen high school students came from seven area schools – (Menchville HS, First Colonial HS, Aviation Academy DHS, Smithfield HS, Kempsville HS, Heritage HS, and Landstown HS). The team was led by student co-captains: Deonte White (Mission Commander - Graduating Senior, Menchville HS, Newport News, VA) and Zak Johns (Pilot in Command - Junior, First Colonial HS, Virginia Beach, VA)

The Student Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) Competition is aimed at stimulating and fostering interest in unmanned systems, technologies and careers. The focus is on engaging students in systems engineering a total solution to a challenging mission, requiring the design, fabrication and demonstration of a system capable of completing a specific autonomous aerial operation. Opportunities for interaction with top UAS designers, engineers, scientists and leadership will be provided. The principal thrusts of the competition are the safe application and execution of Systems Engineering to develop autonomous operation in successful mission accomplishment.

In their first six-months together, the Zenith Challenge Project's high school team completed all phases of the 2010 Student UAS Competition. Thirty (30) teams registered to compete in the competition held June 16-20, 2010 at Webster Field, St Inigoes, Maryland. BDPA member, Justin McMahon, a rising high school Junior is on the autonomous programming team. Justin is in the picture on the right with the team's demonstration aircraft. The Zenith Challengers ranked in the top 20, amongst some of the world's top engineering universities.

The team received special recognition from the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Gary Roughhead, and Congressmen Bobby Scott (VA-3) and Rob Wittman (VA-1). For more info, visit http://www.hamptonroadsstem.com/.

Friday, August 6, 2010

BDPA Legacy: Ahmed Mahamad (University of Minnesota)

I've watched Ahmed Mahamad over the past few years as he came to the annual BDPA Technology Conferences. He has been a student representative of our BDPA chapter from Rochester, MN. He began his BDPA legacy as a high school student ... and continued it this year as a student participant in the college division of the BDPA IT Showcase.

Here is Ahmed's story:

As a University of Minnesota student, majoring in Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Ahmed Mahamad finds tremendous satisfaction helping his peers achieve their own successes. In 2006 Ahmed joined the BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter Youth Computer Training Program (YCTP). The YCTP class is focused on teaching advanced web programming to high school students. BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter trains over sixty students each year, meeting for three hours each Saturday over nine months. At the end of a rigorous training season, the top five students are chosen to represent Southern Minnesota chapter at the National BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) Championship.

In Ahmed's first year participating in YCTP he immediately excelled in the class, quickly learning each programming language that was taught, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP server side scripting and MySQL relational databases. What stood out most about Ahmed was his intense effort and motivation. He eagerly met every challenge and displayed immense creativity. Ahmed was awarded a spot as an alternate on the chapter’s National HSCC team, a rare achievement for a first year student.

After his successful “rookie” season in YCTP, Ahmed continued to grow in confidence, ability, and leadership. By his 2nd year in the program, Ahmed’s technical abilities and natural charisma drove him to become a leader among his peers. He served as a role model and mentor to other students, putting aside his own ambitions to help others succeed in this difficult course. His leadership and technical knowledge earned him a position on the 2007 National Competition team.

To prepare for the National HSCC Championship in 2007, the students worked with trainers for up to 30 hours per week throughout their summer vacations, practicing computer programming, project management, presentation, and teamwork. Ahmed's hard work paid off as he helped guide BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter to a first place finish in the nation at the 2007 National BDPA HSCC Championships in Washington D.C.

Ahmed continued to demonstrate leadership and technical acumen as he again earned a position on the 2008 National Competition team and guided the chapter to its second consecutive first place finish at the National BDPA HSCC Championships held in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon returning to Minnesota, Ahmed's endearing personality made him a favorite among local reporters.

After two consecutive first place finishes at the Nationals, Ahmed was determined to lead his chapter to their third consecutive national championship at Raleigh, North Carolina. BDPA Southern Minnesota has earned its place as one of the most respected chapters in BDPA nation.

This year Ahmed competed in the BDPA IT Showcase with a paper, presentation and poster on Robotics Bioinformatics and Medicine.  It is the first time in BDPA Southern Minnesota history that a student has participated in this challenging event.   At the same time, Ahmed served as Southern Minnesota’s first student instructor.

Our hope is that BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) will be able to provide scholarships for IT Showcase students in the future ... and we would love to provide full 4-year scholarships to HSCC champions. Please contact us if you have ideas on how we can 'make it so'!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grant Declination: Campbell Soup Foundation (Philadelphia)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) learned this week that our grant proposal to the Campbell Soup Foundation has been declined. We sought the funding to support BDPA Philadelphia chapter's youth education program.

The note from the community relations folks was as follows:

Dear Mr. Hicks,

Thank you for your message and proposal.

Our plan for charitable giving provides significant emphasis on Camden initiatives. While we are pleased by the excellent results achieved by many of the groups with which we participate here, we recognize that the needs and opportunities significantly exceed the funding capability of any single entity.

Your request is among a number of impressive proposals we receive. It obviously seeks to address an area of real need, however, we can fund only a limited number of such excellent initiatives and at this time we are not able to support your proposal.

Best Regards,
Wendy Milanese
Grant Administrator
Campbell Soup Foundation

The reality is that our best hope for funding BDPA programs exist within our membership. Have you made a tax-deductible donation yet?

