Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MillerCoors Sustains Gold Level Sponsorship of BDPA

Standing on its 300-year history of strong leadership, innovation, sustainability, and supporting people and communities, MillerCoors renewed its Gold Level sponsorship of BDPA in 2015. MillerCoors has thousands of employees working together as a single team rising to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. That people at MillerCoors are its most valuable asset, and their impact on the MillerCoors business is visible in each statistic and accomplishment.
Steve Canal
Steve Canal of MillerCoors Community Affairs said, "We are proud that MillerCoors was selected as the exclusive adult beverage sponsor for National BDPA corporate receptions and events. One of the key value propositions of attending the National BDPA Technology Conference is the opportunity to network with all levels of professionals, from entry-level to C-Level executives."
Founded in 1975, BDPA is the premier organization for African American professionals in the information technology industry. BDPA has 40 chapters across the United States and is the largest African American Information Technology Association in the country. BDPA continues to fulfill its mission and work to bridge the digital divide by providing career growth opportunities for its members.
"BDPA is honored to continue our partnership with MillerCoors. We recognize and appreciate support of MillerCoors over the years financially and otherwise,” said National BDPA President Pamela Mathews. “As we celebrate our 40th year in existence at this year’s 37th Annual BDPA Technology Conference, August 18-22nd in Washington, D.C., we are excited that MillerCoors is there with us to assist in advancing careers from the classroom to the boardroom."
To become a BDPA partner or sponsor like MillerCoors or to learn more about the BDPA Technology Conference in Washington, D.C. as well as sponsorship opportunities, please contact BDPA Corporate Sales Team by email at corpsales@bdpa.org or 301-584-3135 x108.

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