Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Top Ten Black Blogs (September 2007)

While floating through the blogosphere I came across a listing of the 50 most influential bloggers. I noted that there were no bloggers of African descent on the list. Of course, there are millions of bloggers out there so I understand why Black bloggers might be overlooked. But, the point of creating The AfroSpear was so that we can learn from one another. As such, I propose to publish a monthly list of the Top Ten Black Blogs.

The only qualification is that the blogger needs to be of African descent. The blog does not have to be a member of The AfroSpear or the Afrosphere Bloggers Association. Of course, we invite all Black bloggers to join either (or both) of those fledging organizations. These Top Ten Black Bloggers are influential role models for the rest of us out here in the afrosphere.

The Technorati authority and rank numbers are shown in parenthesis. The authority indicates the number of blogs that are linked to this blogger over the past six months. The rank number indicates how many blogs are between the person listed and the #1 ranked blog in the world.

Here are the Top Ten Black Blogs for September 2007:

  1. Paula Mooney: Paula Mooney’s Tips (Authority: 897 / Rank: 2,717) - Paula is a powerful source of ideas for any blogger looking to increase their visitor traffic. She is very enthusiastic about the power of blogging. Recently, she introduced a new blog on fantasy football along with her husband. I guess it's true what they say, 'the family that blogs together stays together'!

  2. Sokari Ekine: Black Looks (607/ 5,007) - This blog began in June 2004. It is primarily about issues that impact our brothers and sisters in Africa. Sokari is currently in South Africa. Her posts cover a range of issues such as gender violence, racism, sexuality, HIV/AIDS and cancer. Black Looks is not for lightweights!

  3. Terrance Heath: Republic of T (528 / 6,604) - Terrance lays it out for you. His blog reflects his life experiences as a Black, gay, liberal, buddhist, vegetarian dad.

  4. Expat Jane: Where The Hell Am I? (348 / 11,575) - Jane provides the views of an American from sunny California who is a confirmed sapiosexual and now an expatriate in Seoul, South Korea. There is social and political commentary, music and entertainment that she loves or loathes and general silliness.

  5. Angry Black Woman: The Angry Black Woman (292 / 14,383) - Politics, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Anger - As the name suggests, she is a Black woman who occassionally gets angry. This blog allows her to call out all the foolishness on the Internet.

  6. Shark-Fu: Angry Black Bitch (279 / 15,151) - This blog began in February 2005. Shark-Fu uses this blog as an outlet for numerous rants about things that frustrate or infuriate her. I imagine that it must feel like therapy but cheaper.

  7. Wayne Bennett: The Field Negro (241 / 18,571) - Wayne is a practicing attorney in Philadelphia. He was born in Jamaica West Indies, however, he considers himself a citizen of the world. His blog is revolutionary in nature with no-holds barred commentary on the worlds of entertainment, sports, and politics. Don't tell anyone, but, this is my favorite blog in the world. Field is my role model as a blogger!

  8. Earl Dunovant: Prometheus 6 (234 / 19,269) - This website's tagline is All Respect, No Restraint. It is obvious that Bro. Dunovant is very respected in the blogosphere. He was a panelist on a Blogger Roundtable hosted by NPR a few weeks ago.

  9. Booker Rising: Booker Rising (208 / 22,081) - This blog was created in May 2004. It proclaims itself to be a media watchdog for Black moderates and conservatives, regardless of party affiliation. The blog works to counteract negativity, victimology, and defeatism, which are often thrust upon Black Americans by schools, the media, and so-called leaders.

  10. Malena Amusa: RaceWire (202 / 22,799) - Malena is a journalist who co-edits RaceWire.org, the blog of ColorLines Magazine that offers incisive opinion, stories, and news about the policies, trends, and events that impact racial justice and communities of color.

HONORABLE MENTION (11-25): Black In Business, Afro-Netizen, Too Sense, Slant Truth 2.0, Jack and Jill Politics, Young Black Professional Guide, Electronic Village, AfroSpear Think Tank, Having Read The Fine Print, Black Woman in Europe, African American Opinion and Social Networking Blog, Mirror on America, Africabeat, Why Black Women Are Angry and African American Political Pundit

Our rankings lean heavily on the Technorati Authority and Rank score for each blog. We figure that if your content is strong enough for others to link to ... that is a strong indicator of your influence. I am very open to hearing from you on other factors that should be considered in future monthly Top Ten Black Blogs listings.

I was surprised to learn that I have not actively read well over half of the bloggers on this list. I look forward to learning more about them over time. I eagerly anticipate your comments on this list. For example, I went back and forth about whether the list should be of the blog or the blogger.

Well, what do you think of this month's list?


Regina said...

Thanks for putting me on the list. What a surprise ;)

Unknown said...

Jane - You earned your position on the list. I'm just glad that we were able to do the research to create the list.

peace, Villager

Sneaker15 said...

Don't forget about Greasyguide.com and it's spin off sites. It's def. a site that is up and coming. Check it out and also check out their Facebook App at http://apps.facebook.com/greasyguide

Unknown said...

Sneaker15 - Thanks for the heads up on GreasyGuide.com. They are currently #52 on the list of Top Black Blogs!

peace, Villager

Unknown said...

All - We've come along way since this Black Blog Ranking was first published last year. We're up to over 1400 blogs on the list now...

peace, Villager