Friday, July 28, 2017

US Air Force Continues Long STEM and Diversity Support with BDPA

BDPA’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs continue to get full support from the U.S. Air Force at its 39th Annual BDPA Technology Conference and Career Fair, July 26-29, 2017 at the Duke Energy Convention Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The U.S. Air Force is the world’s preeminent force in air, space and cyberspace. They maintain that distinction by managing global vigilance, reach and power while remaining true to their vision statement, 'The World’s Greatest Air Force—Powered by Airmen, Fueled by Innovation.'  Through shared values, key capabilities, and upholding the Airman’s Creed, they continue to achieve their mission and aim high in all that they do.

Mike Williams
BDPA President Mike A. Williams stated, "It is an honor to partner with the servicemen and women of the U.S. Air Force. We are privileged to have such an organization fighting for our freedom and supporting initiatives and organizations that are catalysts for diversity in STEM."

BDPA is the largest African American Information Technology association in the U.S., and the largest national non-profit organization continually involved in training students underrepresented in STEM education across the country. For almost 40 years, BDPA has fulfilled its mission by bridging the digital divide and providing career growth opportunities for its members.

Perry Carter
Perry Carter, BDPA Washington, D.C., Chapter President said, “BDPA partnered with United States Air Force pilots during STEM workshops where Tuskegee Airmen Walter Robinson Sr. and William Fauntroy Jr., served as the host chapter’s special guests. BDPA student members are in awe of our rich history in aviation and remain excited about careers in aviation, space, cyber and new unmanned aerial systems.”

For more details about the annual National BDPA Technology Conference or the corporate sponsorship program, contact the corporate sales support team at (301) 584-3135 ext.108 or Additionally, please visit

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