Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BETF Given a New Combined Federal Campaign Code * 11174

African American give more of their income to charitable causes than any other racial group. In many cases it is done through workplace giving in programs run by the United Way.

Did you know that BETF is one of 28 non-profit organizations in the National Black United Federation of Charities. NBUFC generates resources and support to strengthen families and communities in the United States and Africa.

We encourage all federal employees that participate in the Combined Federal Campaign to make a payroll deduction on behalf of the BDPA Education & Technology Foundation.

Our new CFC code number is 11174.

BETF-Blog Readers, do you know any Federal employees such as your postal delivery person, employees at Social Security, IRS, Homeland Security and so forth? If so, please share our new CFC code (11174) with them so that they might support our efforts with education, children and empowerment.

You can see running list of our most recent donors in the navigation bar over on the right-hand side of our blog. I hope that you are making a personal donation to BETF during this Thanksgiving season!


Tom Bailey said...

You have a very informative blog with a nice support given to worthy causes.

Keep it up!

Willam said...


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Thank you,
Willam Lee

Unknown said...

Tom and Willam - Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope that you each have reason to visit with us often in the future. And I encourage you to consider making secure online donation to support our programs and services if you have time or inclination.