Saturday, October 8, 2016

Lauren Ravenell Earns 2016 Lilly Scholarship for Ball State University

Lauren Ravenell * Ball State University
BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) worked closely with Eli Lilly & Company to confirm Lauren Ravenell as a winner of the 10th annual Eli Lilly & Company Scholarship for BDPA Students. There were three winners of this scholarship. Lauren is a wonderful person to win this prestigious scholarship.

During high school Lauren was a varsity athlete in Track and Field and Golf. She was also involved in various extracurricular activities such as Student Government and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She was also on the High School Computer Competition (HSCC) team for BDPA Indianapolis chapter throughout her four years of high school. She graduated from Westfield High School with a 3.667 GPA and over one hundred hours of community service.

Now she is a sophomore at Ball State University, majoring in Telecommunications with a minor in Computer Science and Spanish. She finished her freshman year at Ball State on the Dean’s List. She was a member of the Black Student Association and Excellence in Leadership. She also enjoyed her time on a student-driven cooking show. This was one of her favorite experiences because Lauren was able to work behind the scenes of a production and learn from my peers as well as mentors. Now, Lauren is a participant in the PhD Pathways Mentoring Program. Upon graduation, she plans to obtain a Master’s degree in Business Administration and afterwards she will seek a PhD.

We asked for Lauren to share her thoughts on BDPA:

Lauren at the IT Showcase
"This past year I participated in the IT Showcase at the 2016 BDPA Technology Conference. In previous years I was a member of the Indianapolis Chapter HSCC Team. The transition from the high school program to the college level program created many opportunities for growth. From participating in the Showcase I was able to gain more experience in research and presentation skills. During the conference I was able to network, take more advantage of the career fair and gain interview experience. The career fair also granted me with increased opportunities for internships.

Lauren is a remarkable young woman. BDPA looks forward to following her career as she progresses through college and on into her career! You can follow Lauren on Twitter: @lauren_ravenell.

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