Sunday, July 7, 2013

BDPA Corporate Epsilon Award Winners: Top 11 Companies for Blacks In Technology

BDPA will recognize several of America’s corporate giants and accomplished individuals at this year’s 35th Annual BDPA Technology Conference and Career Fair, August 14-17, 2013, at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington DC. BDPA created the Epsilon Award to recognize and celebrate key contributions and accomplishments of its members and supporters.

National BDPA Corporate Epsilon Awards recognizing corporate achievement are awarded to corporations who have demonstrated a commitment to people and an understanding that fostering a culture of diversity has a bottom line business case value. Each year, National BDPA surveys Fortune 1000 companies to make an assessment of their internal workplace and career development climate using the following rating categories:
  • Tenure, Promotions and Terminations
  • Leadership Development and Advancement programs
  • Supplier Diversity programs
  • Community Outreach programs
This year, National BDPA is pleased and honored to recognize eleven (11) corporations with the Corporate Epsilon Award. These corporations are finalists for 'The Top Company For Blacks in Technology' award that will be announced on Saturday, August 17th during the Awards Gala:
  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  2. Health Care Service Corporation
  3. HP
  4. Intel
  5. Johnson & Johnson (2012 Winner!)
  6. Merck
  7. Monsanto
  8. State Farm Insurance
  9. Wal-Mart
  10. WellPoint
  11. Wells Fargo
BDPA is recognized nationally as a global member-focused technology organization with over 45 active chapters in the United States. BDPA continues to stand as a leader in delivering 21st century technological programs, college scholarships, mentoring, support and services for youth and adult information technology professionals. Contact Wayne Hicks, Director, BDPA Corporate Sales Department by phone (301.584-3135) or email ( if you need more information on BDPA sponsorship program.

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