Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Halliburton Foundation

Established in 1965, the Halliburton Foundation supports education at all levels and charitable organizations through employee matching gifts, direct grants and scholarships. The Halliburton Foundation is a domestic foundation. Requests for grants in non-U.S. locations should be made directly to the Halliburton office doing business in that part of the world.

Employee Matching Gifts Program -- This program includes the matching of U.S.-based employee donations on a two-for-one basis, up to $20,000 annually per employee for accredited junior colleges, colleges and universities. Additionally, U.S.-based employee donations to accredited elementary and secondary schools are matched by the Foundation on a one-for-one basis, up to $500 annually per employee.

Halliburton supports primarily tax-exempt non-profit organizations dedicated to education, health, the environment and health-related community programs. Support for civic issues, arts and cultural programs may also be considered in areas where there is a significant presence of Halliburton employees and operations. In 2008, the company donated more than $2.2 million to support community initiatives.

Contribution requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis by a Community Relations Review Board (CRRB). The deadlines for submitting requests are Jan. 31, April 30, July 31 and Oct. 31.

All requests for cash or in-kind donations should be sent in writing to:

Community Relations
10200 Bellaire Boulevard
Houston, TX 77072-5206

This appears to be a good source of funding for national BDPA programs.

On the other hand, the Halliburton Foundation will accept grant proposals from U.S. based non-profit organizations that provide support in the area of Education. Strong preference is given to organizations in areas where Halliburton has a significant presence as measured by facilities, employees and customers. It appears that the only two BDPA chapters that are co-located with Haliburton are: Dallas and Houston.

Requests for contributions from the Halliburton Foundation should be sent to:

Halliburton Foundation
Program Administrator
10200 Bellaire Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77072-5206

BETF is willing to partner with either BDPA Dallas or BDPA Houston chapter if they are interested in seeking funding for their annual SITES program.

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