Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Message from Austin Chapter President

BDPA Austin is the 24th largest chapter in the nation. The chapter, founded in November 2004, is at a crossroads. The situation is discussed in detail by chapter president Lorna Stewart-Booker in her letter to members and other stakeholders. I encourage you to reach out to Lorna to express your support once you read her message below:

BDPA has become the premier information technology organization committed to promoting technology literacy. As an all-volunteer organization, our members have developed and maintained first-rate programs and activities.
BDPA is committed to providing IT professionals with the latest technological information and opportunities for professional growth and advancement. Ultimately, you control your professional destiny. BDPA can help you advance your career in the IT profession. BDPA gives professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and students an IT career pathway from the classroom to the boardroom. Through education, mentoring, business networking and services, BDPA promotes innovation, technical skills, business savvy and personal growth.
Join BDPA Austin and thousands in BDPA who are making a difference for themselves and for others.

On Tuesday, June 24, 2008 BDPA Austin Chapter Board Members held a conference call to discuss the "State of the Chapter". We considered the idea of discontinuing the Chapter due to low meeting attendance and inactivity from our members.

Instead, we decided to focus on the future – our Youth. We decided to continue building momentum in our High School Computer Competition (HSCC) training program. For the past three
years, we have successfully fielded teams to compete nationally for scholarships as well as instill the gift of computer programming into these student's lives.

We invite you to attend our July Town Hall program meeting on July 15, 2008 @ 6:30 at Mitchie's (6406 N Interstate 35 Ste. 2800 Austin, Texas) to discuss ideas on membership, recruiting, fund raising, sponsorship mentoring and HSCC. Please attend our Town Hall meeting, to discuss our new direction.

For more information call (512) 326-6350.

Lorna Stewart-Booker, President
BDPA Austin Chapter
P.O. Box 270255
Austin TX 78727

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Linnie Frank Bailey said...

Lorna....there is a large conference in Austin this week. Netroots Nation (formerly Yearly Kos). These are all tech savvy political bloggers. Will you or your members be there? I arrive on Wed. and leave on Sunday. Might be a good recruiting opportunity for your chapter.

Unknown said...

Linnie - I heard from Lorna via email this morning. She indicates that she will reach out to you. Hopefully, you two can connect in Austin this week...