Friday, April 28, 2017

BDPA Applauds Career Communications Group Corporate Support

BDPA applauds the corporate support from Career Communications Group of BDPA’s 39th Annual National Technology Conference and Career Fair from July 26-29 at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The career fair is free and open to the public. BDPA is the largest African American Information Technology association in the U.S., and the largest national non-profit organization continually involved in training students underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education across the country.

Dr. Tyrone Taborn
Dr. Tyrone Taborn, Career Communications Group Publisher and CEO stated, “Career Communications Group is pleased to partner again with BDPA’s national conference. BDPA has been a leader for information technology professionals since 1975 and high school students since 1986. Career Communications Group is proud of its historical links to BDPA Baltimore chapter, which were established in June 1987. We have a strong relationship with BDPA that also includes our partnership as a founding organization in the Global Leadership Forum (GLF). GLF’s mission is to inspire and ignite untapped potential in the global community."

BDPA was founded in 1975 by Earl Pace and David Wimberly to close the digital divide for underrepresented minorities in STEM fields. BDPA has over 40 chapters nationwide with more than 2,500 STEM professional and student members. BDPA offers over $100,000 in scholarships annually to hundreds of high school and college students who wish to pursue STEM careers.

Mike Williams
National BDPA President Mike Williams said, "It is an honor to partner with one of the leading organizations in promoting STEM and diversity in the workforce. We looked forward to continuing this partnership."

For more details about the BDPA corporate sponsorship program or National Technology Conference, contact the corporate sales support team at (301) 584-3135 ext.108 or  Additionally, please visit

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