Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Message from BDPA Cincinnati Chapter President (July 2015)

Dalric Webb
Hello fellow BDPA Cincinnati members!

We want to welcome those of you who took advantage of the opportunity to renew your BDPA membership for FREE last month! National BDPA president Pamela Sexton allowed any lapsed member a chance to renew their membership for a full year at no cost. Over 60 people took her up on the offer and our chapter retains its title as the LARGEST BDPA CHAPTER IN THE NATION for the third month in a row! Please make a special effort to come out and engage with your fellow chapter members at upcoming program meetings or social events.

We are ROLLING through the summer months and your BDPA chapter volunteers are sweating profusely with the efforts at delivering value to you, our members. How you ask? I’m glad you asked! Let me articulate the ways your volunteers are demonstrating a nice return on investment (ROI).

2015 Computer Camp Students
Did you show your support to the two High School Computer Camp teams (one from Cincinnati and one from Indianapolis) that met on June 20th to compete in a Midwest Regional Computer Competition in preparation for the final showdown in DC next month at the 37th Annual BDPA Technology Conference? Certainly you felt obliged to show these bright and rising future technologist some support as they have invested up to 30 Saturdays learning the computing technology skills that not only will make them winners at the National competition, but also make them successful in life – perhaps even providing employment opportunities for another crew of young technologist as they lead companies of their own? The ROI in investing in our youth is priceless.

But perhaps that doesn’t do it for you?

Kevin Murray and Dalric
How about attending last month’s program meeting where Cincinnati Bell chief information officer Kevin Murray shared his insights on 'The Internet of Things'? Any value in that type of face time and interaction? Does the fact that there are a number of technology recruiters attending each of our program meetings LOOKING TO HIRE, add any more value? How about networking with a room full of your peers, entrepreneurs, movers and shakers in the community? Are your value proposition chords singing yet? No?

Well how about giving back? There are over 25 volunteer board positions within our chapter structure. Each board position plays a critical role in delivering value to our members, our youth and our local community. There are a few vacancies on the board and several volunteering opportunities that do not fill a board seat. Would investing about four (4) hours a month into such a worthwhile cause seem a good investment of your time and energy? Being a part of a powerful and growing team of digital technology professionals that have a strategic plan to improve the number of diverse individuals in the digital technology fields, how is that for a cause you can get behind and run with?

Dr. Tyra Oldham
The next opportunity to engage with the chapter and the community is Wednesday, July 15, at the Woodlawn campus of Brown Mackie College. Click here to register for this DYNAMIC session where Dr. Tyra Oldham leads us in a discussion on 'Smart Grid Technology'. As always, our program meetings are open to the public, free of charge AND we provide food and beverages! I hope to see you there. As always, BRING YOUR RESUME! Hiring recruiters are ALWAYS in attendance.

Check out our entire calendar of events.  Register to attend any of our events. Keep an eye out for the announcement of our Annual Education Banquet in a few months! We need you there in support! Also, please share your input and feedback on these events and any others you would like to see or participate in. We value your opinion and recommendations.

That’s all I have for now. I’m excited about how well the chapter is doing in executing to our strategic plan laid out by the board last year. We have a strong team that can only get stronger with your active participation. Thank you to all the volunteers who have stepped forward and continue to give just a little bit of time that adds up to the chapter making big things happen! You are all AWESOME and I am proud to be a part of this team.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!

Dalric Webb, President
BDPA Cincinnati Chapter

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