Friday, January 4, 2008

Message from Gina Billings (2006-2007 National BDPA President)

Gina Billings is the outgoing president of national BDPA. We are sharing her final message to BDPA members and supporters.

Dear Members and Supporters,

On behalf of the National Executive Team and the National Board of Directors, serving in a leadership capacity for BDPA has been both a pleasure and privilege. From 2006-2007, BDPA made great strides in developing and enhancing its programs and services for the Information Technology Professional. As visionaries for the organization and the IT profession, the leadership team integrated a number of new programs for the good of BDPA. These achievements lay the foundation that will support the organization into the next decade. Key accomplishments of the 2006-2007 administration are summarized as follows:

As a result of the united efforts of BDPA leaders at the national and chapter levels, BDPA has been able to advance our organization and the standing of the IT profession. We also note that the accomplishments would not have been possible without the tireless dedication and support of our member volunteers.

The time has come for the 2006-2007 administration to pass the baton and cheer the efforts of a new administration. We are proud to announce the 2008-2009 National BDPA Executive Committee as follows:

Based on the caliber of the incoming leadership team, we should all feel encouraged that BDPA will remain in steady hands. President Denise Holland may be reached via the official presidential e-mail address,

Warm Regards,
Gina Billings
2006-07 National BDPA President

BETF-Blog Readers, Gina put alot of time, talent and energy to her volunteer efforts as our national president-elect (2004-2005) and national president (2006-2007). Please take a moment to use the POST A COMMENT feature below to share some BDPA-love with her!

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