Saturday, September 5, 2009

Justin Wulf is a Bemley Scholar Destined to 'Make Moves'

One of the joys of my volunteer experiences as BETF executive director is passing out Bemley Scholarships to the young people that perform well at the national BDPA high school computer competition (HSCC) each year. BETF awarded over $100,000 in Bemley Scholarships over the past three years.

Bemley Scholarships were awarded earlier this year to the HSCC students trained by BDPA Twin Cities chapter. Justin Wulf (shown in photo on the far right) is a member of the BDPA Twin Cities team. His chapter didn't have enough funds to afford airfare to get the kids to and from the national championships in Raleigh NC ... so they rented a van and drove for over 20 hours on each leg of the round trip. Justin created some music in his mind during the trip ... please take a moment to enjoy his vibe!

I truly look forward to seeing where Justin's ambition takes him in the future! Methinks that this is the first time that BDPA has been used in a song ... and I know it is the first time that anyone has laid down tracks about scholarships given out by the BDPA Foundation!

What did you think? More importantly, what are you going to do about it? Isn't it time that you helped us 'make moves' to increase the Bemley Scholarship Fund?

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