2010 Presidential Citizens Medal

Today, the President will present the 2010 Citizens Medal to 13 winners from across the country.   How cool would it be to see Dr. Jesse Bemley nominated for this award in 2011?

The recipients of the 2010 Citizens Medal are:

Roberta Diaz Brinton
Los Angeles, CA

Roberta Diaz Brinton has devoted her time and talents to improving science and technology education for Los Angeles students. As Director of the University of Southern California’s Science, Technology and Research (STAR) Program, Brinton has opened the doors of opportunity for thousands of disadvantaged and minority inner-city youth. Brinton receives the Citizens Medal for encouraging America’s next generations to reach for the stars.

Daisy M. Brooks
Chicago, IL

When a pregnant teenager with no place to stay arrived at her door, Daisy Brooks welcomed the young woman in. What followed was a lifelong commitment to helping many of North Chicago’s young mothers and their infants. Brooks opened Daisy's Resource and Developmental Center to serve as a dormitory, school, and catalyst for young women to improve their lives. Brooks receives the Citizens Medal for offering guidance and support to young women across Chicago.

Betty Kwan Chinn
Eureka, CA

Touched by childhood tragedy, Betty Chinn brings hope to those who have fallen on hard times. Left homeless as a child in China, Chinn became mute. When she came to America, she found both her voice and her mission: aiding those without shelter on our own shores. Today, Chinn provides meals twice a day as expressions of gratitude to a welcoming nation. Chinn receives the Citizens Medal for renewing America’s promise by serving those in need.

Cynthia M. Church
Wilmington, DE

Cynthia Church turned a personal battle with cancer into a force for progress and change. Dismayed by the lack of resources for women of color with breast cancer, Church founded Sisters on a Mission, Inc, an African-American breast cancer support network in Delaware. Church receives the Citizens Medal for confronting the scourge of this terrible disease and working to halt its spread.

Susan Retik Ger
Needham, MA

Susan Retik Ger understands the importance of empowering women touched by personal tragedy. After losing her husband on September 11, 2001, she found cause in educating and training Afghan widows and their children. Her strength of spirit has healed hearts, fostering mutual understanding and brightening our common future. Retik Ger receives the Citizens Medal for advancing women’s rights and demonstrating the power of America’s ideals.

Mary K. Hoodhood
Grand Rapids, MI

Physical limitations have not hindered Mary K. Hoodhood’s determination to strengthen her community. Though a car accident left her paralyzed, Hoodhood began volunteering to feed the hungry through her local Meals on Wheels program. In 2001, Hoodhood founded Kids’ Food Basket which provides meals to thousands of children in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Hoodhood receives the Citizens Medal for her remarkable efforts to nourish our nation’s children.

Kimberly McGuiness
Cave Spring, GA

Parent and advocate, Kimberly McGuiness has been a true champion for deaf students. Her persistent letters, phone calls, and visits to state legislators helped spur the passage of Georgia’s Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights. She has led workshops, counseled parents, and changed lives, raising awareness and support for deaf education. McGuiness receives the Citizens Medal for demonstrating the results one citizen can achieve for an entire community.

Jorge Muñoz
New York City, NY

Jorge Muñoz recognizes that we all have a stake in one another. By giving his time, energy, and resources to feeding the hungry, he has demonstrated the enduring American values of sacrifice and kindness. Muñoz receives the Citizens Medal for his service and dedication to creating a more hopeful tomorrow for the less fortunate among us.

Lisa Nigro
Chicago, IL

Beginning with a wagon full of coffee and sandwiches, Lisa Nigro’s mission to aid those living on the streets of Chicago has inspired us all. Her wagon gave way to a restaurant for homeless men and women, expanding with partner organizations to provide housing, job training, and vital support to Chicagoans affected by poverty. Nigro receives the Citizens Medal for her tireless service to her fellow citizens.

MaryAnn Phillips
Star Valley Ranch, WY

Caring for America’s injured service members, MaryAnn Phillips embodies strength and grace. An American citizen living in Germany, Phillips volunteers with Soldiers Angels at Landstuhl Air Force Base. She spends countless hours at the bedsides of our wounded warriors and their families, caring for them, encouraging them, and grieving with them. Phillips receives the Citizens Medal for putting her patriotism into action on behalf of our troops and our nation.

Elizabeth Cushman Titus Putnam
Shaftsbury, VT

Devoted to preserving our nation’s public lands, Elizabeth Cushman Titus Putnam has inspired thousands of America’s youth to protect our natural bounty. Her vision to offer land restoration and maintenance service opportunities became a reality with the birth of the Student Conservation Association. Putnam receives the Citizens Medal for helping ensure that our nation’s treasured public lands are enjoyed by future generations.

Myrtle Faye Rumph
Inglewood, CA

For decades, Myrtle Faye Rumph has lent her talent and compassion to impacting the lives of at-risk youth. Her commitment to reducing gun and gang violence in her community has steered countless young people away from dangerous habits, and altered the course of their futures. Rumph receives the Citizens Medal for replacing violence and despair with a beacon of hope and humanity.

Geo. J. Weiss, Jr.
Marine, MN

George Weiss, Jr., a veteran of World War II and the United States Marine Corps, reflects our nation’s generous and selfless heart. In 1979, he founded the Fort Snelling Memorial Rifle Squad, which today consists of more than 125 volunteers who have performed final military honors for more than 55,000 deceased veterans. Weiss receives the Citizens Medal for his extraordinary service to our nation’s veterans and their families.