Tuesday, October 1, 2013

BDPA Foundation Announces 2013 Eli Lilly Scholarship Winners

The BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF), in coordination with Eli Lilly and Company, is pleased to announce the winner of the 7th annual Eli Lilly and Company Scholarship for BDPA Students. The two winners this year are Cameron Hughes, incoming freshman at University of California, San Diego (Detroit, MI) and Risa Christopher, incoming freshman at Indiana University (Munster, IN).

The purpose of the Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students is to recognize outstanding minority students, with an interest in information technology, who make significant contributions to society. Applicants must excel academically, show exceptional leadership potential, and make an impact on their communities through service to others.
We appreciate Eli Lilly and Company for the investment that it continues to make in our BDPA student members,” said Wayne Hicks, BETF Executive Director. “The BDPA Foundation is pleased to work with Eli Lilly to help cultivate these future leaders. Our hope is that other corporations will contact us for similar scholarship opportunities
Part of the application process is an essay that answers the question 'Why is Information Technology Important'.  Risa's essay focused on the pervasiveness of education, as well as on they plan she has to combine her personal passion for healthcare and information technology with a degree in Health Informatics.  Click here for the full text of her winning essay.

Cameron Hughes
Cameron is a long-time BDPA member.  He was part of the past few national High School Computer Competition teams trained by our BDPA chapter in Detroit, MI.  Cameron has a genuine passion for computer programming.  His essay focused on the impact of technology on both every day and his life personally. Click here for the full text of his winning essay.

Previous Eli Lilly scholars were:

  1. 2007, Daniel Puente (University of Texas)
  2. 2007, Christian West (Northwestern University)
  3. 2008, Khalia Braswell (North Carolina State University)
  4. 2008, Lee Reed (University of Michigan)
  5. 2009, Hung Vo (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  6. 2009, Carrine Johnson (Palos Verdes Peninsula High School)
  7. 2010, Leslie Vasquez (Pike High School)
  8. 2010, Gerardo Dominguez (Chicago State University)
  9. 2011, Jala Cruz (North Central High School)
  10. 2011, Adwait Walimbe (John Marshall High School)
  11. 2012, Allen Warner (Valdosta State University)