Saturday, January 21, 2012

Keeping Your 'BDPA Member Profile' Current

Are you a BDPA member (past, current or future)?   If so, we want to encourage you to visit the BDPA website -- -- to update your BDPA Member Profile.

By keeping your BDPA Member Profile up-to-date, you are guaranteed access to all of the exclusive benefits and resources that a BDPA membership offers; including adding your email address so you receive important communications and surveys from headquarters.

Please take a moment to update your member profile by logging into BDPA.

Once you are logged in, select ‘manage profile' from the profile window on the right. From here you can:
  • update your bio and edit preferences regarding subscriptions/notications for your account
  • manage your favorites, networks, blog pages, photo gallery, files and links and certifications
  • join communities via messaging, connections, groups, referrals and subscriptions
  • facilitate networking and your career thru resume/cv function and career postings
  • keep track of your BDPA account through membership status, event registrations and order status
If you cannot remember your login, please click on "Forgot your Password" located below the Sign In box to receive an auto-e-mail with your active username and password.

Thank you for keeping your information with BDPA current.

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