Sunday, April 19, 2015

Marketing IT: Alignment With Business - Fred Mapp (Quality Service Solutions)

Fred Mapp
Fred Mapp (president, Quality Service Solutions) suggests that the key to marketing information technology is improved relationship building with business stakeholders. However, IT does not get much credit for getting things done in this arena. Is your organization spending an enormous amount of time and energy on strategy development with little to show for your efforts? Management teams often get bogged down in unfocused, inconclusive discussions instead of making rapid, well-informed strategy decisions. To stay ahead of the pack you must market and translate your organization's strategy into basic day-to-day initiatives. How do you avoid or address these issues?

Mapp is scheduled to give his workshop, 'Marketing IT: Alignment With Business', on August 19th at the 37th annual BDPA Technology Conference. His workshop will cover several initiatives and areas to ensure your IT strategy is well-founded. By looking at these initiatives, you can identify critical gaps in your strategy execution processes and focus on the most important choices you must make. He will also cover results from the latest CIO survey. Survey results suggest IT leaders are increasingly taking action to market IT and to build and solidify relationships with their non-IT stakeholders.

Mapp has an extensive amount of experience in the area of information technology systems and applications, infrastructure support, customer support and consulting services developed over 40 years with the World Congress on Information Technology, AMD, Honeywell, InfoSpan, American Express, IBM and his own consulting company, Quality Service Solutions. He is experienced in developing and defining IT objectives, strategic plans and metrics and in the implementation of supporting technology. He has managed thousands of employee’s world wide ensuring their satisfaction and commitment to their business partners and customers.

Mapp is a motivational speaker and has presented regularly to businesses on how corporations can improve business processes and implement technology tied to business strategies to achieve a sustained competitive edge. He has presented at CIO conferences and various association seminars. He has also been featured in articles in Fortune, CIO, Optimize and various other magazines.

He is the author of "Mapping Information Technology to your Business".

You can learn more about the full schedule of conference workshops here.

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