Sunday, August 14, 2011

Message from Columbus Chapter President

Deborah Smedley

I am writing you all to thank you for your support of our High School students that went to Chicago to compete in the National Computer Competition. They placed 3rd in the nationals. This is a record for the BDPA Columbus Chapter. All things are good through God.

We want to keep this momentum going as our chapter is currently in the spotlight and shining. What a wonderful accomplishment to be third in the nation for the national competition. Our students conducted themselves professionally, did well on the written and oral competition and their technical skills impressed the judges. I remember when the students first started out in the program, they were like full of giggles, some were shy with their heads in the clouds.

Since then they have have really grown to be strong, confident and professional people. They have also grown as the BDPA Columbus High School team. I have witnessed the bond they have as a team and that is priceless. Our instructors and Coordinator established lasting relationships with the students providing more than just instruction. They have been great role models, mentors, encouragers, advisers and provided tough love where necessary.

We are also very thankful to DeVry University for allowing the Middle and High School programs to be conducted on the Alum Creek campus. They have supported our efforts tremendously.

We are also very thankful to you all for making the competition trip happen. We were a bit worried there ... just a little ... but you all came through. So thank you again.

We will be ramping up the middle and high school program for next year. We are looking for volunteer instructors and looking for you all to help us fill the classrooms with middle and high school students.

We are planning a members meeting to give you a look at what the students experienced during the program and at competition. We are also going to be creating committees to help with fundraising for next year.

Also look for details of a picnic to honor all of our students, instructors and coordinator for their commitment and hard work.

As always thank you and God bless!! We have the best Chapter in the Nation and we are going to take the title next year.

Deborah E. Smedley, President
BDPA Columbus Chapter

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