Friday, February 3, 2017

Careers in Business Initiative Program (Deadline: 2/10/2017)

Program Objective:
The objective of the Careers in Business Initiative Program (CIBI) is to introduce diverse women who are seniors in high school to business in general and Procter & Gamble in particular. Further, the program is designed to reach the women very early, before they enter college and are pursued by other companies. All women are from local area high schools with family ties to Cincinnati.

Application/Interview Process:
The CIBI program started in 1998/99. Each year guidance counselors at many Cincinnati Metro area high schools are personally contacted to discuss the program. After the annual contact, recruiting materials and application packages are sent to the guidance counselors who distribute the materials to diverse women who meet the following criteria:
  • Seniors
  • Good academic standing
  • Plan to continue their education
  • Express interest in the program.
Those interested complete an online application, submit their resumes and complete the online Success Drivers Assessment. A resume template is available for those who do not have a resume prepared.

If the applicant meets the minimum criteria, they are contacted to set up an initial interview. During this visit the candidates:
  • Complete a full comprehensive interview
  • Are coached on interview tips and resume writing skills
Candidates who successfully complete the initial processes are invited to participate in Careers Day.

Careers Day:
The daylong program provides information about the Company and career opportunities. It also provides an opportunity for the candidates to meet successful Procter & Gamble employees. Comprehensive interviews are conducted during Careers Day. Apprenticeship offers are based on the results of the final interviews.

Apprentices can work in different functions in order to provide them with a broad view of P&G. Roles are solicited directly within the various functions providing the specific projects. Each apprentice’s skills and desires are considered when matching them with a role. The program owner places all apprentices. A work plan is in place for each apprentice before their arrival with mid-point and final evaluations held to assure expectations are being met.

Future Offers:
Each apprentice will receive a mid-point and final evaluation from her manager. Offers to return subsequent summers will be based on these evaluations and the manager’s offer recommendation. The Program Owner will make all final offer decisions.

Program Owners: Devan Woods, Senior Senior Diversity Recruiting Specialist; Sheila Neal, Senior Recruiting Specialist
Program Sponsor: Tom Lally, North America Talent Supply Recruiting Team Leader

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