Monday, July 20, 2009

Message from New York Chapter President

BDPA New York is the 9th largest chapter in the nation. One reason for the growth and success of this chapter is the open communication style of its leader, Judaea Lane.

Here is the July 2009 message from Judaea to her chapter stakeholders:

Dear BDPA Members and Supporters,

Recently our chapter's Executive Board went to Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem to have our monthly Board meeting. Listed below are highlights from each committee:

Community Outreach - Education

  • Our SITES program had a wonderful time at Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. The High School Computer Competition (HSCC) Team came in 3rd Place and the IT Showcase Team came in 2nd Place. Everyone is now gearing up for the National Conference which is taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Kudos to UBS Financial Services, for hiring two SITES students for summer internships at their Stamford, CT location.
  • Lastly, this committee is asking members and supporters to stop by in Brooklyn on Saturday, July 25th from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon to visit with our SITES team. The location is 257 Macon Avenue (between Tompkins and Throop Avenues). The goal will be for members to not only show BDPA love to our SITES students, but to share business and technical knowledge with them. The skills will be utilized by SITES students at the National conference. SITES students interning at UBS will also share their experiences. If you are interested, please RSVP via email to
  • The summer edition of Humanware is available. At your leisure, download your copy and to read about the exciting activities going on in our chapter.
  • Our website contains exciting information such as our next Program meeting and other upcoming events. Also please encourage our youth to check out the students page, where we post the latest scholarship and internship information.
  • Lastly, check out the kudos on our webpage to our Sponsor of the Year, UBS Financial Services and our HSCC/SITES students.
Membership Management & Services
  • This committee is working vigorously to recruit members. If your membership has expired then you should have received a postcard reminding you to renew your membership.
  • Save the Date family as we will have our Annual Membership Drive & Summer IT Mixer on Saturday, August 22th. This event 'BBQ@BDPA' is our way to say thanks to our members and supporters for their phenomenal support. So put on your shorts, bring your cards or dominos and come out relax and have a good time. Yours truly is making “Jerk Burgers”. Additional information will be provided shortly.
BDPA Members on the Move
  • BDPA Member Eric Hamilton has an exciting opportunity for our members. The Web Academy offers FREE web design courses and FREE web development services to the community. 100% of the course work is distance learning taught by live instructors in real time. In exchange for offering FREE web classes, members are required to take on at least 3 web development projects of their choosing. Working on these real life web projects with real web clients gives members actual work experience in the web industry. If you are interested, please send an email to or
  • Happy Birthday to all June and July BDPA Members.
Fundraiser/Finance - Please mark your calendar to join us Thursday, December 10 for our Annual Holiday Networking Event. Several venues in Manhattan have been identified and the fundraising committee has excellent ideas for what will be a memorable event.

National BDPA Election - BDPA Philadelphia chapter president Monique Berry is candidate for BDPA National President Elect. She wants to hear from you. Please join her on Facebook or send her an to share your thoughts on the following:
  1. What do you expect from our organization
  2. What do you value most
  3. How can BDPA meet your highest expectation
  4. What action do you think will help us move toward our vision for 2010
Sincerely yours,
Judaea Yarde Lane, President
BDPA New York
(212) 802-5341

NOTE: Our BETF-Blog is willing to provide this space for any of the 51 chapter presidents to share their message. What are your thoughts on Judaea's message this month?

1 comment:

Monique Berry said...

Mrs. Lane,

Please invite me to your next chapter Board meeting!

Seriously, you and your team are doing great things with the NY chapter. Thank you for keeping us informed about your programs and events. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes from the Philadelphia Chapter.