Saturday, April 15, 2017

BDPA Acknowledges Bronze Level Sponsorship of McDonald's

IT Giant Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) proudly acknowledge the widely acclaimed 2017 Bronze Level Sponsorship from McDonald’s, a leading global food service retailer who are working hard to make tasty food with a “less is more” philosophy. McDonald’s promote diversity and inclusion and they foster an environment that values the unique values of all. McDonald’s creates opportunity, encourages diversity, offers training, facilitates teamwork and rewards achievement.

McDonald’s is committed to providing inclusive work environments, training and support. Because diversity and inclusion is a fundamental element of its culture, it permeates multiple aspects of the business. McDonald's highlight some specific company initiatives being activated at corporate and market levels to further support its holistic approach to developing its people.

Mike Williams, National BDPA President
Mike Williams, National BDPA President was quoted as saying, "We want to honor the Bronze level sponsorship of McDonald’s. We are again honored to have McDonald's as our sponsor and partner in 2017. McDonald's has been a partner and avid champion of diversity in STEM and within the workplace."

BDPA is the largest African American Information Technology association in the U.S., and the largest national non-profit organization continually involved in training students underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education across the country. BDPA was founded in 1975 by Earl Pace and David Wimberly to close the digital divide for underrepresented minorities in STEM fields.

For more details about the BDPA corporate sponsorship program, contact the corporate sales support team at (301) 584-3135 ext.108 or Additionally, please visit

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