Friday, January 17, 2014

Tech Expresso Cafe: Derrick Brown (BDPA Atlanta)

One of the fastest-growing media outlets for BDPA information is the Internet radio show, 'Tech Expresso Cafe'. This show is hosted by BDPA members Jacqueline Sanders and David Blackman. Our blog is pleased to promote the good works of Tech Expresso Cafe whenver possible.

BDPA Atlanta chapter president Derrick Brown was the featured guest on the January 16, 2014 webcast. Derrick laid out the programs and services being offered in 2014 by the BDPA Atlanta chapter. A major part of the agenda this year will be focused on providing tangible return for BDPA members and sponsors by leveraging the technology wave to create opportunities which will put money in your pocket. The webcast provided a great opportunity for BDPA members and sponsors to ask questions to Derrick on a wide variety of topics ... and it gave Derrick a chance to share some tips and techniques for getting a piece of the STEM and technology fortune that is out there!

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What was your 'greatest learning' from this webcast?

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