Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Open Letter to BDPA Entrepreneurs

Boyd Stephens chairs the BDPA Entrepreneur Advisory Committee. He shares the following open letter to all BDPA entrepreneurs and business owners:

I have been chomping at the bit to send out this latest email posting but I decided that we all needed a few weeks to recoup from the National Conference. To be quite candid, it was my first time attending the event and I had a ball. It was really good meeting all of you fellow entrepreneurs and I believe that we have a very adequate platform upon which we can build something very substantial that I think that the entire BDPA organization will be proud to call their own.

I would like to say that the one conversation that I repeatedly had during the conference was with individual BDPA members who were aspiring to create their own businesses and IT firms. Some of these folk already have small shops which they operate on the side while they continue their "full-time" gigs. This fact brought more fully home the fact that many of our fellow BDPA members are genuinely looking for some direction in the areas of business ownership and entrepreneurism. I believe that the members of the Entrepreneur Advisory Group currently possess the experience and expertise to genuinely make a difference in the life of fellow black business owners/potential business owners.

I have attached a copy of the meeting minutes from the 2007 National BDPA Conference. Please review and provide me with some feedback on the various topics of discussion that were covered during the session. I will look to hear from each of you and please keep your email lines of communication wide open. When one thinks about the potential of what we can accomplish and do through "our" organization, it is unreal. To each of you, take care and until next time, peace....

Also, I have not forgot about each of your respective business profiles. Those of you who have yet to submit your information, I would strongly encourage that you please provide me with your information as soon as you can.

BTW, please thank Bro. Keith Harding for the minutes. I believe that he did a bang-up job.
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Unknown said...

Any entrepreneurs or business owners reading our blog?

Unknown said...

BDPA Entrepreneurs

Please review the latest two newsletters (OCT & NOV 2007 issues) featuring very strong small business overtones for business owners interested in trading with the Federal Government and lobbying Congress.

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October's issue features BDPA Entrepreneurs whereby one may consider seeking advice, contract/subcontract teaming arrangements, joint-ventures, or merger/acquisition (M&A) opportunities to penetrate new markets or grow existing public sector accounts.

Respectfully submitted,

P. Carter

Unknown said...

Perry - I noticed that your newsletter, BDPAToday, regularly features information that is useful to BDPA entrepreneurs. Is that a monthly feature by design?