Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grant Declination: Harley-Davidson Foundation (National BDPA)

The folks at the Harley-Davidson Foundation informed the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) that our grant proposal in support of National BDPA was turned down. BETF worked with National BDPA vice president Allison Aheart to create the grant proposal.

The declination letter read as follows

Dear Ms. Aheart,

Thank you for submitting your proposal for funding to our Employee Charitable Contributions Committee. With our entire Harley-Davidson family, our Foundation builds strong, skilled and sustainable communities where we work. To that end, we help to fulfill dreams through partnerships with many worth charitable organizations.

The Harley-Davidson Foundation offers support to qualified non-profit, tax-exempt organizations that meet the basic needs of the communities where we work, improve the lives of our stakeholders and encourage social responsibility. That support is centered primarily where our manufacturing facilities and Milwaukee Corporation headquarters are located.

Unfortunately, we feel your organization does not meet our criteria at this time. For further information on our Foundation guidelines, please visit our web-site at

We wish you much success in your fundraising efforts.

Mary Anne Martiny, manager
The Harley-Davidson Foundation

BETF will continue to seek out funding to support the STEM-based training that National BDPA provides to hundreds of students around the country.

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