Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Message from National BDPA President (January 2018)

BDPA’s Future is now present. #BDPAFuture is our national platform and how we will be presenting our 2018 goals: Create New Experiences, Grow Strategic Partnerships, and Build a Stronger Operational Foundation.

Terry Morris
The Digital economy is here and BDPA and its membership will play a key role in how tech is developed around the world. To make this real, we must increase exposure of high tech innovations and real-world applications. We must also empower our membership and friends with the leadership skills and career passion necessary to thrive in this vibrant landscape.

We are introducing BDPA Digital as our capability to articulate the evolution of IT and Business Trends occurring in the Digital Landscape. These trends include Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Robotic Automation, Wearables, Internet of Things, and Blockchain. These digital trends are built on an IT foundation of Security, User Experience, Operations, and Solution Delivery.

In addition to the BDPA Digital capability, we are launching a new focus on Leadership and Career Development. Many of our members have great skills and knowledge that need to be leveraged to the extreme of their potential. To aid your ability to reach your potential we are creating some focused attention on building your leadership foundation, including communication, influence, political awareness, performance management, etc...In addition, we are bringing a focus on career development to help our members chart and navigate the roadmap of their future whether they have corporate, non-profit, or entrepreneurial aspirations.

Our National Technology Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 9-11.
We have also created two new channels to develop and expose our member to the tools and resources they need.
  1. Leadership/Career Talks - On the Second Friday of each month from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm we will have leadership skills or career development talk aimed at helping you reach your full potential. This content will also be delivered by a strategic partner or experienced BDPA member.
  2. Tech Talks - On the Fourth Friday of each month from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm we will have a tech talk from the High Tech industry or one of our BDPA members with deep experience in one of the BDPA Digital areas of focus.

In addition to what has already been shared, we are launching communities of practice in entrepreneurship, analytics, Security, and others over time. Stay tuned for additional press releases and posting about these new areas of focus.

For your youth and college students, we are looking to build upon the successes of our “Classroom to Boardroom” motto by enriching our current experiences (ie Mobile App Showcase, IT Showcase, HSCC, and YTC) using the BDPA Digital framework. We will be leveraging strategic partners in High Tech and Academia to created a  modern and standardized experienced around the country. We are also reinvesting in our college chapter construct to create more continuity and opportunities for students, schools, and corporations alike.

BDPA is a great organization with a rich and profound legacy. We appreciate the sacrifices, investments, and efforts of our founders (David Wimberly and Earl Pace), previous national and local leadership, sponsorship, and of course the many members and students around the country.

BDPA has been primarily a membership and volunteer-based organization.
This construct has made it difficult to always deliver consistently at optimal levels. However, with the increased focus on value to membership and stakeholders, the organization is poised and ready to experience #BDPAFuture now. The time to get engaged and stay engaged with BDPA is NOW!
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Click here for a welcome video from National President, Terry Morris.

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