Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dr. Bellverie Ross Wins BDPA Epsilon Award for Career Achievement

Dr. Bellverie Ross * Epsilon Award Winner
National BDPA annually selects and awards the BDPA Epsilon Award to recognize and celebrate key contributions and accomplishments of its members. Nominations are accepted across five categories and they are evaluated by a team of National BDPA members. One of the categories is Career Achievement. This honor is reserved for highly experienced professionals who have significant career accomplishments or contributions throughout their career.

BDPA is pleased to announce that Dr. Bellverie Ross has won the 2015 Epsilon Award for Career Achievement. Her nomination was submitted by Jeffrey Stovall, CIO, City of Charlotte. He wrote,

Bellverie, in her six years with the City of Charlotte, has been an exemplary employee and a role model for others in the organization. Bellverie’s rapidly growing list of accomplishments includes:

  • Bellverie was the lead for the City’s newly formed program management office to prepare the IT environment for the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Starting in January 2012, she initiated and guided the program office and focused cross-divisional teams toward critical objectives leading to a DNC with no significant technology outages. Her success at leading the DNC PMO led to her being appointed to lead the citywide Enterprise Program Management Office.
  • Bellverie was the project manager for the city’s recent conversion to LTE mobile routers in 950 police and fire vehicles and 10G network upgrades in over 60 public safety facilities. This concludes the turn-around of a challenged ARRA Broadband Technology Opportunity Program grant from 2011. (
  • Bellverie worked to develop the City’s first mobile apps: MyCharlotte and RideCATS. The city of Charlotte was honored with the 10th Annual Mobilizer Award for 2011 in the Mobilizing Business Applications category for MyCharlotte and RideCATS. (
  • Bellverie led a 2012 voice-over-IP conversion project to replace the aged 311 call center PBX system whose upgrade had been postponed for years. The new, innovative hosted platform now serves as the core telephony solution for the $2M+ citywide conversion from Centrex to VoIP which the City will be implementing through 2018. (
  • Bellverie worked with Microsoft and the city Event Permitting team to deliver a solution for the DNC events and for future use. This product has been used since the DNC to replace a manual prior process involving paper and emails across multiple departments and outside agencies. (

Bellverie Ross (far right) Accepts her Epsilon Award
Additionally, Bellverie is a community supporter, donating her time freely to support a local women’s STEM advocacy (WISE – Women in Science and Engineering) as well as mentoring at a local high school. This is no small feat given her concurrent work on a doctorate in organizational behavior in IT, which she earned last year.

Bellverie has been in the IT field for over 25 years. Prior to the City of Charlotte, she served as a SVP/Director with MBNA America, a business owner, and a senior project manager with LendingTree.

When considering her achievements at the City of Charlotte in her brief time here and the span of accomplishments across her career, Bellverie is eminently well-qualified for BDPA career achievement recognition. It continues to be a pleasure and tremendous honor to have her on my team.

As my submission of Bellverie as a candidate is meant to be a surprise, I have supplemented her pre-City of Charlotte resume in the submission with additional information above which describes her accomplishments to date.

You can follow Bellverie on Twitter: @Bellverie

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