Friday, June 13, 2014

HSCC Student Spotlight: BDPA Cincinnati

2009 HSCC Team is Ready!  Simeon Ellis is second-from-right.
BDPA Cincinnati past president Frank Hill recently gave an update on some of the remarkable students who have participated in the chapter's Student Information Education & Scholarship program over the years.
  • Simeon Ellis, 2007-2009 HSCC alumni graduated from The Maryland Institute of Art with a degree in Animation. Simeon loves to entertain people and make them laugh. As a child, the cartoons on television played a large role in the development of his personality, and those traits have stuck with him. Animation is the vehicle he uses to make people laugh ... and it is his chosen career path.
  • Frank Hill and Kamin Johnson
  • Kamin Johnson, 2010 HSCC alumni graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Game Development. Kamin moved to Austin (TX) to begin his IT career at Multimedia Games.

    Curtis Mimes
  • Curtis Mimes, 2011 HSCC alumni is in his second year of the Computer Engineering program at the University of Cincinnati. He recently returned from an internship at Oak Ridge Labs in Tennessee.

    Hadiya Harrigan
  • Hadiya Harrigan, 2011-2013 HSCC alumni graduates from Seven Hills High School with Honors this month. She plans to attend Tuskegee University in the fall, majoring in Electrical/Computer Engineering. Hadiya is one of the most decorated students in BDPA Cincinnati history as winner of Oracle scholarship and Aspirations in Computing Award from the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT). Hadiya was one of 35 national winners (out of over 2,500 applicants) for the NCWIT honor. Hadiya earned the Girl Scout Gold Award with her project focused on a tutorial for teaching web site development using MySQL and ASP.NET. Last year, Hadiya was honored as a 'Reaching for the Stars Leader of the Future' in Cincinnati.
  • Hasani Harrigan
  • Hasani Harrigan, 2012-2013 HSCC alumni is a junior at Seven Hills High School. He is an outstanding student-athlete. Earlier this month, he won the 'Reaching for Stars Leader of the Future Award' at the University of Cincinnati. This award is given to outstanding high school students. Hasani is in his third year with the chapter's SITES program and he will anchor the team during the upcoming national HSCC championship being held later this year in Indianapolis.
BDPA Cincinnati seeks to advance the careers of its members from the classroom to the boardroom and we look forward to following these young people in the coming months and years! Please help us ... please make a secure online donation to the Brandon Berry Memorial Scholarship Fund!

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