Sunday, January 1, 2017

Introduce Yourself

Wayne Hicks, BETF Exec Director
Hotep! My vision for the BDPA Foundation blog is simple. I want you to feel that you learn about the vibrant programs and services offered by BDPA on a global basis. I want our blog to become a welcoming and interactive place for BDPA members and supporters to come together and share information with one another. Just relax for a moment in your hectic surfing through cyberspace ... relax and enjoy the vibe of our BETF-Blog.

We hope that our voice is a worthy one in the blogosphere. The BETF-Blog strives to share information that uplifts people of African descent throughout the information technology industry. There are a number of ways that you can stay connected in a timely manner. However, we realize that it is your voice that makes us better. Please comment freely on any post that you read here in the BETF-Blog.

If you have any questions, or want to promote your chapter or your technology-based blog then you can do so right here! Just leave a 'comment' to this post.


Ehav Ever said...


My name is Ehav Ever. I received a message concerning this blog. It is interesting. I live in Maale Adumim, Israel not far from Jerusalem.

Ehav Ever

Anonymous said...

Where is the 2008 conference!?

Unknown said...

Ehav - Thank you for visiting our BETF-Blog. You are our first international visitor!

Anon - The two finalist are Houston and Atlanta. We won't know which city wins for a little while longer.

peace, Villager

Unknown said...

Don't be shy ... Introduce Yourself!

DNLee said...

hey Villager, you know me - DNLee (Danielle Lee) of Urban Science Adventures! (c) my blog isn't about tech but I wanted to let you know about TechTechBoom, brainchild of Mario Armstrong.

It's a Tech(& Science) social networkign site for teens...The kids created the whole page and everything.

it's really nice.

Unknown said...

Danielle - Mario is a remarkable brother. He has been the MC at our past two annual conferences. He connects very strongly with young technical students. I'm glad that his project for the interactive website is up & running!