Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harris Foundation

The Harris Foundation plays a primary role in Harris Corporation's philanthropic activities in their commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. While each of their offices and facilities worldwide supports local efforts in their individual communities, the Harris Foundation provides funding from a corporate perspective.

Quality education is Harris Corporation's primary philanthropic platform. In non-educational fields, the Foundation gives priority to requests from local community organizations that serve the health, welfare, civic and cultural needs of Harris employees and families.

Support from the Harris Foundation is provided to organizations through employee gift matching programs and direct contributions.
  • Employee Gift Matching Programs -- The Harris Foundation offers two gift matching programs to Harris employees to support their contributions to qualified educational institutions and approved community organizations. These programs allow employees to multiply their contributions, providing organizations with additional funding.

  • Direct Contributions -- The Harris Foundation does not advertise or solicit requests for giving. Employees are encouraged to advise Harris Corporate Relations or their management of charities in which they are involved or knowledgeable. To apply for funding, an organization whose purpose is consistent with the objectives of the Foundation must submit a written proposal. Proposals are then reviewed and decided upon by the Foundation's Board of Trustees.
In general, organizations and projects should be located in communities where Harris employees live and work. Each organization is limited to one contribution per year, except in unusual circumstances. Applicant organizations should have active, diverse boards, effective leadership, continuity and efficiency of administration. Support for capital campaigns ("bricks and mortar") are given priority.

Proposals should be received by the Foundation in the February-March timeframe to be considered for funding for the next fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Proposals will be accepted throughout the year, however funding is limited for those contributions not included in our annual budget. You will be contacted once a decision has been made.

Proposals need to be clear, concise and include the following information:
  1. Date
  2. Name, address, telephone number, and fax number of the organization making the request
  3. Name and direct phone number of a contact person at the organization
  4. Amount requested of Harris. Is this a yearly or one-time request?
  5. Brief description of the organization and its goals
  6. Purpose of project or campaign, total goal, portion of the total already on hand, who will benefit from the project and a brief description of how the funding will be used. Note: The Harris Foundation does not fund operational costs: Salary, travel, accounting, license fees, maintenance and repairs, office expenses, utilities, insurance, and property management and taxes
  7. Why this is a critical need in your community
  8. How this project or service relates to the fields of math and science
  9. Why Harris should contribute to this cause. What is the benefit to Harris. How will Harris be recognized. Is there an opportunity for Harris employees to volunteer/participate
  10. What other organizations are providing similar support and how
  11. How many Harris employees or family members are members of the organization
  12. How many Harris employees or family members might benefit from this project and how
  13. In addition to this campaign, are funds also being sought or obtained from others such as governmental bodies, United Way, etc. If so, to what degree.
  14. 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Please provide a copy of the Federal IRS 501(c)(3) letter of authorization
Submit proposals via e-mail to or via U.S. Mail to:

The Harris Foundation
1025 West NASA Boulevard, M/S A-11P
Melbourne, Florida 32919

Does your BDPA chapter have any Harris Corporation employees in its membership? In any case, it appears that Harris headquarters' are co-located with BDPA chapters in Albany, Cincinnati and Orlando.

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