Sunday, November 23, 2014

3D Printing & The Promise of Tomorrow

Derrick Brown & Ron Robinson
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What is 3D Printing? Why is it such a hot product? Why has 3D Printing been on the lips of technologists for years and now it’s on the lips of the general consumer? Why is the technology just now poised for explosive growth and why is it so important to BDPA?

On November 6th our BDPA Atlanta meeting answered these critical questions. Our special guest was Ron Robinson of 3D Printer Technology Incorporated. He also invited Russell Lamoy of 3D Systems Corporation, a manufacturer of commercial and consumer 3D printers, to speak to our membership.

They shared with the group what 3D printing is, that it is a process making real world objects from a digital file by laying down successive layers of material until the object is complete. This process is called additive manufacturing. The layers are so thin that they are not readily visible, making the object look as one complete finished material product.

3D products are all the rage and so hot because the technology lends itself to potentially printing whatever our minds can come up with. Using software, if we can create a 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) file of our idea then we can conceivable print it. Some companies want printers on their employees desks at work so that whatever they are working on can be created at their desk. Imagine printing out your prototype overnight and having it ready for the big meeting the next day.

Why has 3D Printing been on the lips of everyone, including those general consumers that are in the know of what is potentially coming? Imagine printing toys for your kids at home. You can download a file off the Internet, load up your home printer and print whatever the toy is to your child’s delight. The US Army is actually looking at printing food. Imagine, printing something tasty and nutritious at your desk, from a printer. This Christmas you’ll even see 3D Printers at Home Depot, with commercials highlighting how great a gift it would be for the Do It Yourself innovator.

Ron and Russell showed us the Makerbot Replicator as well as the 3D Systems Cube 3. The Cube 3 is a very elegant printer that is aesthetically pleasing, removing any look of the industrial, fitting right in with modern home décor. The 3D printer is well on its way to becoming a staple of the home, which is why it is poised for explosive growth.

We at BDPA Atlanta wanted to introduce this technology to our members because in keeping with our promise to introduce Tech Superiority Themes this technology is today’s burgeoning internet, and tomorrow’s exploding ubiquitous web. In time a 3D printer will sit next to your laser printer, and someone will have to maintain the machine, support its manufacture, and design the software that drives it. Our members need to be a part of this revolution.

If you are interested in such technology and the promise of the brighter future that it offers then consider joining our organization. Next month we will be introducing Smart Machines. We would love to see you there.

The Aspiring Critical Thinker,
Derrick Brown, president
BDPA Atlanta Chapter


Big Mama said...

That was truly a "cutting-edge" presentation. What was reaction from the audience??

Unknown said...

The reaction from the audience was one of wonder and amazement at the possibilities. The presenters showed us amazing products both in the meeting room and on screen. They shared the story of a guy who developed a 3D printed car! It was truly an outstanding presentation.

Unknown said...

Do you think he will be giving this presentation again for BDPA. I see this being something good that students can start learning. I am thinking about how I can use this with middle and high school age students in STEM activities such as Robotics/Physics.

Unknown said...

We will be asking him to come back again in 2015, Clarence. Definitely reach out to him directly for support.

Unknown said...

Here is an example of how Computing, Physics and Engineering can utilize this technology. Again we have some young people show these possibilities.

SA teen boys shine at World Robot Olympiad in Russia

Unknown said...

Here is something that is being done with 3D Printing.

Unknown said...

Obama Becomes Our First 3D-Printed President

Unknown said...

Check out how 3D printing is being used in Robotics

3D Printing and FIRST Teams

Unknown said...


The scientist and engineer look to all forms of ingenuity down to duct tape to get these astronaut home safely. They made it on a wing and pray.

But now we have this 3D Printer technology that may be the very thing that can be used when situation like this may arise.
Here is another example of what can be done with 3D Printing. Just image using the technology to create a tool that could be created in life or dead situation.


Unknown said...

"Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy..." by Ohio Express

You say what does this have do with 3D Printing? I am glad you ask!

Army scientists have spent decades concocting meals that last without refrigeration and survive high-altitude airdrops. And now, the Army is eyeing a new form of cooking: 3-D printing! Yes, food that comes fresh out of a printer, for our troops.


Unknown said...

3D Printing Camps