Sunday, December 7, 2014

National BDPA Announces New VP-Membership Management - Mildred Allen

Mildred Allen
BDPA, a nonprofit organization made up of racially diverse information technology professionals, announced a new member of its executive team. Mildred Allen was named the Vice President of Membership Management (VPMM). Mildred has been working for over 16 years with SCANA Corporation, an energizing force throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia - bringing electricity and natural gas to homes and businesses, supporting economic growth and innovation and enriching our local communities. She currently serves as a project manager for SCANA. Mildred is a member of our BDPA Greater Columbia chapter. She graduated from Southern Wesleyan University.
It takes passion to give back continuously, it takes passion to see the vision, and it will take passion to move BDPA’s membership to the next level," says the new vice president, Mildred Allen.
In her new role, Mildred works with a team of volunteer to grow the size and the depth of BDPA at a local, regional and national level. This group is responsible for recruitment, retention and contact management activities for all BDPA members. There is a great deal of interaction between the VPMM with the national office, Executive Director and Chief Information Officer.
Pamela Mathews
"I am very pleased that Mildred Allen has accepted the appointment as our VPMM,” says National BDPA president Pamela Mathews. “She brings a plethora of knowledge regarding our membership system and BDPA overall. She is an asset to our leadership team and the organization as a whole."
Founded in 1975, BDPA is the premier organization for African American professionals in the information technology industry. BDPA has fulfilled its mission and worked to bridge the digital divide by providing career growth opportunities for its members. Membership in BDPA can be purchased for $100 (adult IT professionals) or $25 (students). The organization is coming off 11 months of growth, increasing by 29% from this time last year.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of membership you can call us on (301) 584-3135 or by email (Mildred Allen,

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