Monday, September 9, 2013

Capital One Foundation

Capital One Foundation seeks to invest in their communities so that they can relationships among community members – neighbors, small business owners, our associates, and those nonprofit partners who enable Capital One to expand our reach and use their resources for good. In this way, they believe that both the community and their business benefit. Their philanthropy program provides grants to national and local organizations that support education, financial literacy and community development initiatives.

In addition, Capital One builds partnerships with nonprofit organizations with missions that complement these focus areas. By combining their philanthropic dollars with strong, enduring partnerships, they are able to maximize the number of residents they reach and the overall impact they have within a community.

Focusing Our Support: To have the greatest impact, they focus their efforts on:
  1. Education - Capital One provides opportunities for children and youth to access education and enrichment activities that prepare them for successful futures, including: Day care/early childhood education, literacy, after school programs and college access.
  2. Community Development - Capital One strengthens low-income neighborhoods by supporting national and local community development efforts, including: Workforce development, affordable housing and small business development.
  3. Financial Education - Financial education empowers all individuals to make wise financial decisions that protect and enhance their well-being. Capital One provides financial literacy tools and resources, as well as financial support for: Youth financial education and adult financial education
  4. Geographic Focus - Capital One provides funding for these programs in the following locations:
    • National initiatives
    • Louisiana
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Texas
    • Virginia
    • Washington, DC
It appears that we have possibility to seek funding for National BDPA's Member Services business area *or* local BDPA chapters in Baton Rouge, New Jersey, New York, No. Virginia, Richmond or Washington DC. Do you have any Capital One employees working with your organization? That would be very helpful.

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