Friday, September 16, 2016

Long Story Short: Andrea Hodge (BDPA Greater Tampa Bay)

Andrea Hodge is a VP-Business Architect with JPMorgan Chase.  She is also the president of our BDPA Greater Tampa Bay Chapter. Andrea has over 20 years experience in the banking industry and is currently responsible for IT product innovation for the Chase Auto Finance business. In addition, she drives multiyear business and IT strategies worth ~$24M in annual investment. Andrea also provides business architecture oversight for investment planning which entails defining target state operating models and ensuring well controlled architecture solutions are delivered that adhere to business goals and regulatory standards.

Andrea Hodge * BDPA Gr. Tampa Bay Chapter Prez
Andrea enjoys serving communities where she lives and works, and has held board roles in several non profit organizations including the State of Delaware YMCA (Board of Directors, member); Downtown Wilmington YMCA (Board of Directors, Chair); Concerned Citizens Organization (Chair); and NABA (JP Morgan Chase Chair). Andrea was also responsible for bringing Operation Hope to the state of Delaware, teaching financial literacy principles to 300+ middle and high school students in impoverished communities.

This blog wanted to get a more personal look into the personality of this rising BDPA leader.  We asked Andrea to give brief answers to some odd questions. We hope you enjoy this new feature that we simply call, 'Long Story Short...'

  1. Craziest thing you've ever done? I’d have to say the craziest thing I’ve done is participate in the Polar Bear Plunge. I joined hundreds of Special Olympics donors taking a dip in the Atlantic in the middle of the winter. It was a great thrill and experience for an awesome cause. I would definitely do it again, just in a warmer body of water like the Gulf of Mexico!
  3. Favorite food you'd take with you on a desert island? I’d take any tropical fruit – but if I had to choose one, it would be the mango. I love this super fruit for its anti-oxidant benefits and taste. I imagine surviving on mangoes would get old after a while, but at least I’d be healthy!
  5. Favorite Way to de-stress after a long week? After a stressful week, I enjoy unwinding by taking long nature walks. I am an animal lover and particularly enjoy bird watching. Living in the Tampa Bay area gives me lots of opportunities to experience the beautiful landscapes and natural architectural wonders. Getting in touch with nature helps me quiet my mind and focus on inner self.
  7. Favorite way to exercise? I enjoy exercising on a regular basis by dancing. I’ve been a huge Zumba enthusiast for quite some time and really get a kick out of moving to a mix of urban hip hop and Latin sounds. I am always looking to connect friends to the art of Zumba, so if you haven’t tried it and you’re in the Tampa or Delaware area, lets chat!
  9. How you kill time in airports? I usually past the time listening to calming music or reading the Harvard Business Review. I try to take advantage of the time to catch up on industry news and innovations in my field. I try not to do actual work while I am in airports not only for security reasons, but also to strike a balance between being physically in the office and not.
  11. Least favorite chore? I’d have to say any chore is my least favorite. I’ve been both blessed and challenged to marry a man who does all of the cooking. Not having to toil in the kitchen unfortunately means my end of the deal covers cleaning. I guess its not so bad after all, considering the alternative – doing both!
  13. Simple things that make you happiest? Watching animals in their natural habitat. As I mentioned, I absolutely love animals. I am less impressed with zoos and comparable establishments that cage animals…..and more interested in safaris and water habitats. I believe watching animals helps us get in tune with the present moment, which is a great way to connect with your inner peace.
  15. Who You'd Like to Meet? I’d like to meet Fidel Castro. Studying international relations as a young person, I’ve always had a fascination with world figures who challenged industrial powers. Mr. Castro has lived through monumental global change, and has pretty much remained committed to his personal and political values. I’d like to understand firsthand, what has contributed most to his tenure as a national leader and what, if anything, he’d do differently given the chance.

Andrea wants to meet one of the more interesting people in our 'Long Story Short' series!

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