Saturday, April 30, 2011

Key Facts on Community Foundations (April 2011)

Although 2010 marked the first consecutive-year decline in community foundation giving since 1981, a majority of community foundations say their giving will increase or hold steady in 2011.

According to Key Facts on Community Foundations (6 pages, PDF), giving by community foundations declined an estimated 2.1 percent in 2010, following a 7.1 percent decline in 2009. The outlook is improving, however, with half the respondents (50 percent) saying they anticipate that their giving will increase in 2011, while 16 percent expect it to remain flat.

Some other key facts from the survey:
  • $4 billion -- Estimated giving by community foundations in 2010
  • 737 -- Number of grantmaking community foundations in 2009
  • 44.6 percent –- Share of community foundations reporting more than $1 million in giving in 2009
  • 9.1 percent -– Community foundation giving as a share of all foundation giving in 2009
Read the rest of the Philanthropic story (along with charts & graphs) here.

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