Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: 2011 BDPA Youth Technology Camp

National BDPA Youth Technology Camp (YTC) coordinator Jamesetta James and her team provided a comprehensive program of hands-on activities and workshops for about 100 middle- and high-school students during the national BDPA conference held earlier this month. Jamesetta has high expectations for BDPA youth. As she wrote,
"I fully expect young IT professionals and entrepreneurs to emerge from this conference. Let me tell you why:
  • I believe that younger minds learn faster then older minds and are better equipped to adapt to changing environments, such as in the realm of information technology.
  • I believe that youth are better positioned to take risks and embrace new innovative technologies and methodologies.
  • I believe that maturity comes with experience, not with a degree. The sooner youth are exposed to new and challenging experiences and responsibilities, the sooner they will mature into responsible, productive individuals."
The 13th annual YTC had some new and unique elements that included a graphics design contest and X-Box gaming contest. There were over 40 students in a hands-on workshop entitled Sole Plus Design with Converse Shoes. The objective of the workshop was to provide hands-on techniques using Photo Shop to create a unique fusion of artistic expression that will be applied to Converse canvas sneakers.

Each team created a unique name for their design group and only students that were not members of a design group were allowed to vote. The student designs were voted on by their peers

The design team with the winning graphic was called TAG. TAG team members were all from our BDPA Twin Cities chapter - Dakari Davison, Dallyn Davison, Daze Davison, Elisha Phillip, and Michael Quick

Photo of the winning team was taken by the conference photographer, Rodney Wright. Each team member will receive a pair of Converse shoes displaying the original design. Also, additional pairs of Converse sneakers bearing the original design will be donated to a local Chicago women and children’s shelter on September 17th, 2011. Mr. Brian Miller (Sole Plus Design) and BDPA Chicago chapter president Pam Sexton will deliver the Converse shoes to the shelter.

Secondly, the winners for the  2 XBOX competitions are: Dallyn Davison (Twin Cities) for NBA Live and Daniel Dyer (Richmond) for Call of Duty Black OPS. In addition to the gift packs they received from the Microsoft Store located in Oak Brook, IL, they will also be receiving prizes from the Play N Trade, the Lansing location. Bernard Key (Key Link Technologies) will be coordinating the delivery of these prizes to our winners.

Also, the members of the winning team for the Project Management for Teens workshop were: Tyra Foulks (Gr Columbia), Michael James (Gr Columbia), Curtis Jenkins (Richmond), Erica Mayberry (Twin Cities), Samantha Spears (Twin Cities) and Keautishay Young (Chicago).

The objective of the Project Management for Teens workshop, conducted by William Smith, was to take students through the four phases that is required to complete a project: defining, planning, implementing and finalization. Students were given a project in which they were to complete in a team and later present their project to their peers. At the end of this workshop, each student was equipped with the basic project management skill where they can build upon and utilized in their school assignments and also include on their resume.

Lastly, the winners of the Network and Student Mock Interview workshop are: Farida Labaran (Chicago) and Kyle Williams (Chicago). They each received prizes awarded by our Interviewing for Success workshop presenter, Debra Farmer. The junior and senior high school students were given an assignment to network with at least 3 professionals and gather specific information outlined in the Interviewing for Success workshop. Points were awarded to each completed networking sheet turned in by the student. On Friday, each junior and senior student were taken through a mock interview where pre-determined questions were asked by our very own BDPA professionals. The students were given a score of 1 through 4 for each question asked based on their responses.

Much love to YTC coordinator Jamesetta James and the others who have grown this program into such a powerful experience for our young people! Well done!

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