Thursday, July 17, 2008

Upcoming Speaking Engagements * Wayne Hicks

One day I need to sit down and make a list of the BDPA chapters that I have visited as a guest speaker over the past few years. Anyhow, it appears that I will be making a couple more visits in the coming weeks:
  • July 21, BDPA St. Louis Chapter - The chapter is holding first-ever Corporate Advisory Council meeting. I will share with them my vision of the ideal relationship between BDPA chapters and Corporate America.

  • July 25-27, Blogging While Brown Conference - This is the first-ever national conference for bloggers of color. I'm honored to be a presenter on the topic, "Umoja From a Black Blogger's Perspective"

  • August 6-8, National BDPA Technology Conference - I serve as a member of this organization's national board of directors... so there are a number of meetings I have to attend. However, I plan to meet and greet each of the competitors in the national high school computer competition and IT showcase. I'm a presenter for a major 'Chapter Building Workshop'. Finally, the BDPA Foundation should be awarding 31 scholarships worth over $50,000 during this conference week. I just hope that I can still fit in my tuxedo (sigh)!

  • October 11, BDPA Richmond Chapter - The chapter is the second largest chapter in BDPA nation ... however, they have their eyes on #1. As such, they asked me to come by and be their keynote speaker for this membership drive.

Do you plan to be at one or more of these events over the coming days and weeks?

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