Sunday, October 22, 2017

Program Meeting: 'Behind the Scene of Indy Women in Tech' (BDPA Indianapolis)

Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) Indianapolis October Meeting “Behind the Scene of Indy Women in Tech with former Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard” was attended by over 250 invitees, including a sizable number of women at Lilly Corporate Center in Downtown.

Mayor Ballard joined a moderated session to share vision, mission and programs of Indy Women In Tech (IWIT) and synergies between BDPA and IWIT.
BDPA National President-Elect Terry Morris, BDPA Board members, world renowned artist and interfaith leader and winners of numerous international and national awards Kanwal Prakash Singh (KP), Accenture Accounts Executive and Asian American Alliace Board member Rupal Thanawala, Lilly Chief Information Officer Dr Aarti Shah and tennis professional Parveen Kumar were among those who attended the meeting. Mrs Rupal Thanawala was the moderater.

Mr Ballard explained various schemes, including awarding scholarships to deserving ones, to promote region’s standing in the science and technology industries. He emphasized on narrowing the gap between men and women entering science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers remain one of his top priorities. Regarding the STEM exposure, Mr Ballard recalled that 600 girls from six Indian Public Schools and Warren Township Schools got the STEM exposure at the "Ignite Your Superpower" event hosted by Indy Women in Tech through a partnership with Women and Hi Tech and Conner Prairie in Indianapolis University in August.

Women are really doing good job in their fields. But we want to make sure that these young girls have opportunity in future. Middle level is very important because it is the pipeline and these young girls become women of tomorrow. If the women are not entering into tech, problem of filling the open tech job opportunities will go somewhere else.

The BDPA Indianapolis Chapter, is one of over 45 chapters across the country that is established to fulfill the mission of our National organization, aims to advance IT professionals’, entrepreneurs’ and students’ careers from the classroom to the boardroom. The chapter provides opportunities to promote professional development and administer student programs to help high school students gain knowledge, skills and competitive experiences in Information Technology.

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