Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jordan Stipp Uses His Bemley Scholarship at Stanford University

Jordan Stipp * Stanford University
Jordan Stipp earned a Dr. Jesse Bemley Scholarship in his senior year in high school as a member of the BDPA Central Illinois chapter. He was a member of the BDPA Central Illinois chapter team who won the bronze medal at the 2016 BDPA Technology Conference. He plans to use his Bemley Scholarship at Stanford University where he seeks to complete a major in Computer Science.

Throughout his primary and secondary educations, Jordan took an interest in technology that would eventually propel him towards participation in BDPA Central Illinois Chapter. His career goal is to become a professional software developer.

We asked Jordan to share his thoughts on BDPA.

"BDPA provides a platform for promoting the advancement of education in computer science to youth that may not have the opportunity to take advantage of elsewhere ... myself included. Some of the best memories of my final year of high school are the extensive sessions of educational coding provided by BDPA and its sponsors on Saturday mornings. Not only has my ability to develop computationally improved but also my confidence in doing so."

Jordan is a remarkable young man. BDPA looks forward to following his career as he progresses through college and on into his career as a software developer! Jordan is also an amazing dancer! Please note that the Bemley Scholarship Fund is made up of individual donations from people like yourself. Please take a moment to recognize young people like Jordan with a secure online donation!

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