Sunday, November 22, 2015

Election Results: BDPA Chicago (2015-2016)

BDPA Chicago, 2nd-largest chapter in the nation, announced the results of its leadership election for 2015-2016.   The winners were:

President: Reggie Rush (DivIHN Integration)

Vice President: Rene' Yarborough (Baxter International)

Treasurer: Damond Singleton (Kellogg Company)

Recording Secretary: John Hopkins III (Veredus)

BDPA Chicago Chapter was chartered on March 15, 1986 as the 14th chapter nationwide with eight founding members:
  1. Marvin Walker, President
  2. Hazel Beason, Vice President
  3. Anthony Pittman, Treasurer
  4. Michelle Walker, Recording Secretary
  5. Wallace Neal, Education Chairperson
  6. Roy Peeples, Public Relations Chairperson
  7. Greg Walker, Finance Chairperson
  8. Fidelis Umeh, Member
The first monthly program meeting was held April 18, 1986 at the Palmer House Hotel. BDPA Chicago Chapter is renowned for its delivery of programs and services to its membership. As a result the success of the chapter is measured by its membership and its network of the most talented professionals servicing all aspects of information technology. Over one hundred companies and government agencies are represented by its membership. Chapter activities include technical workshops and seminars, monthly presentations, membership drives and social events.

In 1988, 2001 and 2011, BDPA Chicago hosted the National BDPA Technology Conference. For three consecutive years (1991, 1992, 1993) BDPA Chicago was named Chapter of the Year by the national association. The chapter sponsors a city-wide high school computer competition team open to all metropolitan area students. These students are enrolled in a 33-week program where they are instructed in computer programming and professional presentation. Five of these students are selected to represent Chicago at the national BDPA High School Computer Competition at the national BDPA Technology Conference. Chicago has sponsored a team each year since 1988.

We encourage you to support the BDPA Chicago Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program! Your secure tax-deductible donation can make a difference!

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Harold Lee Rush said...

Administrative Vice President: Rene' Yarborough (Baxter International)

Treasurer: Damond Singleton (CNA Insurance)

Recording Secretary: John Hopkins III (Scout Exchange)