Monday, November 7, 2016

Grant Disbursement: BDPA Baton Rouge ($930)

Baton Rouge, LA
BDPA Education and Technology Foundation approved a $930 grant for BDPA Baton Rouge chapter. Midwest Regional vice president Michael Wulf created an online fundraiser to raise money to support BDPA members impacted by the Baton Rouge floods earlier this year. His efforts were successful!

The funding raised by Michael & Elizabeth Wulf is for BDPA members in the Baton Rouge area where the funds would help defray some of the expenses occurred by people who were displaced. We successfully raised enough funds that we were able to provide BDPA Baton Rouge chapter president Kamilah Stroy with $930 to support her members.

BDPA Baton Rouge is currently seeking support for its youth computer program and they need donors!

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