Sunday, January 15, 2017

BDPA Cincinnati Computer Camp Orientation (2017)

Frank Hill (Cincinnati State) lead the BDPA Cincinnati Computer Camp Orientation on January 14, 2017. There were over 30 people in attendance for the orientation including four of our past High School Computer Competition (HSCC) students. BDPA Cincinnati plans to host the computer camp for the next 13 weeks thru April 8, 2017.

Here is the deck that Frank used at the orientation:

Frank reminded the audience,
"All, for my 18th consecutive year with BDPA, I got to interact with a new group of talented students with a bright future in front of them. I personally get a lot of energy and hope for the future when I work with young students. I additionally get joy when I see them succeed in life. BDPA can't take all of the credit for this, however, I think we are a building block. Adam Goines, one of our students last year and a freshman at University of Dayton, just got his first patent. Adam's mother who is an administrator at Cincinnati State introduced me to him two years ago. He stopped by my classroom a number of times to discuss technical projects that he was working on. Last year he joined the camp and received our training. We still have discussions on how to use micro-controllers for his projects at the University of Dayton.

For many Black students, we are the next best thing to getting a "leg-up" in a ever increasing technological society. The robot revolution will be in full force within the next five years. The great discussion about how to keep traditional manufacturing jobs in the USA is futile. I say this a lot to my students at Cincinnati State. The entire world is on a path to automation and our population is behind the curve.

I see my role for my remaining time on the earth as helping people, especially young people with the transition. I encourage all of you to make that direct connection with young lives. It makes a big difference in how they turn-out in life. I had people perform that function for me and for the past 40 years, I have had a strong desire to "pay it forward". Lastly BDPA is the organization that performs this function best. I checked!"

You can help these students by making a secure online donation in support of BDPA Cincinnati! We hope you can schedule some time to visit these students over the coming Saturdays. Just click here to let us know you'll be in attendance!

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