Friday, September 25, 2015

Gabrielle Taylor Uses Her JnJ Scholarship to Study Computer Science at Tuskegee University

Gabrielle Taylor
Johnson and Johnson announced eight (8) winners of the scholarship offered to BDPA Students. One of the winners is Gabrielle Rochelle Taylor. Gabrielle is a member of our BDPA Greater Birmingham chapter. She is a sophomore at Tuskegee University where she is pursuing a Masters in Computer Science. Gabrielle is passionate about Tuskegee University and has devoted her time and effort to help make Tuskegee an even better place. During her freshman year, Gabrielle was the Executive Secretary of the Tuskegee Events Committee, participated on the Tuskegee Treasury Committee, organized campus events, and served as campaign manager on two successful campaigns. She is a member of the Tuskegee Honors Program and the Tuskegee Leadership Program while serving on several active committees.

During the summer of 2015 Gabrielle had the opportunity to serve as a Lead Mentor in the National Society of Black Engineers' SEEK Program. In this program she mentored third grade students and taught them about engineering by having them construct toys using engineering concepts.
Gabrielle wrote, "BDPA has impacted my life and future career by allowing me to be a part of this dynamic organization and providing me with scholarships. BDPA as an international organization has many connections and developmental opportunities that will help to advance my career aspirations. I believe that BDPA will continue to provide me with wonderful programs to increase my knowledge and skills in Computer Science."
Gabrielle will become a software engineer and write software that aid in the development of Artificial Intelligence. She enjoys speaking Spanish and plans to pursue her dream of missionary work in Latin America. As a result of her passion for learning other languages, she plans to develop a deciphering program which will make translating more accessible and simple. Gabrielle knows that her passion for Computer Science will grant her opportunities to help others and make their lives better. She is eager to see where Computer Science will take her and how she will make a difference.
"BDPA offers education, mentoring, support, and networking opportunities to tech savvy students like myself. I plan to take advantage of every opportunity because I know that each one will allow me to refine my skills with different technologies," said Gabrielle. "With the help of BDPA I know that one day I will be able to successfully develop technical solutions that will help many people."

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