Saturday, May 23, 2015

Open Letter to Congressional Black Caucus from BDPA Member

Frank Anderson
To all of the Congressional Black Caucus members,

I’m writing in response to the article I read in the USA Today titled ‘Congressional Black Caucus seeks measures to improve tech diversity’. I have been in the Information Technology business for over 30 years. Over my career, I have seen some progress only to be followed by some digression in the information systems. Therefore, I was excited when I read about the 1.4 million new tech jobs being created. I’m in agreement with the Congressional Black Congress about ensuring that a large segment of the new hires are African Americans. There will be several things that would need to be put in place for that to become a reality. We need to ensure our community embraces technology, develop relationships with the business community and align with professional minority technology organizations.

I belong to a Black nonprofit organization known as BDPA (Black Data Processing Associates). For 40 years, since 1975, BDPA through its more than 45 chapters across the United States has promulgated the upward mobility of African Americans in Information Technology. Through local chapter program meetings, workshops, local community outreach and its Annual Conferences it has become the largest technology organization representing minorities in the nation. Its mantra is 'from the classroom to the boardroom'.

BDPA has given me the ability to embrace technology with the various levels of experiences of people that I have met since joining the organization in 1989. Secondly, its membership has allowed me to develop important relationships within the business community. Finally, during the early stages of my career, there were countless mentors that shared my common experiences that kept me on the path to my successful career.

To the Congressional Black Caucus, I believe that BDPA is ideally suited to help America reach your stated goal to ensure that a fair share of the 1.4 million new tech jobs can become a reality for the African American community and not just a wishful pursuit. I encourage you to reach out to our national BDPA president Pamela Mathews by email ( or phone (301.584-3135 ext. 111) and forge a strategic alliance that will make a difference for Blacks in technology.

Frank L. Anderson, Member
BDPA Chicago
Twitter: @fander4276
Phone: (312)636-9340

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