Monday, March 12, 2018

Message from BDPA New York Chapter President

Jeannine Andre-Burns
I want to personally say Happy New Year and I am looking forward to working with each of you.  Your membership has shown to BDPA New York that you want to be apart of a network of like-minded technology savvy people that wants to network, increase their skill-sets and give back.  So thank you for your passion and mission.

We have been building relationships with colleges and finding a home to meet every month.   We are lining up speakers and making sure that all planning will be geared towards meeting our members’ needs.   There are lots of opportunities for our New York Chapter to reboot and thrive.   I want us to all be apart of this exciting time.   That is why 2018 will represent the “BDPA New York Reboot” movement and it will begin with the “Take 5” initiative.
This movement will be an outreach to you as a member by getting down to the “Top 5” basics.  Determining the top 5 needs of our membership, speaking on the top 5 trending topics of 2018, having meetings at the top 5 areas to service our membership, and partnering with a college to build students’ top 5 skills.  We are happy to say that we are moving forward with developing a BDPA New York Club at Pace University.  This alliance will put a hop in New York Chapter’s skip with keeping BDPA New York in line with promoting student relationship, building Chapter spirit, and empowering them by partnering with seasoned members to be the dare devils of the technology industry.

We are looking for a home in the heart of Manhattan. If anyone has corporate space that their company will allow for our monthly meetings, please reach out to if you have any questions or can provide any input to gathering space. 


  1. Our 2018 BDPA Conference this year will be in jazzy New Orleans!  Early Bird specials end March 31, so log into to register.
  2. BDPAFuture# is the theme of our overall vision through the United States with 30 chapters alive and well.  For the first time, BDPA is offering monthly Tech Talks with the first kick off this Friday.  Topics such as BDPA Digital, AI, and Branding Yourself are already scheduled out till March.  Register for free at  BDPA Career and Tech Talks.
  3. We are looking for volunteers for the following committees:  Planning Committee (speakers, business events, and locations), Social Media Committee (maintain BDPANY social media platform with trending content), Membership Committee (survey members and email outreach).
  4. We have Board positions opened:  President Elect, Director of HSCC, Webmaster, Board Secretary.  Please email if you are interested in any of these positions.

Last note, I’m really excited about the Reboot Movement with "The Take 5" initiatives and looking forward to getting to know you. 
BDPA New York

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