Saturday, April 18, 2015

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Recruit IT Professionals - Bridgett Baggett (Career Innovations)

There are a number of world-class workshops planned for delivery at the 37th Annual National BDPA Technology Conference. On Wednesday, August 19, we anticipate excellent attendance for workshop entitled, 'How Technology Has Changed the Way We Recruit & Retain IT Professionals'. If your organization is waiting for the next IT guru to upload their resume to your career page or Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you have a better chance posting your job opening on MySpace and rushing to the nearest pay phone to place the follow-up call. HR and Recruiting Technology have evolved and so has the ideal candidate.

What we can expect?
  • Millennials will dictate the evolution in HR Technology and the Recruiting Process
  • Technology Has/Will Forced Transparency
  • High Turnover
The pool of recruitment data is growing and the technology companies should focus on harnessing that data and focusing on unconventional ways to help leverage digital connections and real-life relationships to attract and retain IT professionals.

There are three objectives for this workshop:
  1. How to Leverage Technology in the Recruiting Process
  2. How to Create a Competitive Advantage within Your Recruiting Process
  3. How to Create a Employee Retention Strategy
Bridgett Baggett
The workshop will be presented by Bridgett Baggett (Career Innovations). Bridgett assists organization as they seek to grow their leadership talent and develop a stronger workplace culture. She works primarily with start-ups and small to mid-size companies. She assists with recruiting and retaining top talent. She is an also an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Human Capital Institute, National Association of African Americans in Human Resources and the Institute for Human Resources. She is also the VP-Professional Development with BDPA Charlotte chapter.

You can see the rest of the 2015 conference schedule here.

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