Thursday, April 13, 2017

Top 10 BDPA Chapters (Membership, March 2017)

The lifeblood of any nonprofit association is its membership. We have a new chapter who leads the nation in BDPA members.... BDPA Cincinnati.   The chapter ... led by its president, Shawnda Peterson ... continues to amaze others by its consistent growth.  The chapter grew by 40 members in the past month as they continue moving towards the next milestone of having 200 members this year.

We continue to operate under the leadership of National BDPA VP-Membership Management Mildred Allen.   Her team now includes Chad White (Dallas) and Judaea Lane (Memphis).  Her efforts have allowed BDPA to continue to grow.   She realizes that we need to work hard to keep membership growth and retention higher.

Shawnda Peterson
BDPA believes in the management maxim -- you get what you measure.  Let us assess the numbers in order to honor those local BDPA chapters who are demonstrating success in their efforts to recruit and retain members.  Let's take a look at the ten largest chapters in BDPA-Nation:
  1. Cincinnati - president, Shawnda Peterson
  2. Detroit - president, Loraine Stewart-David
  3. Atlanta - president, Vincent Montgomery
  4. Chicago - president, Reggie Rush 
  5. Indianapolis - president, Delano Robinson
  6. Philadelphia - president, Cedric Edwards
  7. Milwaukee - president, Allen Baylor
  8.  Washington DC - president, Perry Carter
  9. Triangle - president, Carl Hill 
  10. New York - president, Tyrone McKinney
The number of chapters now belonging to the 'BDPA Century Club' currently stands at three.  The benefit of having powerful leadership is obvious when we see that Detroit, Cincinnati and Atlanta each have over 100 members. One of the common denominators for each of these chapters is that they place a high premium on the delivery of quality programs and services to their members. These chapters work hard to ensure that there is a strong return on the $100 investment that each member makes thru annual dues.

National president Mike Williams recently touted the value that organizational re-branding has made on BDPAWhat are your thoughts about the value of BDPA membership? What can your local chapter do to improve the value-proposition for you on a personal or professional level?

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